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so here’s what i’m thinking

Sip, cup x bendy kid

Name: Sip
Age: 6
Sexuality: to young, but when older pan
Looks: brown long hair, with demon horns, red eyes,demon tail, red straw, cape, boots, heavy tan jacket, black long pants
Personality: he’s shy and quiet, he doesn’t talk much

Response: oohh nice

I’m suddenly obsessed with the idea that Maggie has taken on a sort of Edna Mode role. Like every time Supergirl starts to get up from a chair, Maggie puts her hand on the cape and it catches Supergirl off guard so much that she falls back into the chair. Maggie just tisks and Alex is giggling in the corner.

Or they’re getting ready for an op when Supergirl tries to walk away, she finds that someone tied her cape to a fire extinguisher. It’s the same tisk from Maggie and giggling from Alex.

Then, one time, Supergirl kneels down to pick something up and she feels a tug at her skirt. She frowns, “C’mon Maggie.” But Maggie is across the room and it turns out she accidentally knelt down on her own skirt.

Some time in the future, the whole team is engaged in a fight and Kara’s cape gets stepped on so that she can’t move forward, but before she can pull herself free, part of a huge wall falls in front of her just where she would have stepped. When she turns around, Maggie’s boot releases her cape and Maggie winks at her. “Okay, maybe you should keep it.”

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Hi, do you have any teenaged-heros-and-their-scrappy-costumes prompts?

I was in a weird mood when I put these together but I hope they help anyway.

  1. 20 uses for bottle caps
  2. It looks like the character will need to learn to sew!
  3. Are you sure designing your costume after your pet hamster is a good idea?
  4. From your character’s recent purchases, it’s starting to look like they are a very serious cosplayer.
  5. Character repurposes their prom dress because hey, it’s not like they were going to go to prom anyway.
  6. Creative uses of Christmas/Halloween/other decorations.
  7. Ducktape won’t do… or maybe?
  8. Stealing Dad’s fishing hooks was probably a bad idea.
  9. Painting a cartoon skull on it won’t make anyone take you seriously.
  10. A bed sheet is essentially a cape, right?
  11. Boots stolen from an older sibling… nothing could go wrong.
  12. How can I utilize this old lampshade?
  13. Table cloth, rainbow flag, and a sewing machine. What else do you need?
  14. Trash can and garbage bags? Why? Why not?
  15. Accidentally using something from a family member’s valued collection spells trouble.

Remember how for a long time we were like, yeah, we’re not going to offer full patterns because a lot of costumes have sizing shenanigans? Well, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot anyway.

Coming very soon, our first full costume pattern, this one for Faye from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia! It includes patterns for her blouse, skirt, apron, bows, bag and two different cape options –– everything but the boots and cape chain, basically! It’s being offered in “one size”, which is a 30″ waist and 36″ bust, but given the loose fit of the design and easy seam lines, we figured it’s a great place to start and easy to alter. We also want to push people to try some new things, so the pattern is designed with some optional pintucking, as well as a lot of practice in bow-making and topstitching.

It’ll be available on our store in the coming week, if everything goes according to plan. We just need to format everything you see above and add in a bunch of illustrations, and then it’ll be good to go!

Ideally, we’d also like to do more patterns for FE: Echoes, as the game looks to be pretty low on accessory kit options thus far. So far we’re looking at Genny, Silque and Mae, as well as doing some generic-class patterns, but we’d love to take suggestions for consideration. Drop us a note in our askbox or hit the ? below!

- Jenn


I had a dream. Puzzle dream.

Once all the puzzles were solved, Ash took a jar that had cookies and gave a bunch of it to everyone. Told us to eat it while holding our breath to celebrate. Viola and Quim passed on not breathing, but Ash and Toby went for it.

Then I woke up.
Thor's Chubby In This One
By Organization for Transformative Works

He burst in to Jotunheim in naught but a pair of obscenely tight leggings and boots, the blazing red cape draped about his enormous shoulders nothing but a decoration that billowed in the realm’s harsh winds. Much like the golden mop of hair on his head.

Loki’s not sure whether it’s because the King wishes to show that he is little affected by his home’s severe climate, or just his ego. Loki finds himself  far too busy ogling the strange king to care about his motives.

They’re nearly equals in body size. But only nearly.

This one goes out to @shieldagent1 (*^3^)

Are you ready boots?

Now someone challenged me to do one for Lilith aka Omen.
For me it’s not Lilith without miniskirt and gogo boots. But the cape and hood look has been around for so long it is now undeniable part of the character. What I did was a mash-up of the original look and the current costume, in search for a more unique result.


Ahora me desafiaron a hacerlo con Lilith alias Omen.
Para mí no es Lilith sin minifalda de tablitas y botas gogo, pero hace tanto que anda de capa y capucha que ya es parte del personaje. Lo que hice fue combinar el look original y el actual, buscando un resultado más único.


hey so i said i’d post pictures of my raven cosplay with the actual outfit on so here ya go. i really like the leotard i have for her, but the rest of it still needs a bit of work. i’ll need to make a new set of resin gems and a new cape with boot covers and cuffs. until then this is what i’ll have to work with. hopefully i can get most of the extra stuff done before animenext comes. 

Elise, with clothes and hairdo more appropriate for a battlefield.

[Spoilers for Conquest] I ended up really liking Elise, while for the most part she was exactly the cute bubbly kid stereotype I expected her to be, she had moments where she was really insightful and mature. Would’ve loved if the game actually focused on those moments (like for exemple when she takes care of Sakura), but Conquest, shit writing, you know the drill. Also, like her sister, she really got the short end of the stick in terms of plot importance. I don’t know if that’s a problem in Birthright too, but she really isn’t treated as a manin character. Like, in the cutscene where they find out Garon’s true form, her and Camilla aren’t even present ! Why do you despise the royal sisters so much Fire Emblem Fates Conquest ?