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[ARTICLE] BIGBANG’s G-Dragon And Taeyang Are Already Expressing “T.O.P Withdrawal” On Social Media

It looks like it’s not just fans feeling major T.O.P withdrawal.

BIGBANG’s T.O.P officially enlisted to fulfill his military requirements on February 9, and fellow bandmates G-Dragon and and Taeyang have already taken to social media to express how much they miss him.

G-Dragon posted a photo of the duo on his Instagram account that is quite blurry, but cute as they wear similar sweaters and hug each other.

Meanwhile, Taeyang uploaded an adorable piece of fanart with the caption, “T.O.P, goodbye and see you soon.” The art perfectly reflects how everyone feels about T.O.P enlisting, with the members holding onto their fellow bandmate as he holds back tears. 

T.O.P will be going through a four-week basic training bootcamp at the Nonsan Army Training center before carrying out his service as a conscripted policeman. 

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I'm curious, what is Piper's motivation for choosing the Secret Agent career, if you don't mind me asking? It sounds like a career you don't join without a strong reason.

I think going into college, Piper didnt really have a strong idea of what she wanted to do for a living. She was mostly planning on doing general studies and enjoying her freedom for the first year, then eventually deciding what she wanted to major in later. Of course after the whole situation with Louis, Piper had a bit of a wake up call, and decided she needed to do something worthwhile to take her mind off things. 

Since she’d always admired her mother, I’d like to think Piper enrolled in police bootcamp, but halfway through training someone from the sims equivalent of the CIA recruited her into the secret agent branch because they saw potential in her. She’s still a low-level intern right now, but I could see her quickly climbing the ranks.

C: I recently enlisted in US Air Force Reserve and I have basic training AKA bootcamp in about a month. I’m not that nervous about the training, I take care of myself and I know what to expect for the most part. However, I am nervous about my hair. I have microlocs that mimic sisterlocs and so far no one has said I break regulations with them. I’ve worn them in two braids and also in a low pulled back bun. It’s crazy as a black woman we have to worry about this since our natural hair has to conform to other standards.


Part One of MFit’s Bikini Bootcamp … get ready for some FAT BURNING cardio!

Drill instructors of Platoon 1013, Bravo Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, pose for their platoon photo Feb. 18, 2014, on Parris Island, S.C. Drill instructors, responsible for the platoon’s transformation, stood in the photo with their recruits. Bravo Company is scheduled to graduate Feb. 28, 2014. Parris Island has been the site of Marine Corps recruit training since Nov. 1, 1915. Today, approximately 20,000 recruits come to Parris Island annually for the chance to become United States Marines by enduring 13 weeks of rigorous, transformative training. Parris Island is home to entry-level enlisted training for 50 percent of males and 100 percent of females in the Marine Corps. Parris Island has been the site of Marine Corps recruit training since Nov. 1, 1915. Today, approximately 20,000 recruits come to Parris Island annually for the chance to become United States Marines by enduring 13 weeks of rigorous, transformative training. Parris Island is home to entry-level enlisted training for 50 percent of males and 100 percent of females in the Marine Corps. (Photo by Cpl. Octavia Davis)

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“Whatever you want, darlin’, it’s yours. Just say the word" with Todoroki? I very much need some fluff in my life rn (〃ω〃)

i had a whole bunch of headcanons for this and i was so excited for my first ask but then i hit post and it failed and deleted thE WHOLE THINGGG. anyways!!! hello anon! you weren’t specific with the context of the line so i improvised! i hope it’s to your liking! ( if it’s not then send me another ask or a message and i’ll rewrite it or make a new one ).

• The people in 1-A aren’t in 1-A for nothing. After a long day of training and bootcamp you were just about ready to drop.
• Todoroki’s breathing was heavy and he was limping. He was training himself and helping you. Look me in the eyes and tell me this boy wouldn’t help you out because he totally would. He would also totally, “accidentally,” send a fireball towards Bakugou when he gets a little careless with where and what he’s blowing up. Almost resulting in you getting injured.
• You walk witn Todoroki to the 1-A dorms and make a beeline straight to your official-unofficial seat.
• He sits down and you drape yourself across his lap. His eyed are closed and his hand is on your head.
• “Shoto?”
• He just mumbles.
• “Can you help me with something?”
• “Whatever you want, darlin’, it’s yours. Just say the word.“
• You stare at him, “I was just gonna ask you to run your fingers through my hair but it’s nice to know how far you’ll go for me,” you smile. He lets out an exasperated sight.
• Snickers can be heard from your classmates somewhere over wherever. He glares and the snickers stop.
• Let’s be real here, Todoroki would do anything for someone he loves. He might not be big on PDA but you can bet your bottom dollar that if you wanted a candy bar he would buy one for you.

