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Reschedule [m]

Genre: Smut ⚠️ (slightly rough sex, biting)

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Word Count: 1502

Summary: You both look too damn good.

A/N: Y’ALL KNOW DAMN WELL THAT MARK SNATCHED YO ASS IN THAT SUIT AND TURTLENECK fucking shit man I’m literally sitting here hkdhfgdfgjhg. This is the first installment of my Never Ever Drabble series. Based on my screenshots from the Never Ever MV and what they made me feel. This one made me feel like a hoe. Obviously. Enjoy :)

Mark rubs his hands together to relieve them from the crisp, almost-spring evening air. It’s a lovely night; the sky is clear, and the sun has just finished its journey west, allowing the stars to make their grand appearance. He’s leaning against his vintage black BMW, admiring the atmosphere that the sky has to offer. Upon hearing the front door to your house open and close in the distance, he gives himself a once over to make sure everything would be to your liking. He knows you aren’t picky when it comes to his looks, but he always loves to go the extra mile to impress his lady love, even if it is just for dinner and dancing.

He straightens out the collar of his soft black turtleneck and gives the lapels of his perfectly pressed suit jacket a firm tug to ensure any wrinkles are no more. He looks down to fiddle with the Rolex on his right wrist-that’s when he hears the heels of your boots connecting with the pavement of your long, cobblestone driveway. He notices when your steps speed up and smiles at his watch. Only when you grow closer to him and slow down does he look up, and boy…

Was he unprepared for the sight you’d bless him with…

His expression develops into something much deeper than happiness as he drinks in your presence. Those boots he heard? Yeah, the coveted Louboutin heels are about 4 inches, and they hug your legs exquisitely, the top of them ending just in the middle of your thighs. The black suede material of them contrasts beautifully with the dress you decided to step out in. The silver satin shimmers with every move you make. It drapes delicately over your chest, revealing only the slightest bit of cleavage. However, because of its dainty spaghetti straps, you decided to go braless tonight, which adds a tasteful air of eroticism to your whole ensemble-enough to make Mark’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head. Even with your tan trench coat settled upon your shoulders and shielding the majority of your body, it doesn’t take much of you to tempt Mark, and he wants you now.

He snaps out of the trance you’ve put him in, internally scolding himself for ogling you so hard. He’s about to greet you properly when he notices the expression on your face.

Your glossed lip is being assaulted by your teeth, your eyebrows are slightly furrowed and your eyes- clouded in a haze of lust.

You’ve been mentally devouring him this whole time, too. At this realization, Mark offers a knowing smirk, and finally opens his mouth to speak.

“Hey, baby,” his smile grows a bit.

“H-hey, baby…” You mindlessly repeat, tearing your eyes from his masculine form and force yourself to look him in the face. “You look… so handsome,” you try to play it off innocently, grip tightening on your black clutch purse to relieve some of the tension you’ve built up. “Oh God…” you muse in your thoughts, “He looks way way way more than handsome… I’d love nothing more than to f-” His deep voice interrupts your mental tirade.

“And you look…” he pauses, trying to find the right words to express how he feels, “…like I need to eat you up. Right now.


His bluntness forces a slight blush onto your cheeks, mouth gaping a little half out of surprise, half out of a need to taste his tongue on yours as soon as possible… You hesitate before taking a small step towards him, grip on your clutch making your knuckles turn white.

“R-right now?” you stutter a response. His dark orbs bore into yours with an intensity you can only describe as absolute infatuation.  It was right there you realized the both of you wouldn’t be making it into his car, let alone to the restaurant. You feel your insides quickly warm up as he stands up straight from the vehicle to slowly stalk over to you. His eager hands reach out to the familiar space of your hips, and travel southward to your ass to give an appreciative squeeze of the ample flesh. His eyes never leave yours as he leans closer to you.

“Right fucking now, baby,” he whispers. The depth of his tone sends a delicious chill down your spine and straight to your core. You feel yourself gravitating closer to him. His cologne is clouding your mind, getting you drunk off of its subtle smoke and spice.

The next ten seconds goes by in a blur of frantic hands touching and groping, lips on skin, and gasps of anticipation.

“What about dinner?” you mumble on his lips before he claims them again, rougher this time.

“Lets just…” he begins before moving his lips to your neck, placing a hot, open-mouthed kiss on your sensitive skin.

“R-reschedule?” you breathe out, eyes fluttering closed at the sensation of his lips on your neck.

“Reschedule.” He agrees with a deep whisper in your ear. Mark briskly cups your ass in his hands and lifts you up to carry you back into your house.

The hallway leading to your room is quickly littered with leggy boots, a suit jacket and turtleneck, pants, and a nearly torn, silver satin dress.

Mark has you pinned against the wall of your bedroom, roughly licking and biting at the juncture of your neck. His hands are holding you up by your thighs, and you can feel how ready he is to take you as he grinds his hips into you. You’ve soaked through your panties now, and you’re sure you’ve soaked the front of his boxers too. Your hands seek leverage on his back and your nails sink into his skin when he bites you just below your jaw particularly hard. His hardening member is putting wonderful pressure on your clit, but you want more. You need all of him.

