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forget hamilton and in the heights, i can now only associate Lin-Manuel Miranda with the fact he rhymed ‘election’ with 'erection’

Falsettos is a musical that when you start it you are like "this can't possibly tear my heart out of my chest" but then you finish it and SIKE you are dying inside

The first song is literally Four Jews in a Room Bitching and then bAM

Andrew Rannells is dead

a moment of silence and prayers to the bootleg gods for fans of musicals that are yet to have a bootleg

*ahem* come from away video bootleg please


*opens trenchcoat* hey kid wanna see a broadway musical??

anonymous asked:

do u have bootlegs (for in the heights) of the original cast??

i do! i dont give in out over anon though so please message me off-anon OR head to my brand spanking new bootleg site!! 

its called bootliette (because im creative) and i really just need a way to organise what bootlegs i have so now people can ask me for anything or trade or whatever :)

so yeah! come check out my boots!

Super Mario World - Athletic Theme (Bootleg)
Super Mario World - Athletic Theme (Bootleg)


When the Super Nintendo was released in November of 1990, it had plenty of leeches that tried to feed off of it’s fame. Due to the lack of common “bootleg video games” knowledge back then, it was much more difficult to find and pin the illegal rip-offs that made tens of thousands from these off-brand games. One famous pretender featured a very odd graphical edit:

The “Rex” enemies (the blue dragons) had been replaced with, what appeared to be, bare naked women.

Why this particular sprite was used is unknown, but a common theory among the cult following this particular bootleg has accrued online is that they were not originally meant to appear in-game, and were originally an in-joke between whoever was developing it at the time.

Here is the song that is played in the first level in which these bare ladies appear. See if you can spot the difference!


Hi! Trading is nice but I’ll be more than happy to gift if you just shoot me a message. If there is a NFT date that isn’t listed here i don’t know it exists, so please message me and I’ll put it up ASAP!


Amelie (OBC) (LA Cast)

Anything Goes (2011 Revival with Sutton Foster) (2011 with Stephanie J Block)

Book Of Mormon (OBC) (Chicago with Ben Platt and Nic Rouleau)

Cabaret (2014 Revival with Emma Stone)

Caroline, Or Change (OBC)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (OBC) NFT until September 1st!

Color Purple, The (2015 Revival)

Come From Away (OBC)

Crucible, The (2016 Revival)

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, The (OBC) (2012 London Production*)

Dogfight (OOBC)

Dear Evan Hansen (OBC) (Colton Ryan Audio) (OOBC Audio)

Dogfight (OOBC)

Dreamgirls (OBC)

Drowsy Chaperone, The (OBC)

Eclipsed (OBC)

Evita (OBC) [Awful quality but its from the 80′s so it’s expected]

Falsettos (OBC) (2016 Revival) (2016 Revival Version 2)

Frankenstein (London with Benedict Cumberbatch)

Fun Home (OBC)

Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, A (OBC)

Groundhog Day (OBC) NFT until August 1st!

Gypsy (Bernadette Peters) (Imelda Staunton*)

Hamilton (OBC)

Hand to God (OBC)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Full London Show)

Heathers (OOBC)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Neil Patrick Harris) John Cameron Mitchell Before Injury) (JCM CRATE) and (JCM Off-Broadway*)

Hello Dolly (2017 Revival)

If/Then (OBC)

In the Heights (OBC)

Lyons, The (OBC)

Master Class (2011 with Tyne Daly)

Matilda (OBC)

Midsummers Night Dream (Julie Taymor)

Miss Saigon (2001 Revival)

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (OBC)

Newsies (Live)*

Next to Normal (OBC) (OOBC)

Noises Off (2016 Revival)

On the Twentieth Century (2015 Revival)

Rabbit Hole (OBC)

Rent (OBC) (2008 Final Performance Film*)

She Loves Me (2016 Revival*)

Shuffle Along (OBC)

Side Show (2014 Revival)

Something Rotten (OBC)

Spring Awakening (OBC) (Deaf West Revival)

Sunset Boulevard (2017 Revival)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (OBC)

Thoroughly Modern Millie (OBC)

Tuck Everlasting (OBC)

Violet (OBC)

Waitress (OBC) (Sara Bareilles NFT until September 1st!)

West Side Story (2009 Revival)

Wicked (OBC) (With Stephanie J Block)

* = Professionally Filmed


Gypsy (2008 Revival WORKING LINK)

August: Osage County (OBC FULL Play)

Cabaret (1998 WITH NATASHA RICHARDSON) (2014 Revival with Michelle Williams)

Sweat (OBC)

The Humans (OBC)

Doubt (OBC)

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (2012 Revival)

The Normal Heart (2011 Revival)

Fences (2010 Revival)

Blackbird (2016 Revival)

Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill

Dreamgirls (London 2016)

Porgy and Bess (2011 Revival)

Master Class (1995 OBC)

New bootleg YouTube channel

I’ve been obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen(hence the blog) and kept wanting to show people certain clips of it(because if I’m obsessed, my friends and family will be too)but could never bring up the bootleg on my phone and even if I could, finding the part I wanted was kind of a bitch. I got the idea to just post a bunch of different clips of the musical on YouTube(pray to got my account doesn’t get deleted). It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out how to record a computer screen, but I finally figured it out! I didn’t actually expect other people to find the videos, but they have and everyone keeps thanking me for them and it made me feel pretty freaking awesome! So I’ve decided to keep posting clips of musicals on there if anyone was interested in seeing them, this is my channel