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Until the End of the Line (Fred Weasley x Reader)

              Word Count: 1,000

a/n i suck so bad i’m sorry i’m a terrible person for 

          You and Fred were watching the battle rage on, and you looked at each other, smiles on your faces. There was nothing you’d rather be doing than protecting your home, and you knew that you would never make it out alive. At least you would spend the last time with Fred. “Hey Freddie.” You reached over and gave his hand a light squeeze, “you know I love you, right?”

               “I know.” He whispered, looking over at you. It was dark in the castle, and you both could hear the silence that came before a war. The tension was in the air, and the adrenaline was running through your veins.

               “What if we don’t make it?” You whispered, and he shook his head, looking forward again at the scene in front of him. Voldemort’s army was crashing through the barrier, and you could hear the faint shouting of soldiers from below.

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Frat Boy (Part 2)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Dean and reader find out who wins their little bet…

Part 1

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 4,073

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: This series is so much fun to write…

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in honour of the #releasethedrafts thing going round, have a thing:

If The Beast is an Adonis, then The Commander is nothing sort of a god. His outfit is the same slutty police officer costume that The Beast wears, except he also has one fingerless glove on his hand, and leather straps across his shoulders. Most strikingly, he struts across the stage in towering heeled boots. Even from across the room, Levi can tell the other man would practically engulf him if they were to stand next to each other. The thought is oddly arousing, and he shudders.

Hanji screeches, waving around a few bills whilst Petra falls over laughing.

“Oh my God, don’t do that,” Moblit yells, pulling Hanji down. But it’s too late, The Commander has spotted them and makes a show of strutting over.

And shit, he’s tall. Even without the heels Levi reckons he’d be over six foot. But he can’t really think about anything else after that, because the Commander sprawls over their sofa as if he owns it. Up close, he’s somehow even more good-looking, a classically handsome face roughed up by the skimpy costume and a bit of eyeliner.

“Having fun?” The Commander smiles slowly.

He doesn’t purr in a show of seduction, just a low rumble in a casual tone. He was hot, and he knew it. There was no need for anything else.

“You’re amazing!” Hanji yells, and stuffs a few notes down his crotch. The Commander spreads his legs wider, grinning. “I’m getting married!” The audience around them cheers, and Levi suddenly realises the spotlight has followed The Commander to their booth.

“And who’s the lucky partner?” the Commander asks. He flicks a glance at Levi, who suddenly feels frozen to the spot.

“Here! This is Petra!” Hanji shoves her fiancée into the spotlight. Petra blushes and giggles as the audience cheers again. “I’M GETTING MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND HER NAME IS PETRA RAL,” Hanji screams.

“I think a congratulatory dance is in order!” The Commander booms. “Ladies!” A few of the female dancers join their table, waving around plastic batons. The siren blares again; another spotlight lands on the stage, where The Beast begins another dance routine. The spotlight on their booth fades, but it’s clear that they’re now part of the show too. The music starts up again, and a few giggly female performers begin lapdances on Petra and Hanji. Another straddles a dazed looking Moblit whilst another shimmers closer to Levi.

“I like cock,” Levi snaps out of his stupor, waving her away. She shrugs, and makes her way back to the stage.

He realises that she wasn’t the only one who heard him. The Commander slinks closer to stand in front of him. His impressive crotch, still stuffed with a few of Hanji’s bills, is right in front of his face. “You like cock, huh?”

“Nrgh,” Levi garbles.

The Commander smiles slowly, lowering his knees on the sofa, on either side of his lap.

“You don’t have to-” Levi blurts. “I’m only here for Hanji.”

“Your soon-to-be-married friend?”

Levi nods, slapping himself mentally. How the fuck was the Commander supposed to know who Hanji was? The Commander tosses a glance to the side; Hanji is whooping as a girl shimmies over Petra, who’s blushing like crazy. “I think she’s occupied.”

“Uh- I didn’t bring any notes,” Levi admits, mortified. “Didn’t think I’d use them.”

The Commander, instead of pulling away, laughs heartily. He ducks his head closer, breath landing hot all over Levi’s neck. “Consider this on the house.”

And oh God, was Levi really getting a lapdance from the hottest person in the room? The Commander, despite his huge size, is lithe when he dances, body rolling smoothly to the beat. Levi gasps, feeling his trousers tent up. He desperately wants to reach out and touch the other man, but he isn’t supposed to do that. Instead, he desperately shoves his hands under his thighs, eyes wide as The Commander brushes their crotches together, ever so slightly.

