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Code Name Lunar Gift

by @lovelunarchron

Chapter 12 preview

“Well, isn’t this exciting!” Thorne said eagerly as the hostess showed them to their private booth at Fiametta’s Italian Bistro. “I can’t believe we got a table!”

Impressive was more like it. It was nearly impossible to get a reservation at Fiametta’s, which they had learned at the door, but there had been a surprise cancellation that night, and Cress and Thorne had arrived precisely at the right time to claim their spot. The extremely large tip, dazzling smile, and sweet talk that Thorne had given the hostess had also helped their situation.

As Thorne slid into the booth, the hostess shifted her eyes to Thorne once before giving Cress an all-knowing smile and wink. She let the see-through netted curtain fall behind her and left the two of them alone.

Cress glanced around the room. “I’m feeling a little under-dressed.”

Fiametta’s ceiling was covered in sparkly, star-like lights to offset the dim room, making it seem like they were sitting outside on a terrace rather than inside a building. The voice of a lone, haunting melody sung in Italian floated around them. The netted curtain provided privacy amidst the darkness. Through it, she could barely make out the other customers, but the women she had seen as they had entered the restaurant had worn long evening gowns.

“Me too,” said Thorne, pulling uncomfortably on his tie. “I heard this was one of the best restaurants in San Diego, but perhaps I should have done more research beforehand on the attire.” His eyes settled on Cress. He gave her a sheepish smile and shrugged his shoulders. “But no matter. I think you look stunning.”

Cress’s heart hitched. She bit her lip and looked down at her place setting to avoid his eyes and realized that this was the type of restaurant that had more than two forks.

It was hard to fathom why Thorne would say she was stunning when she had seen how frumpy she looked after spending all day in her closet office. She had, at least, managed to wipe away the smudges on her face and freshen up in the bathroom before they had left Satellite Technologies.

Thorne coughed. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to be so forward. I was just trying to be nice.”

Cress looked up, sure that her cheeks were red. “No, it's—it’s fine. Thank you. I think you look really nice too.”

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Yakuza 6 Merch at TGS 2016!

Ok so we all know Yakuza 6 is going to be at TGS 2016 next week but let’s take a look at some of the cool stuff you can pick up at the Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 booth.

Yakuza 6 Hostesses Photo Booth
Stop by the booth to take a commemorative photo with the Yakuza 6 hostess girls!

RGG6 Branded fan and tissue box
Stop by the booth and grab a free box of Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 tissues and a fan!

For those of you willing to part with your hard earned cash they’ll also have limited edition Ryu Ga Gotoku items on sale at the show floor!

Ryu Ga Gotoku Shirts - 3000 Yen Each

Clan Allegiance Pins - 1000 Yen Each
[Editor’s note: if anyone can grab me a Tojo Clan pin inbox me, seriously. I will pay you.]

Tote Bags -  3800 Yen

Case File - 3200

Yakuza 6 Clear Files - 800 Yen Each

Majima’s Tattoo Poster - 3000 Yen

Kiryu & Majima Phone Wallet - Small: 3000 Yen | Large: 3200 Yen

Ryu Ga Gotoku Mug - 1,600 Yen Each [Misprinted on 4Gamer fixed here]

Die Cut Keychain - 800 Yen

Kiryu and Majima Bangles -  26,700 yen each

Kiryu and Majima Necklaces - 15,900 Yen Each

Kiryu and Majima Rings - 15,900 Yen Each

Tendence “Yakuza” collaboration watch - 55,000 yen

"Did you just see what I saw?" [Calum Hood Blurb]

“Okay, everyone, move out of the way! Let ‘me through!” Calum’s security yelled as he pushed through the crowd. It opened up just long enough for you and Calum to get to the entrance of the restaurant and walk through the door. You let out a breath of relief once we were finally inside the much quieter place. You felt a hand on your lower back and turned around to see that it was Calum trying to lead you over to the hostess booth so the two of you could be seated.

