bootleg gba


It’s time for us to play Pokemon DARK CRY VERSION over at Press Buttons ‘n Talk.

This is a beautiful bootleg GBA Pokemon game that was sent to me by Michaelis.  Thanks, Michaelis!

if you wanna send a game in for us to play, you can send it to my PO box address:

SungWon Cho
PO Box 669
Haslett, MI 48840-0669

The Game Theory Admiral is a knockoff of the Gameboy Advance. The cartridges are designed, so that, when a cart is inserted, it hangs over the system, sort of like a rooftop. This system cannot play Gameboy Advance games, only Japanese Famicom games. The screen does indeed support color, and even outputs video to your television. This gives the feel that you’re actually playing on a Famicom.