“Oh my God,” Levi whimpers. He’s hardly the type for public displays of affection, but he doesn’t even care that the spotlight’s still on him and potentially dozens of people could be watching. “Oh my God.”

The Commander chuckles. His thick thighs are straddled across his own, and his huge body is practically blocking Levi’s line of vision, until all his can see is this oiled, glorious body. “Oh yeah,” The Commander purrs, leaning down. His hips roll in a slow tease, and he brings his arms down on either side of Levi’s head, bringing their faces so close together Levi can see the beads of sweat dappled across his forehead. Up close, the other man smells of sweat and fragranced oil. He smells like sex and sin.

“What’s your name?” The Commander asks, tracing the shell of his ear with the tip of his tongue. Levi almost comes right there.

“L-Levi,” Levi gasps.

The Commander’s eyes glitters. “Can I kiss you, Levi?”

Fuck yes,” Levi moans, and then The Commander is grinning before pressing their lips together. Heat seems to radiate off them, the sounds of the room fading. There’s only the sounds of their moans, and despite the noise, Levi can somehow hear the other man: Oh fuck yes, you’re gorgeous, you’re beautiful-

No one has ever called him beautiful before. Maybe handsome, when Hanji was trying to raise his self esteem. And The Commander knew he had no money on him, so surely he wasn’t just saying it?

Before he can help himself, Levi finds his hands are twisting into the Commander’s hair, bringing him closer. They’re not supposed to touch any of the dancers here but Levi doesn’t care, can’t care when The Commander is moaning, the sounds vibrating right through his chest.

*based on a fanart that i lost the link for but if i find it again i’ll add it to the post*

anonymous asked:

Hi, could you do 77. "It's a Texas thing" and 83. "Enough with the sass", with Steve please, and I love your writing by the way!

Drabble Challenge # 1 from these prompts

A/N: This was kind of a challenge for me since I know absolutely nothing about Texas and didn’t want to stereotype! I hope you enjoy this anyway. <3 

Characters: (Texan) reader x Steve

Genres: slightly jealous Steve, fluff

It was another one of Tony’s outrageous parties. The entire world, it seemed, had been invited. You sat next to Steve at the bar, sipping a martini as he was surrounded by a crowd of people. You rolled your eyes. He was chugging straight vodka, and the crowd was egging him on, not seeming to realize that with his super-soldier metabolism he couldn’t actually get drunk. You were never really one for these parties, and preferred only to go when you actually went with people you knew. Which, this night, was supposed to be your boyfriend. But he seemed pretty occupied at the moment.

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Blood And Fire

A/N:  Olicity Vampire AU/Fantasy/Magic. NSFW. 

This is a Birthday gift for @tinaday3w who is such a wonderful and beautiful friend. I’m so excited to finally give you the long awaited “Vampire” story.  I’m a little rusty writing smut, lol, so I hope you enjoy it. xoxo


A cool breeze blew across Felicity’s body like the touch of an enamored lover.  It was eager and sensuous before it enveloped her within its chaotic need like a wicked storm.  

At least that’s what she imagined a lover’s touch might be like.  She had never had one, but after being around for over 170 years she had seen, heard and read enough to know what it could be.  

She learned a lot over the long, lonely years since the night she had been savaged and turned into the monster she was now.  And make no mistake that is what she was.  A monster.

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So I was feeling bad that I wouldn’t be releasing anything new for my lovely Wattpad followers, as my long fic is on hiatus, and thought maybe I could give them an old fic from AO3.  I was torn between my two Creature!Draco fairy tales Draco Dormiens and Breath Of Life, when I figured I could quickly write a third story, and start a little anthology.  So that’s what I’ve done.

Also, it seemed like a nice excuse to write something fluffy for my good friend Katy ( @enigmaticrose4 / @aroseindaegu ) who had her birthday recently, and has also been going through a tough time lately.  Hugs to you darling xxx

A Veela!Draco take on the Rapunzel story, no smut, 2.3K words.  Aesthetic by me, though I don’t own the images.  Featuring Chris Pine as Harry.


On The Wings Of Love

   How Harry got himself into these situations, he still wasn’t sure.  He pelted through the forest, branches whipping at his face as the hounds barked and snapped at his feet.  “Hey!” he hissed behind his shoulder.  “Look no hard feelings, okay?  I was just sleeping in that barn!  I wasn’t looking for trouble!”

