Golden Widebody Corvette C7 Stingray by Forgiato. We’ve seen our share of great looking Vettes throughout the years, especially with this latest C7 generation, but this thing may just take the cake. At first we didn’t know what to make of the bright gold chrome wrap, but Forgiato knew what they were doing and we have to admit, its a great fit for the C7 Stingray. As with any widebody kit (which is a great way to ensure everybody is going to love your car), you’ve got your flared arches, in the front and in the Fergie would put it. Then there’s the custom front splitter, the rear bootlid lip spoiler and of course the matte black 5-spoke wheels with chrome gold accents. Naturally the car sounds amazing too, and the presentation video is beautifully put together, so we’re going to tip our hats here. Considering the fact that gold is really hard to pull off in the car industry, these guys made it look effortless. Overall, we think it’s even better looking than their 2013 SEMA car, the “Aston Martin blue” C7 Stingray. Source: