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Hi jenba! First of, love your builds and Newlyn Hills Save! Made me want to start my own save file! I may change the name of the worlds and for that, can I ask you, how did you come up with these names?

Hi Anon! Thank you! I hope you’re having fun with your own save. :) Naming worlds is fun, but it can also be a frustrating process sometimes! I will hem and haw over names for weeks before making a decision. I think it helps at first to decide the theme for your town - will it be very city-like? Will it be more suburban? Or small and quaint? I sometimes pick real world towns as inspiration, and then use those towns’ names to help me pick my own. For example, Blythe Harbor was inspired by seaside towns in Maine, like Bar Harbor or Boothbay Harbor. 

More long-winded explanation under the cut!

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"You're a bitch" + "Don't be fucking rude"

this is inspired by the fact that I suck at putting on sunscreen and am currently Suffering, so I’m going to deal with it by making my fave freckly hockey player suffer too. 

It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Or… scratch that, it had never seemed like a good idea in Dex’s opinion. But most of the plans his teammates come up with seem like terrible ideas in the first place. They decided to hold a car wash to raise money to support the charity that Jack and his dad decided to start, designed to help educate young athletes about the importance of mental health, and to provide help to those who need it. Dex fully supports the charity and all that, but it’s the car wash thing he’s got an issue with. 

It had gone exactly as he’d expected. Chowder managed to convince the women’s volleyball team to partner with them, and he and Farmer were stationed at the end of the street, scantily clad and waving signs. Ransom and Holster were dressed in speedos (because of course they were) and spent the majority of the time flirting obnoxiously with the “customers”, the volleyball team, and their teammates. There was a lot of suds action and water spraying and screaming. Dex had tried to keep his distance. Bitty had on little short shorts and a tank top tucked in, running around serving lemonade and mini pies to the people waiting for their cars to be washed. Tango and Whiskey were the only ones actually working, dressed like normal humans in swim trunks and SMH t-shirts. Dex himself had gone down that route, donning his faded blue swim trunks and an old Boothbay High School Hockey t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

And then there was Nursey.

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