  The dogs seemed less than sympathetic to his pleas though, their teeth glinting in the afternoon sunshine as they salivated.  

  “I’m not that tasty, I assure you!” Harry went on, charging up a rise and swinging from a low hanging branch over a log.  He was too skinny to look appetising, he was certain, but these dogs probably loved gnawing on a juicy bone.  

  He darted through bushes and around trees, hoping to find some way to escape the angry beasts.  He wouldn’t mind, but he really hadn’t been stealing anything this time, he had just wanted a night’s rest somewhere a little more hospitable than the open ground. But of course the young maiden that had found him had questioned his virtue with a blistering scream before Harry had time to assure her she had nothing to fear, and decided it best to run for it rather than stick around to offer an explanation, risking the sword of her no-doubt enraged father.  

  Up ahead, a solitary tower loomed, which was an odd site for several reasons.  There was no town nearby, Harry knew this as he had counted himself lucky to stumble upon the farmhouse.  And if it was a small castle, surely there should have been more turrets?

  He had to admit though, all he cared about was the fact that is rose from the ground. If he could get inside and bar the door, he could maybe loose his hungry entourage.  

  The dogs were still a dozen of so feet behind him, but his chance came to increase his lead when a small stream cut across his path.  The water was fast, but he was larger than his four-legged friends and was able to hurtle across in next to no time.  They though would have to swim, giving him a precious extra few minutes.

  He sprinted towards the tower, his boots squelching but his spirits raised.  As the foliage cleared he could see a single door at the base of the structure, and he lurched for the handle.  It was locked, and picking it would take time he didn’t have, so he decided to risk a few moments to try a direct approach.  

  “Hello there!” he cried out, pounding his fist against the wood.  “Anyone home?  I’m in a bit of a pickle and could use some help!”  He turned around to peer through the greenery, and could just about make out the dogs still struggling across the water, but he didn’t have long before they were free again.  “Blast,” he huffed, and pulled two thin bits of metal from his tunic pocket, hoping he hadn’t made himself become dinner by wasting time asking for help.

  Before he could attack the lock though, he was startled by a rope falling down in front of his face.  He jumped back, and saw it had come from the only window, all the way at the top of the tower.  “Climb up!” a voice called.

  Another glance back to the stream told Harry the first of the beasts were just clear of the water, and he decided it was worth the risk of falling if only to get off the ground for now.

  He grabbed the rope – and almost slipped back off again.  It was like no rope he had ever encountered before, more like silk than the usual course fibres, and now he was looking at it, he could see it was not spun into one single line, but plaited.  It gave a small jiggle as he inspected it.

  “Come on!” the voice floated down.  

  Harry decided not to question his escape route any further, and wrapped his hand around the plait to get a better grip.  The owner of the rope responded by hauling him up, so in mere moments he had scaled several feet.  A good thing too, as the first of the hounds finally reached the tower, and jumped up to try and bite as his heels.  He was already too high though, and he grinned down in triumph.  “Sorry boys,” he gloated.  “You shall have to find your supper elsewhere!”

  Gradually, he made his way up to the window, his feet walking up the wall and his hands moving up the rope, careful not to slip again, otherwise the snapping dogs would be the least of his troubles.  “Are you nearly there?” called the voice of his mysterious rescuer.

  “Yes, almost!” Harry responded cheerfully.  

  It was with great relief that he grasped the lip of the window sill, and with a final grunt of effort, pulled himself through the opening and tumbled to the floor. He shook himself and sat upright, wishing to thank his new friend.  Then stopped in surprise.

  Before him stood a young man of what looked like his own age.  He was dressed simply in a white cloth, draped over one shoulder and collected into a short skirt at his waist.  His skin was creamy like milk, dazzling even in the gloom of the room, and his face as beautiful as any prince Harry had ever seen.  But that was not what had given him pause.  For the man had golden white hair, shining in the small amount of light coming from the window.  It had been pulled behind his head into a plait…a plait that carried on and on until it finished in Harry’s own hands.  

  “Did I just climb up your hair?” he asked, utterly perplexed.  He had never seen such a thing in his whole life.  

  The young man smiled shyly.  “It seemed like the best idea, considering you were in trouble.  I – I watched you run from the dogs from afar, and did not wish for you to be eaten.”

  “Nor I,” Harry agreed, and got to his feet, brushing his hands and marvelling at the man’s gorgeous hair once more.  “Is that how you usually let your visitors in?”

