HAPPY FRESH FRIDAY 2K13!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR YOU, K!!!!!!!!

my art isn’t nearly anything as cool as yours so I hope this weird silly thing is ok…you asked for Marceline and Bubblegum and tbh I never thought I’d draw more AT fanart but here I am! I hope you like it, I had fun! (΄◕◞౪◟◕‵)

I’m so happy I could participate in this again this year! ILU GUYS…thank you Soup and Arlir!!!!


"Stoner Bootlaces" is one of my favorite examples on hitRECord of a record being remixed. WATCH HERE

Ryan Patrick edited together this hilarious remix of "Strawberry Bootlaces," which was a collaborative short film we made together based on the writing by Day Glo (United Kingdom,) a score composed by ozie (United States,) and illustrations from the community that MarieIv (St. Petersburg) animated together with the green screen footage I performed.

We had screened the original “Strawberry Bootlaces” at Sundance in 2012, and months later Ryan Patrick revisited the collaboration and made this. It goes to show that a record on hitRECord can always continue to evolve within the community.

Thanks again <3


If you think for one second Pema didnt look at a newly orphaned Asami Sato and at the long-time orphans Mako and Bolin and decide that she just gained an extra three children and do everything in her power to make them feel like they have a mother with her if they want then you are wrong.

If you think that when Korra introduced Asami to Tonraq as her fiance that Asami didnt tear up and hug Tonraq super hard when he said jokingly but gently ‘Just call me Dad’ in response to her calling him sir then



"How do I explain Strawberry Bootlaces?" #TBT