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midwestern vampires who smoke clove cigs in church parking lots and try to ignore their hunger pains as they watch students from the college in the next town over stumbling out of local bar, alcohol in their bloodstream

midwestern demons with yellow eyes and bloody teeth walking along deserted highways in the early hours of the morning, their pupils reflecting the headlights of cars with passengers who feel fear grip their hearts as they pass by

midwestern witches who wear muddy boots and garage sale rings and who always carry salt in their bags, who drink river water and pour circles of whiskey on the underbrush and feel hundreds of hands on their skin

midwestern ghosts who dwell in the basements of abandonned farmhouses and rip old wallpaper from the decaying walls with misty fingers and trancelike eyes

Quiet Moments (Loki x Reader)

Note: A really short fluff based on the song “Quiet Moments” by Chris de Burgh (check out the song, it’s beautiful). It hardly seems long enough to count as an actual fic but I hope you like it. Let me know what you think; if nothing else may it just makes you smile a little.

Words: 479

You can find my other fics here: Loki Masterlist

You knew it was hardly healthy to work this late into the night but you were engrossed in your work; hundreds of scraps of papers were littered around you on the sofa, table and floor. The only light in the room came from an old lamp you’d found for a fiver at a car boot sale. It provided a warm, gentle glow that somehow kept you from stressing.

Loki stood by the door frame, watching you pour over your illegible notes as you tried to make sense of what you’d written. The gentle glow of the lamp caught the colours in your eyes. You looked so determined to succeed. It was one of the many reasons that he loved you.

               "Are you busy, love?“ he asked. He knew it was selfish to want to take you away from your studies but he missed you. Even though he’d only seen you this morning, the hours since had seemed so long without you in the house.

               "Never too busy for you,” you smiled, clearing a spot on the sofa for him.

He sat down beside you, offering up a glass of your favourite wine. You happily accepted and snuggled against him, resting your head on his shoulder. You clinked your glasses, relishing the moment of peace.

               "You know, I love just sitting here with you, Loki,“ you told him, kicking away your remaining text books and curling up properly onto the sofa. "We should really do this more often.”

Loki tried to hold back his smile but failed to contain his affection for you. He leant down and brushed his lips against yours, wrapping a hand around your waist to pull you closer. Sometimes, it was as if he were scared you were nothing but a dream; that if he didn’t hold you tight enough that you’d fade away.

               "Tell me about your day,“ he murmured, brushing a loose strand of hair from your face. You breathed deeply as his thumb gently traced the curve of your lips, the movement so light that it could well have been a figment of your imagination.

               "It was boring.”

He pulled away ever so slightly, set his glass down and cupped your face with both hands. You mirrored the action, tangling your fingers through his silky black hair. Loki would never admit it but you knew he loved when you played with his hair.

Resting his forehead against yours, he asked, “Tell me about it anyway?”

You talked the evening away, filling him in on the smallest details of your day. He hung off your every word as if they were the oxygen he needed to breathe until you finally drifted away in his arms.

Seeing you resting so calm and peaceful beside him, he knew that these quiet moments were indeed his favourite of the day and nothing would ever take them away.

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where to get your witch supplies

So this is a pretty basic post but I feel like it could be useful to beginner witches and witches on a budget, or even just to give inspiration on where to check for some supplies that you may not be able to find otherwise!

Thrift Stores/Charity shops
I don’t know what I’d do without thrift stores. Okay, so, you might not find that ~aesthetically pleasing~ container that you’ve been searching for, or the crystal that you’ve been wanting, but you can bet that you’ll find some candles, some beautiful holders/dishes, boxes, maybe some incense. Sometimes you’ll find an absolute gem of an item, it’s all about being creative with what you find!

While these are all really useful, sometimes they can be a bit expensive. You’ve really got to be careful that you’re getting what you’re paying for (i.e read descriptions carefully). Nevertheless, if you’re stuck for resources, these are perfect for any supplies! Also, you can buy vials and jars on eBay and it’s generally affordable.

Other online stores
Literally just google ‘online witch store’ or something similar, and you’ll be met with an abundance of online stores. It just takes a little digging around to find one that doesn’t break the bank! 

**TK Maxx
Okay, I honestly don’t know if this is a worldwide shop or whether it’s just in my town/country. It’s like a haven for people on budgets! (Not just for witchy things, designer brands at discounted prices.) Anyway, you can buy so many useful things here. Candles, boxes, herbs, incense, plant seeds, craft supplies, etc.
UPDATE: @ajquaeck has been really helpful and informed me that TK Maxx is heavily involved with child labour, so I now advise against shopping here!**

Card Shops
Birthday candles! Pretty boxes! Generally inexpensive! I love card shops.

Stationary Shops
Wanting a ~fancy~ book to start your very own grimoire? Or maybe just some nice boxes to hold all of your witchy supplies? Stationary shops are actually very useful.