  The man smiled again, but this time it was with sadness, and Harry’s heart gave a twinge of pain.  Surely someone so beautiful could not be unhappy?

  “I do not have many visitors other than my master, and he has the only key to the lock.” He looked at Harry with eyes he could now see were a brilliant silver, and a shiver ran up Harry’s spine.  He was starting to think his lovely new companion was not entirely human.   “He only comes once a week to leave food and collects his wears.  He does not speak much to me, other than to call me his pretty bird.”

  Harry didn’t like the sound of that.  “Your master?” he asked.  “Are you a prisoner here?”

  The man moved closer, and looked out the window.  The view of the kingdom was quite magnificent from here, and Harry took it in with him.  “I am Veela, do you know what that is?”  Harry shook his head, and the man picked his long plait up in his hands.  “Our hair contains potent magic, and until we are Unfurled, grows extraordinarily fast.  My master stole me as a babe from my parents, to keep me from transitioning, and sells my hair for great profit.”  He turned to Harry, and tried to smile, but could not quite manage it. “I fear I shall never become a true Veela, and will remain here all my days.”

  Harry blinked.  “But that’s awful,” he cried.  “Why don’t you escape?”

  “As long as I am still Furled, I am cursed to stay within these walls,” he said, then seemed to rally his spirits.  “But enough of my woes, stranger.  I do not wish to burden you.  When the danger has passed, I will help lower you back down again. Until them, may I ask your name?”

  “Your woes are no burden to me,”  Harry assured him.  “You may call me Harry, and in return I would ask the favour of your name, and the details of this curse.  Surely there must be a way to break it?”

  The man smiled, genuinely this time, and turned back into the room.  It was sparsely furnished, with a straw bed for sleeping, the table and chairs that they now moved to sit at, and a small stove for cooking.  One wall was lined with books, and Harry was relieved to see the man’s master had not been so cruel as to deny him that luxury.  

  “It is good to meet you Harry,” the man said.  “My name is Draco.  And yes, I discovered the curse’s undoing many years ago, but sadly it has done me no good thus far.”

  Harry felt a thrill of hope.  He had never been so enchanted to meet anyone in his whole life, and if he could free this man and become better acquainted with him, he surely could not be happier. “Do tell,” he urged, pulling his chair closer to where Draco sat.  “Perhaps I can help you?”

  Draco looked at his hands in his lap.  “Alas,” he said.  “Only love’s first kiss can set me free.  It is how my people Unfurl and become true Veela.  Then, I could escape this life.”  He looked up at Harry, and laughed.  It was one of the most beautiful sounds Harry had ever heard, like a song straight to his heart.  “Unfortunately, the adventures who have scaled these walls before were disappointed not to find a female, and were disinclined to help me.”

  “Oh,” said Harry, thinking what fools they must have been.

  “I bear them no ill will,” Draco said quickly, silver eyes full of concern. “Love cannot be forced.  I just wish one day I might be lucky, and the right kind of adventurer might come to call.”

  He blushed, and turned his face from Harry.  “You wish for a female also – a girl?” he asked, hope fading.

  Draco looked to the window wistfully.  “No,” he said.  “I would very much prefer a male, but such a thing is rare.  I would be extremely fortunate indeed to find love, even were I not confined to this tower.”

  Harry’s heart raced once more, and reached out to take Draco’s hand.  “And all it takes is one kiss?  The first of a new love?”

  Draco considered him, surprise lining his features.  “Yes,” he said softly.

  Harry moved to kneel before him.  Perhaps he was being reckless, he had only just met the man after all.  But he had never felt like this before, so strongly and so suddenly.  He had heard of love at first sight, why shouldn’t it happen to him?  “May I?” he asked gently.

  Confusion marred Draco’s brow, until it smoothed into happiness.  “Of course,” he whispered back.

  Harry leaned forwards, and carefully pressed his lips to Draco’s.  They were cool, and soft as satin, but as soon as they touched a warmth burst to life, and he jumped back in shock.

  Draco, likewise, shot to his feet, staring at his hands in awe.  His pale skin was glowing, and he began to laugh.  Not the sound blemished by hope that had still managed to fill Harry with joy, but an honest, wonderful laugh of freedom.  “It is working!” Draco cried, tears in his eyes.

  Harry didn’t know what he could feel, but clearly he was changing into a fully grown Veela, and he too leapt to his feet in delight.  And then he could see why the process was called ‘unfurling’.  