“Mark… please…” you whimper, bucking your hips onto him until he gets the message and carries you from the wall to the bed. With a light ‘plop’, you’re both settled in the middle of the soft white duvet. The moonlight shines through your sheer red curtains, allowing you both to see each other in a sensual glow. There’s a brief moment of mutual appreciation before you’re ravenously at each other again.

“Y/n, you don’t know what you do to me…” he growls into your ear, his hands fervently finding your panties and nearly ripping them in his efforts to get them off- like he almost did to your dress. He wastes no time parting your folds with his index and middle fingers, and groans at how wet you are for him. He’s about to put his fingers to work when you reach for the hem of his boxers.

“You’re telling me… I need you, now baby…” you fuss. He bites his lip and helps you push them down. With a mindless toss, they join your panties on the floor.

He settles between your thighs, chest to chest with you, and guides himself into your dripping entrance with one fast, rough stroke that has you both moaning in relief. He stretches you marvelously, and your slick walls tighten around him as he thrusts into you again, and again, and again. He sets a steady pace and your legs find their way around his waist.

“Mmmh! Mark! Ohhh… you feel so good… baby…” your voice strains as he finds that sweet spot inside of you.

“Yeah? You like that?” He pants, looking down at you and loving how you throw your head back in ecstasy because of him. His giving it to you just right, thrusting deeply and roughly, inching your body up towards the headboard every time he bottoms out. You feel yourself tumbling towards the edge so quickly, it sneaks up on you, and when he hits that spot at the perfect angle, you’re seeing stars. With a shout of his name, your back arcs and your breasts press up against his firm chest. He feels your walls clench around him tightly, and he lets out a throaty groan into your ear. He speeds up for a few moments, helping you reach your high intensely, before you can’t take it anymore. You grip onto his arm tightly, pleading for him to slow down.

He obliges and leisurely grinds into you as you come down. He sucks in a sharp breath as he takes in your enthralled state- hair strewn about along the pillow, sweat beading on your skin and lips swollen from his passionate kisses. “You’re so sexy baby… so beautiful…” he plants a deep kiss on your lips, his tongue dancing with yours. You feel him suddenly start to pick up the pace again, his thick length massaging your sensitive walls. You break the kiss with a labored whimper and he gives a side smile when you finally open your eyes. “I could do this all night… can you take another one?”

So this is the first smut I’ve written in a LONG time and I’m sitting here like… blushing like a tomato… this isn’t even that nasty. I can’t wait to get into that nasty stuff again :-))))) Stay tuned for more, I think I may do Jinyoung next…

These Stones We Skip | Chapter One

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[Read at AO3.]

Summary: Ochako, as a newcomer to the most powerful guild in this forsaken village, had not only one, two; but three responsibilities: grow stronger until she was able to pin the world down, untangle the mystery that her past was and survive under the eyes of a crowd that watched over her as night chased the sun’s tail, the charade going on and on until the thread… suddenly snaps.

Rating: T because it’s Bakugou and BNHA. the MEDIEVAL AU no one asked for except you guys ajnsnhjzlm

Word count: you know it’s long me we’re talking about, just move on.

Author’s note: I’m dead, AND HELLO WHO EVER HEARD OF SILLY ADVENTUREPLOTS HAHAH SILLY RIGHT maybe would have worked better that’s cute /eats myself alive, so this should be like a 4-5 chapter thingy? I’ll see you around sorry it kinda sucked, it’ll get better from now on /swings off, will probably edit later, ok bye /dies FORGIVE ME THIS IS TOO BAD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

So like I have so many people to thank for this, so, so many. Just know that all guys who asked, commented on this to happen made it happen and my ask is free for you to send hate! ♥SEND IN ALL HATE because you guys have been so supportive and I don’t know why you guys are so amazing and nice, I am so thankful LIKE WORDS WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Warnings: it’s long, it’s messy, just how you guys like it, I think??? And it’ll be impossible to reblog/read sometimes on mobile, so be warned. Also, bits of blood? just bits tho.

I just hope Mic. Word hasn’t munched nothing of this fic or left words out.

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Part 2

Iris and the stranger walked in silence. Several feet outside the store, the stranger caught Iris around her elbow and gently steered her away from the crowded high street and down an alleyway. Iris shot her a look of deep suspicion but followed regardless. This person had not only come across her lifting and failed to call her out, but had managed to collect a haul sizeable enough to rival hers.

Let’s see how this all plays out.

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Tonight’s fashion coveting questions:

  • Why do I want a pair of burgundy velvet combat boots? Besides the punk-Victorian Wicked Witch of the East connotations, I mean?
  • Why is the only place I can find them in stock a site that has a whole bunch of scam alerts and poor reviews?
  • Am I just destined to cycle around to coveting things I’ve previously owned and since gotten rid of? True, the red velvet Dr. Martens I had were too big for me, but still. I used to have red velvet boots, and now I want them again?