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Why would the writers bring back one of Booth or Brennen love interest. It doesn't make sense, there married and have kids now and are happy. What do you think going to happen and who do you think is coming back.

In life, sometimes you run into people from your past. I imagine any love interest they bring back would have a valid reason to be there in terms of story. It happens. It’s realistic. As David said yesterday, an old flame would witness the life these two have now. And as he said, Booth definitely made the right choice. To be honest, everyone they both dated could plainly see what Booth and Brennan could not acknowledge at the time- That this was more than just a partnership. These two had something so unique and so special. They cared deeply for each other (and obviously still do). And anyone else just comes in second. I think most people they dated felt a hint of insecurity about how close the partners were. There would be very little shock from anyone learning that B&B were happily married with children. Nothing is going to break Booth and Brennan apart. Nothing and no one. They are it for each other. I don’t know if this plot point is a sure thing. And if it is, I have no guesses as to who would come back. I know “Hannah” is busy filming the show, Vikings. Perhaps it would be Sully? Or someone else. It doesn’t even matter really. Those relationships clearly didn’t work out. They were never going to work out in the long run. Call it fate, luck, or just love. Booth and Brennan are endgame. So I think it would just be fun to see what the writers do with that. Since I feel in no way threatened by any of it. I am sure there is a reason behind this tease. It would probably be part of a bigger story. Part of their plan to bring back a plethora of characters from the past. I guess we will get more information as more scripts are written. But I trust the writers implicitly. I trust Emily and David, and what they say about the relationship. I have the utmost faith in this particular aspect of the show. And years of evidence to back it up. They have proven time and time again that this couple is secure. They are as solid as can be. They have their differences, their arguments, their obstacles- just as any loving couple does. But it’s Booth and Brennan forever. 

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Zack is back and all I can think about is Booth and Brennan are apart

oh come on, they are not apart APART, of course fiscally, they are but, jee she’s “kidnapped! emotional they are fine and stable.