booted guy

Dress for Success. 

Glasses: Felix Gray
Shirt: H&M
Chinos: American Eagle
Shoes: Jack Threads
Phone Case: Loopy Cases
Face: Mama and Papa Rhodes 

Okay, so, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Jesse new skin is really mcfuckin awesome and I would probably kill someone for his boots. Now, unless this guy has twigs for calves, which I doubt, then there is no way he got his boots under both his seemingly tight pants and chaps. Try it. Boots do not like going under tight pants. This may just be a tiny design flaw, however I have a different idea. May I present to you, Jesse McCree wearing ankle boots.

Scientist guy boots up Scooby-Doo-themed game.

It’s rea–… wait, why are Shaggy’s shirt and Scooby’s collar red?

Those aren’t the proper colors! You can’t just–…


Also, Velma also has a leg growing out of her stomach.

Never mind, Shag… you and Scoob have things pretty good in comparison.

So this is a review for the restaurant I work at. I took care of this exact table. They lied about how long it took their food to come out (25 mins exactly on their ticket, which it should have been approx 18, it did take longer than expected). They lied about it not being busy, we were all running our asses off, the dining room was on a fucking 30 minute wait for LUNCH. I checked their table repeatedly as they were waiting, they never asked for refills because they never had to. When their salads came out I asked them how they looked and the guy picked at it and said “I don’t wanna say anything…” and I asked him to please tell me so I can fix it for them. He said his salmon was undercooked - after I explained to him, when he was ordering, that our salmon is cooked to MEDIUM unless requested otherwise. It came out medium.

THEY didn’t send their salads back, I did after insisting upon it to make them happy. They seemed glad at the time. Not only was I spending more time on them than anyone else in my section, but also my manager came out, explained the salmon to them a second time, and paid for their entire meal when I prompted him to.

These people are fucking insufferable. They got a free meal because THEY didn’t listen, and endless apologies, and their service was in fact fucking excellent. I don’t understand why they felt the need to lie and make us look so bad. Fuck these assholes.

And to boot…the guy said “I don’t wanna say anything.” Like, imagine how scathing this bitch would have been if I hadn’t pried it out of him. You can’t make people like this happy. They WANT to be mad.