  Wings, fluffy as a newborn chick and white as pure snow, were revealing themselves from his back, until they spanned half the room in their mightiness.  “I thought you beautiful before,” Harry said, his voice trembling.  “But now you are truly an angel.”

  Gradually, the glow vanished from his skin, but Draco still smiled as if he had not been so happy in all his years.  “You have freed me Harry.  Can it be, do you in fact love me?”

  Harry laughed.  “As far as I can know, I think I do.  Is that madness?”

  “Only if loving you too is madness,” Draco said, and stepped forward to embrace Harry.

  Their first kiss and been sweet and chaste, cut short by the Unfurling and dismantling of the curse.  But this kiss set Harry’s heart of fire, and he took Draco in his arms, feeling his wings envelope him protectively.  “Now shall you leave this prison?” he asked, and Draco squeezed him tightly.

  “Gladly,” he said.  “But first.”

  He went to the stove, where a knife lay nearby.  He offered Harry the hilt.  “Do you wish to do the honours?” he asked, holding up where the plait of his hair began. “I long to be free of this weight, and I think we could get a pretty price for it at the market.”

  Harry beamed at him.  “Fair money,” he said, light with the thought of not stealing for once.  “To start our life together.”

  “Indeed,” Draco said.  

  The blade cut through the hair smoothly, like it was no more than water, and Draco sighed contentedly as he shook his remaining locks happily.  They coiled the plait into a basket, ready to depart, and Draco opened up his arms.  

  “Come here, my love,” he said, pulling Harry safely to his side.  “So we may find out what freedom really feels like.”

  He beat his impressive wings once, lifting them from the ground.  Harry nuzzled into Draco’s neck, feeling the warmth of his body and the power running through his veins.  “Let us fly,” he said, as they left the prison tower behind, heading into the sunset, ready to begin their future lives, together.

 The End

“Cosplay is for Lovers” - Kurt/Blaine

Anon prompted: “please please please lord of the rings klaine”

mmkay so I received this prompt last millennium or something and didn’t know what to do with it. Nonny, I know for a fact that this is not what you meant in the SLIGHTEST, but while I appreciate LOTR I’m not actually into it enough to do a true crossover any justice, lol

So! Teeny lil’ 730 word drabble of Kurt & Blaine dressing up for Ohio Comic-Con or something? Wizard World Cleveland??? I don’t even know | AO3

“Kurt, I’m almost ready to go! The hobbit ears are so difficult, do you have your – oh. Oh, wow.”

Kurt turns away from Blaine’s bedroom mirror, tall and regal and imperious in a way that is naturally Kurt and only conveniently Thranduil, and hisses, “I am going to lose an eye trying to get this damn thing on my head.” 

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♦ Squad Files - Harley Quinn ♦

Impish bad girl Harley Quinn, the bubbleblowing princess to the Joker’s Clown Prince of Crime, is already one of fiction’s most cosplayed characters. That’s only going to increase after the release of Suicide Squad — and Margot Robbie feels a bit guilty about it. “When I got the role I started looking up Harley costumes online, with my mum sitting next to me,” she laughs. “She was like, ‘My daughter is going to dress like a prostitute!’ There are a lot of angry mothers out there!” 

Suicide Squad’s Harley is tamer than some of the ones that strut Comic-Con, but still eye-catching. It’s an instantly iconic ensemble: bracelets (“I’ve got scars all over from them”), fishnets (“They rip all the time”) and towering boots (“They take 20 minutes to lace up”), plus dyed hair, face tattoos and the very hottest of hot pants. “Everything that looks cool is also the most difficult to wear,” Robbie says. “But when I came on set without it all on, everyone was like, ‘You look weird. Go get dressed — this is freaking us out!’”

 It could be the role of a lifetime for Robbie, who gets to play both Harleen Quinzel, the doctor assigned to probe the Joker’s psyche, and Harley, the result of his ghastly seduction. The actress has also been the main focus of Mr. J’s off-screen affections. “Jared sent me a rat,” she says. “A black one with cute white paws, like he’s wearing little socks. I named him Rat Rat and my assistant Soph and I would sit down on the carpet with him and all drink tea. I passed Rat Rat onto Jai (Courtney), then he went to one of the girls in wardrobe. He’s now with Guillermo del Toro.” Expect a casting announcement for Hellboy 3 any day now.  Empire Magazine (x)