I was going to do this like 2 weeks ago but i didn’t have any time so here it is.


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boothbrennanforever  asked:

Fringe back at you! :)

the character i least understand: the observers, general need to exist. they don’t feel, eat or appreciate music, what is even their point. and why they would, having ruined the universe in the future, time travel back and do the exact same thing that led said destruction. 
interactions i enjoyed the most: peter & walter, astrid & walter, olivia & altlivia, altlivia/charlie/lincoln, broyles & olivia, etta & peter, walter & altlivia
the character who scares me the most: olivia dunham when you’ve pissed her off
the character who is mostly like me: astrid in the way she likes to take care of the people around her
hottest looks character: alt lincoln 
one thing i dislike about my fave character: she doesn’t know how to relax or have fun and enjoy things
one thing i like about my hated character: at least he likes animals
a quote or scene that haunts me: ability with the closing orfices really effed me up honestly. that and probably the skeleton destroying powder stuff in concentrate and ask again
a death that left me indifferent: john scott
a character i wish died but didn’t: all the right people kicked it
my ship that never sailed: etta/simon   

Okay, here we go. Here is my follow forever. :) LOVE YOU ALL! <333

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anonymous asked:

447am, brennansbreasts, boothbrennanforever

447am - Vanessa is so nice, she is really funny, has made me laugh on several occasions and is also an Aussie so she’s awesome in my books :)

brennansbreasts - Dani or Danika.. where do I start with her? She’s like my best friend on tumblr and in real life, yeah we met in real life and it was great :D We saw Cyndi Lauper together in concert which was an aamzing experience and she’s from the same city as me so it doesn’t take too long to see each other. We speak like everyday some people ship us, which is cool! lol but we’re just friends. Love her so much, love you babe xox

boothbrennanforever - Ella is awesome :) another Aussie bonehead, she is an amazing giffer and she kinda got me into watching Fringe and I think all my OUAT posts made her watch the show haha and she is very strong and a such a nice person. She is awesome!

boothbrennanforever  asked:

Ow ow ow DO MEE! boothbrennanforever! :DDD

Hahahahahaha Meena ♥ Like I said 7 am so don’t expect poetry :P lol.

I love EVERYTHING hehe. I love you I love your Bones posts I love how adorable you are I love the gif replies that you always have I love that you’re such a good, sweet, amazing friend and person, and I love your blog in general AKA PERFECTION ♥