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so my sister got me a pack of 48 terrible bootleg pokemon figures for my birthday bc she knows I live for this shit and ok we start with tier 1, the ones that could possibly be marketed as genuine merch

nice! look at that zangoose! wow!

then we have ones that are… okay

like ok so chansey is holding up some sort of strange Flesh Egg that it probably tore from an enemy bc it has its egg right there and yeah mienfoo is FUcking Pissed but ok

then we have ones where shit starts to go awry ok

we have here nightmare ludicolo, emboar who looks like he was in a blender, oddly semi-transparent darumaka, tiny eyes articuno And More!! and look at that snivy

please help him

finally though

we have the ultimate tier

from disembodied rayquazass to crucifixion hands mr mime to soul-sucking frostbitten dewgong to whatever even happened to that mudkip… this is it my friends this is the ultimate in shit-tier bootlegs and I could not be happier


Broadway and Bootlegs

There has been a lot of drama concerning bootlegs with Hamilton lately, so this will primarily be using that show as an example.

First of all, let me state that Lin Manuel Miranda has done so much to have as many people see Hamilton live from Ham4Ham to the Rockerfeller Foundation partnership for 20,000 students to see the show.

But Lin is only one man.

Doing all of this does not change the fact that Broadway is the most exclusive, inaccessible form of media. Broadway is made for the rich. Are you lucky enough to have 300$ ticket for a terrible balcony seat, alone, to a show that is sold out until next year? Good for you! Most people aren’t.

Lin should understand this as the kid who grew up only being able to listening to cast albums. He should understand that without bootlegs, thousands of people would never see Hamilton live, much less with the original cast.

I saw a few post about this that honestly made me sick. One of which said that “you are not entitled to Hamilton.” What makes me entitled then? Having a thousand dollars spare to see a show in New York? It is disgusting how classist and elitist theater is, and how that’s what a lot of people like about it. They call it the ‘integrity’ of theater because, God forbid, something so beautiful and inspiring be available to poor people without us being shamed for it.

The other post, which was not in reference to Hamilton, said  “In a society where worth is judged by price, for better or worse, what are you saying to someone when you won’t pay for the thing he’s crafted?” Is that really what determines how much something means to you, how inspirational and important it is to you? Do you love something more knowing it was more expensive? How materialistic and rich do I have to be to truly enjoy the arts?

One of the main reasons Broadway and theater has survived so long with the introduction of digital medias is bootlegs. Today, you can illegally download games, shows, and movies with no one batting an eye, but Broadway has always closed it’s doors to the public even though they do film every show for the library. Bootlegs are the only reason you have fans all across America and even world wide. Bootlegs are the only reason you have as many fans as you do because I can guarantee at least half of Broadway fans have never seen anything besides local theater and bootlegs.

“But Lin specifically asked us not to!”

As someone who loves and respects Lin and is an aspiring author, I understand that this show is his blood, sweat, and tears. I understand that he has worked his ass off for six years making this masterpiece, and I love and admire him for it. But again, none of this changes Broadway. None of this changes the thousands of theater fans in poverty and across the globe. Most artists discourage illegal downloads of their work. Do people listen to them?

I haven’t even seen the bootleg yet, because I do respect Lin so much and I am willing to wait until there are any updates on a pro shot version, but that was literally a year ago. Lin wanted to film In the Heights too, but that didn’t happen. I know that isn’t his fault, but I’m terrified that they will never release one for Hamilton either. Why release a video when the seats are sold out for God knows how long?

“You’re stealing his hard-earned money and work!”

Bootlegs don’t lose Broadway a damn cent. If anyone had the means to see a show live instead of a shaky, grainy bootleg, they would. The only people that watch bootlegs are people that cannot see it live. I would love to spend thousands on Hamilton because it deserves it! But I can’t even afford to buy merchandise from them. If I could, I would. But since I can’t, am I instantly less ‘entitled’ to see the show that has inspired me and means so much to me?

TLDR Stop pretending like bootlegs are the end of Broadway.

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