Local Markets
I can’t stress this enough. Local. Markets. Are. A. Blessing. Whether they’re car boot sales, artisan markets, yard sales, whatever, you can almost always find something useful. At my local market, there’s a stall that sells crystals (from tiny ones to huge -and expensive- chunks), incense, candles, helpful books, and so many other things. 

Pen Pals!
On a different spectrum: pen pals can be a really great experience. Once you and your friend are close, you can exchange different supplies, buy each other gifts, cast spells for each other, share tips, etc. If they’re able to get a certain herb or crystal in their area, you can exchange with them! Not only will you be gaining supplies, but you’ll be making a friend out of it, which is probably the best thing about pen pals!

Feel free to add any other advice that you guys have found helpful!



so!! this took some thought and consideration, but im selling my peridot wig! i really do love it (it’s an amazing size and shape, imo), but i’ve had trouble with fitting issues and things like that. ive decided to sell this one and invest in one that will fit me better for continued wear. id also like to sell this pretty quickly, because i have a con this weekend that it wouldn’t hurt to get some cash for (as well as money for future cosplays) so! down to the nitty gritty.

i’d be asking for $175 USD, plus $15 for shipping. PayPal only, :) however, if you can pay right away, im open to offers! message me here or at my email ( if youre interested!

Project 1

I’ve finally made a closed terrarium. That was the project I’ve been working on. It’s taken me so long as I’ve struggled to find the plants suitable for a closed terrarium then when I’ve found them I’ve not been able to find a stockist.

I found the jar at a car boot sale and been dying to use it.

A couple of weeks ago I went out into the garden and collected some moss. I decided to keep it in a sandwich box until I was ready to start the project. This also gave me a chance to see if the moss would suit a closed environment.

When assembling the terrarium I started by putting in a layer of stones for drainage followed by a layer of charcoal pieces, this helps to filter the water and to combat any unpleasant smells. I managed to find the charcoal my local pet shop in the bird’s aisles. After that, I put a layer of mixed soil and perlite, again to promote good drainage. I then started to arrange the plants I had selected. I first put in the spider plant with it being the biggest, then the babies tears and then the ivy. I arranged to moss in any spaces left. I then popped in my dino for a bit of decoration.

 Lastly, I watered it. I filled it up to just below where the small stones end, this ensures that the soil will have the chance to dry out a little. Making sure that the water is not in contact with the soil is essential as this will stop any forms of root rot. I’m really happy with the effect and have really enjoyed making the terrarium. I now have my own jungle in a jar and it’s also a fab way to teach kids about the water cycle.

I’ve just come back from a school fair/car boot sale and it was super sunny and hot so I thought I’d share some of my own thoughts on the Egos on a day out somewhere sunny
I couldn’t think of anymore but I might make another post if I get more ideas:

- Dr Iplier is the one that takes all the suncream, he knows exactly which egos will put it on before they go (Bim, Bop, himself and the Host most likely) and which will not (Wilford, the Googles, Silver, Ed, King and Bing). And Dark of course refuses to accept he may need suncream.
- Un-ironically he’s the one that gets sunburnt easiest, but he doesn’t know it.
- Dark once got sunburn on his back after Wilford called him chicken for not wearing appropriate beach clothing and he wore swimming trunks.
- Wilford slapped him right in the sunburn and Dark lost it.
- It’s not spoken about when Dark is around because his shell shatters when it’s brought up but Wilford is still proud of the moment.
- There are some of the egos that hate being directly in the sun because of the heat, so they always take a big umbrella with them so those guys have a shady area to sit.
- This is super important for Bing and the Googles as they can overheat easily.
- Bim never fails to find a new plant he’s never seen in the wild before, without fail no matter where they go.
- Ed drives them all everywhere and is a definitely user of “So help me I will turn this car around!”
- So is Dark. He always sits shotgun, although there have been times when he’s been forced into the back, usually between Wilford and Yandere.
- Never let Wilford have the map, you’ll never get to the intended destination.
- King brings back a memento from all their trips, usually a rock or stone or some kind of tree related thing for his subjects to admire.
- Bing once tried to surf with Bop, only to be stopped in the nick of time by Host and Dr Iplier, since he can’t go in water with his robotic body.
- Silver still wears his ridiculous big gloves and subsequently can’t put suncream on so someone else has to do it.
- The amount of crap they come back with from days out is insane and Dark has several rooms put aside where the junk that will never gets used again gets dumped.
- No one has been murdered or hurt, yet, but some of the egos have come close. (Mostly Yandere and Wilford, accidently).

How To Handle Your Finances In Your 20s

Lets start from scratch! Because with constant new releases, from beauty to skincare, seasonal fashion trends or even attending every social function, managing your finances can become a little too overwhelming! If you’re in your 20s, you’re always debating whether you’re too young for major responsibilities or too old for spending your entire wage over that newly released Gucci Marmont matelassé bag. Here’s going back too basics…

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I got new boots and they smell like a tack shop and feel so soft and oiled