A bunch of little Amethyst gemlings playing at a climbing rock.


Kindergartens are used as the diamond authority’s main source of troops. Compared to regular Gem reproduction, in which it can take up to a century for a handfull of gems to grow, kindergartens offer a cheap way to mass-produce the armies needed to destroy the enemies of the diamond authority.

 A single kindergarten can create up to 10 million gems. 

Kindergarten gemlings, during their early gemling-phase are largly left to fend for themselves, as it is believed a motherly presence would make them weak

. Once they are grown to a certain stage they are picked up by a probe and sent to bootcamp, for training and indoctrination. Weaker runts are sometimes left in the kindergarten indefinitely. 

The Diamond authority has many enemies and a soldier that has finished her training can expect to be sent in action expediently, even if she is technically still a gemling (though already at a pubescent stage). 25% of all gems created in kindergartens will die on their first tour of duty. A sacrifice the Diamond Authority is willing to make.


WELL: World Espionage & Logistics Liaison

  • You can’t spell spies without pies.
  • Basically: The Check, Please! Spy AU that no one asked for
  • Bitty was recruited fresh out of high school, pretty much; he aced all the right tests and lived quietly enough to make the cut, and capped out his senior year by spending the summer in RusWELL bootcamp, training with Katya.
  • He goes into SamWELL (technically, AmeWELL) not entirely unprepared, but, he was raised by civilians in small town Georgia: he is by no means James Bond material.
  • He does have the best aptitude test scores in ages, though, and a glowing recommendation from the program’s toughest trainer, and that’s enough for the Powers That Be to Throw him into the deep end
  • So, he bakes a pie (do spies like pie? He hopes spies like pie.) goes in and meets his new teammates (who all, as it turns out, really like pie.)

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Carla and Lucrezia for the ask meme!

Carla Alvarez Santonia

1) fight them or fight for them: oh geez if I tried to do anything resembling fighting in front of Carla I’d make an absolute fool of myself. If she ran a bootcamp to like? train new Dormentaire guards or something? I’d participate. I’d fail out immediately but I’d give it a try for her.

2) on a scale of 1-10 how excited do I get when I see them: 10

3) would i smooch: yes, absolutely.

4) have I drawn/written about them/should i draw/write about them: yes and yes and yes and yes!! I’ve got something started in which she and Monica chat about gender presentation that would be really interesting if I could… convince myself that either of them would let down their guard enough to talk about it…

5) voice HC if they don’t have a voice already: low, brusque, and masculine but still distinctly female. At least half an octave higher in that scene where she’s chewing Lucrezia out.

Lucrezia de Dormentaire

1) fight them or fight for them: I’d absolutely fight for her. Not nearly as effectively as Carla but maybe she’d at least think it was cute?

2) on a scale of 1-10 how excited do I get when I see them: definitely 10.

3) would i smooch: god, yes.

4) have I drawn/written about them/should i draw/write about them: I feel like I always write/draw/talk about her too much but I’m always willing to do more. God, I can’t wait for her to show up in 2003.

5) voice HC if they don’t have a voice already: melodic and playful. Deliberately sticky and saccharine. Knows exactly when to switch to a murmur so that her targets will lean in closer to listen.

Here’s the meme!

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Can you give me any tips for highschool? I was stressed out last year enough to scare my teachers and I don't want that to happen again. And I know after high school theres college and thats even more stress full.I'm planning to take mostly AP classes is there any way to manage the work?

youve come to the right place, honey, i am someone who took 6 ap classes my senior year of high school. (at the end i will talk about college)

so, youre gonna take mostly ap classes !! bravo honey !! ap classes (though most of the time students are put in them bc of their parents) are a wonderful way to challenge your academic abilities through a higher form of study which are at a mock-college level. here is tumbler user nedleee’s declassified school survival guide: high school edition, ap volume

1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. this is the golden rule. tattoo this to your fucking arm, okay !! procrastination is the number one cause of stress and panic among students, especially ap students. let me tell you my personal experience with it: david gave us a project during spring break, it was due one week after spring break, i didnt do it until the night before. erica gave us a BIG art timeline project, i procrastinated until the thrursday before the due date which was a friday: i did not sleep at all, i was sluggish and half-dead all day. this is what killed me during my last two years of high school, and i am sure if i didnt procrastinate, i’d have much higher grades !!

