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  • <Bootsiel> guys I have a question
  • <Bootsiel> mroooOOEE
  • <viralremix> hello
  • <viralremix> ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
  • <Bootsiel> no
  • <viralremix> clear?
  • <Bootsiel> yes
  • <viralremix> thought so.

I once lost.

I stay in the dim light.

I shut down.

I hate the life I live.

Then, there was a glimpse of light shining.

Enlighten my mind.

Give me a direction to go on.

To live my life according on what I want.

Since, then I found my way back.

I keep those people who stay.

I thanked them for staying.

I cherish them more.

I share some laugh with my old friends.

I meet new people and became friends with them.

I socializing to my new found friends.

There are lot of things I want to do.

Step by Step I’ll do them.

Right now, I’m so happy.

I found me.

Right now, I feel I’m ready to love again.

I’m thankful and love Him because He helps and stay with me.

I’m high cause

I found me.


+ bonus : 

Because Dane’s favorite pasttime is ticking Eden’s bootboot off. Beside getting the said bootoot, that is.

++ bonus 

ok i’m going to stop now.