“Table for two, please.” he told the brown haired, green-eyed girl in front of you. She grabbed two menus and asked that both of you follow her, which you did. Unfortunately, the restaurant is very open. There’s not a single place you could sit without being next to a window and it didn’t take long for the fans to find your seats just like they had found the restaurant you were going to before you even got here.

Calum laughed and made faces at a few of the fans who stood by our window, trying to be seen by him in any way possible. A girl who was crying her eyes out waved frantically at him and he waved back, before turning his attention to the menu on the table in front of him.

“I still don’t understand how they find us everywhere we go.” you told him as you looked at the menu.

“Yeah, I don’t understand it either. It’s like they have a tracking device on me.” he said

“Maybe they do.” You glanced up at him with a smile that he returned.

“I’m really sorry about all of this. I know you never signed up for this life.” he told you. This made you look back up at him. His gaze was already on your face. He wore a look of worry and concern and you knew what it came from. He would always joke that you’d leave him because you didn’t like this life, with you being a “regular” girl and not being able to take the constant stalking, attention and hate that came with dating a celebrity. It didn’t take long for you to realize it wasn’t much of a joke after all and that it was a real fear of his.

“Calum, I signed up for this the moment I laid eyes on you. Going out with you was just me tracing over the signature in darker ink. I chose this, you don’t ever have to apologize to me for this.” you told him. He nodded his head and smiled at you. “Plus your fans are really adorable.” you said, looking out the window with a smile on your face as he did the same. That was until something you saw made you widen your eyes and look away.

“Did you just see what I saw?” he asked you.

“You mean the girl flashing you her boobs? Yep.” you said. You couldn’t help but to burst with laughter and Calum joined you. For the rest of your lunch the two of you were very cautious about looking out of the window. You didn’t want to get a repeat of that ever again.

“Try Some Tenderness” Ch. 5

Rhys heart hummed in his chest, in time with the vibrations of the elevator as it rose higher and higher, up into one of the highest possible reaches of Helios. Despite the fact that Rhys had been living here for years, there remained huge swaths of the space station that he’d never visited before.

The elevator doors opened with a metallic swoosh, greeting Rhys with the slightly dimmed, ornate front-of-house of the restaurant. He could see the hostess’ little booth standing at the entrance to the restaurant, which expanded off into the dining area, where the hushed clinks of plates and silverware could be heard. Rhys took a careful step forward, the elevator door closing behind him as he made his way over to the booth, unsure if whether or not Jack had already seated himself or not, when suddenly the brush of hot air wafted over the back of his neck, accompanied by a low, sultry voice.

“Glad to see you didn’t keep me, waiting, cupcake.”

Rhys felt a shiver run up his spine, the hairs on the back of his neck standing straight up as he jolted, barely resisting the urge to whirl around or yelp in fear. Instead, he jerked his head to the side and nearly smacked Jack in the chin, the alpha pulling back slightly to chuckle before resting his head back against the omega’s shoulder. Rhys swallowed as he felt the alpha’s hands settle lightly on his hips.

“I…where did you even come from, Jack.” The omega was surprised at his sudden appearance, it didn’t quell the warmth that came nowadays when the alpha was close. Rhys couldn’t help the small, exhilarated smile that came onto his face as he placed his own hands above Jack’s on his hips and gave them a light squeeze.

“At least buy me dinner, first.” He spoke without thinking, but Jack’s eyes widened in an amused look.

This is unbeta’d and I’ll probably need to correct things in the morning, which is why I’m not putting it on ao3 yet, but I really wanted to put this out because I feel like it’s been awhile. Also I’m feeling depressed and anxious and usually seeing what people have to say about a new chapter makes me feel better. 

This one’s pretty fluffy, maybe a little weaker but? The next chapter is going to hurt so I think a bit of fluff is probably necessary. 

Anyway, enjoy!

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