2. Time Management. This is quite literally the most important, and most overlooked, part of an ap student’s life. ap classes can have two extremes: generally have more homework than regular, or, no homework at all. I suggest getting a notebook planner (none of that digital shit, tho, bc writing it down helps the brain remember it and add a greater sense of importance to it), and writing down all of your assignments, due dates, bell schedules, etc. Manage your time in order to make sure you have sufficient amounts of time for each thing, while making time for yourself and social stuff and rest and eating. DO NOT: do all of a big assignment all at once (ie: reading a book, an essay, etc), because this leads to the assignment being sloppy, inadequate, rushed, and you might learn something later on and think “damn, i should have put that in there.” It is much better to allot your time and assignment so that you do a little bit each day up until the day its due, that way it’s more structured, organized, and will have the sufficient information. 

3. Extra Curricular: This goes along with time management, my advice is this: dont. I always always suggest people do their extra curriculars during your first two years. Unless you can manage your time to the point where you can go to a club, a sport, or a job, I wouldnt really recommend it because it can deprive you of down time and rest. The body and mind needs rest in order to function well, and to be able to perform better academically. Youre better off studying all semester responsibly and adequately rather than cramming and pulling an all nighter the day before a final. 

4. Take the Advantages. If the teacher offers extra credit, TAKE IT. If the teacher offers a re-take on a test: TAKE IT. If the teacher offers a tutoring session: TAKE IT. And please, for the love of all that is pink and frilly, if you do not understand something or are troubled, ask the teacher for help. Pull them aside and say “Can I talk to you after school for some help.” Chances are, they will help and will do their best to. I know we can be shy, we can feel our hearts beat and our palms sweat and think that theyre gonna think we’re dumb and dont know how to pay attention, but dude, do it. I know, when I walked up to david for the first time and asked him to help me on my essay, i was nervous, i was scared, i had trouble talking and babbled out “I need help on this.” I went after school with him, he broke it down for me, reassured me and basically made me feel more comfortable about my essay writing. And this goes a long way. I can easily say that that was one of the main reasons i was able to make such an outstanding essay to the point where he even said that it is the best final project he has ever received. 

5. AP Tests: They are scary, yes they are. Make sure you eat a good meal before hand, relax, and do your best. Let me tell you what erica, cindy, and david told us, “if you dont know it by now, there’s really nothing else I can do.” sounds harsh, but theyre right. Think about it this way, you go to bootcamp. You train all those weeks, months, etc. all for the big day when they assess your strength and ability. Youre not gonna just hyper-exercise for three days before the big day, no. That’s ridiculous. Youre just gonna be very tired, sore, and unable to do good on the big day. What will make you do good, is making sure youre trying hard every single ay and training yourself well all throughout the time at bootcamp. It’s the same thing for an ap class. Mike Wazowski it all year long, study every day, do your works, etc, and you should be fine. If you need to, retouch on some subjects you remember struggling on previously in the class. As for AP Test Study books, yeah theyre okay, but I feel it is better to rely on what youve done throughout the year. Bc ap tests of all types all have one thing in common: it’s about analysis and application, not solid memorized information. You may disagree and say “oh, but ned, you gotta remember shit for ap art history, nah?” Nahhh. Yea, there is always memorization involved, but let’s say I see a painting on my art hist test and i have nEVER ever seen it. I can say, hmmm, well, the lighting in this looks carravagist, so it is from the Baroque period !! There is no religious symbolism in it, so it is Dutch Baroque, not Italian Baroque. Who was a famous dutch/flemish baroque painter? Rembrandt. HEY! LOOK AT ME !! I ANALYSED A PAINTING AND ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY EVEN THOUGH I DIDNT KNOW THE PAINTING. WOW !! 

