Fun Phone News:

So, I got on customer support online chat with the lovely people at Google today (I have a Nexus 5X for all y’all phone/tech nerds out there), and I was like, “Hey bro, listen, my phone just turned off and refuses to turn back on. I’ve tried to load it in recovery mode, I’ve let it stay in the bootloader menu and it didn’t restart, etc. and nothing’s working.”

And there was a long pause in the chat, then the dude answers back, “Wow…you already did a lot of my work for me.”

“Yeah, I work in tech, so I didn’t wanna bother y’all until I was sure I couldn’t fix it.”

“Well, thank you. Let’s see what we can do!”

Twenty fucking minutes later, I’m getting a brand new phone even though my warranty is expired.

Guys, you can say some shit about Google, but their Project Fi customer service is the best. I’ll have a new phone by Tuesday/Wednesday with free FedEx shipping.

In the words of Allie Brosh, maybe everything isn’t hopeless bullshit :D

Side note, that means I’ll need to get all my lovely bitches’ phone numbers again…

(@saxxxology@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @kayteonline I’m referring to you)