6. Sentimental shit: I know it’s hard. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve taken 10 ap classes. Ive struggled a lot, and I have had instances in which my personal life made things ten times harder. I’ve stayed up late at night crying, ready to give up, ready to kick the bucket and just struggling. Ive cried at least 6 times in my ap chem class. ive lost days of sleep bc of ap art history and us history. BUT YOU HAVE TO KEEP ON GOING. JUST FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT GIVE UP ON ME, CHAMP. I know youre gonna cry, youre gonna get mad, youre gonna fall, I KNOW. I know we each have differences that make life harder for us, whether its poverty, domestic abuse, mental/physical illness, low self esteems, family problems, death, etc, but i know im gonna sound like a total douche, but thats life. life is not gonna be served to us on a silver platter, its not always gonna cover your eyes and walk you through things, we cannot avoid everything, no matter how much we want to. life is gonna kick us in the ass. but you have to take this in stride. remember your little victories, youre outstanding performances, the fact that you will sHINE. You know that piece of paper that your principal is gonna give you at the end of those four years. yea. Thats what its gonna be. That paper is not just a paper saying “hey~ generic high school kid, you made it lmao” it is saying “You know what, champ, you fucking did it. You fucking did it. All those nights you spent along in your room crying while doing an essay and marina and the diamonds was on repeat on your ipod, it was fucking worth it. youre here, the bulk is over !! colleges are practically on the floor BEGGING you to go there. you did your best, and you fucking made it. I’m proud of you.” And you know who is gonna be saying all that? You. Because throughout all this, you were your greatest ally. 

AND NOW COLLEGE: this is what I observed from college so far. It’s one million times better than high school. Why? BECAUSE YOURE ALREADY HERE, AYYYY. Something that I loved about what college does, at least mine, is that they say, yes, learning is important and all, but you have to have fun and relax and enjoy yourself. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. SO GO OUT AND PLAY JACK. STUDY NOW, PARTY LATER.

And from what I’ve learned is that, the bulk of the people who suffer in college, and it pains me to say this (and it makes me look like a douche) brought this upon themselves. They were the ones that decided, Nah, im not gonna study right now. Nah, Im just gonna chill in my dorm and do nothing. Nah, Im not gonna take advantage of office hours and not ask my prof for help. Nah, im not gonna go to that cool concert on campus. Nah, nah, nah, NAH. stfu, get involved, have fun, take advantage. Dude, youre an adult know, have fun. And studies do show that students who get involved and bond with their profs do much better and have much higher gpas than those who dont. 

Apply for your scholarships, buddy, dont be like me and apply for none. (Though I was lucky to get a 15,000 cal grant and the chancellor’s scholarship via recommendation, as well as a few pell grants). 

Stress is gonna come, its inevitable, but if you manage your time wisely, understand why youre doing all this, and keep your goals in mind. You wanna know what mine is? To become financially successful. My motive: i grew up with a family that is “well-off” but financially strained. We’ve had eviction scares, everyday my dad half-heartedly thanks the lord that our insurance covers almost everything bc if it didnt, we’d be done, my mom and dad had to sell their wedding rings, and we move so often. 

Get your goals, get organized, and go hard, but dont go home.

You can do it, champ, I know you can.


Rct. Kathryngra Plata, Platoon 4010, Oscar Company, 4th Recruit Training Battalion, shouts during an incentive training session Jan. 17, 2014, on Parris Island, S.C. Incentive training develops discipline and motivation through physical exercises in a controlled environment. Plata, a 20-year-old native of Arlington, Va., is scheduled to graduate April 4, 2014. Parris Island has been the site of Marine Corps recruit training since Nov. 1, 1915. Today, approximately 20,000 recruits come to Parris Island annually for the chance to become United States Marines by enduring 13 weeks of rigorous, transformative training. Parris Island is home to entry-level enlisted training for 50 percent of males and 100 percent of females in the Marine Corps. (Photo by Lance Cpl. Vaniah Temple)


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Sgt. James Benson, a drill instructor of Platoon 1006, Alpha Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, commands his recruits during their initial drill evaluation Dec. 2, 2013, on Parris Island, S.C. Drill instructors such as Benson, a 26-year-old native of Montgomery, Ala., use the noncommissioned officer sword during close-order drill. The NCO sword has been in service in the Marine Corps since 1859 and is one of the oldest weapons still used in the United States. Alpha Company is scheduled to graduate Jan. 24, 2014. Parris Island has been the site of Marine Corps recruit training since Nov. 1, 1915. Today, approximately 20,000 recruits come to Parris Island annually for the chance to become United States Marines by enduring 13 weeks of rigorous, transformative training. Parris Island is home to entry-level enlisted training for 50 percent of males and 100 percent of females in the Marine Corps (Photo by Lance Cpl. MaryAnn Hill)

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open when letters? ideas?

Open When…

  • you can’t sleep
  • on our anniversary
  • halfway mark (of bootcamp/deployment/training/etc)
  • it’s your birthday
  • you’re sad
  • before you go to sleep
  • you come home from work
  • on a bad day
  • on a rainy day
  • you need inspiration 
  • times are getting tough

these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head :)


Who’s up for a challenge? Let’s motivate each other and reach our goals!
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