boot hill museum


((Dodge City!

This was the last stop on my vacation, but I was still pretty excited about it. It’s absolutely as kitschy as I expected, but you just have to embrace it. Amidst the cheesiness, there is definitely legit history to be learned. 

Pictured: Scenes from the Boot Hill Museum, including the noon shoot-out, a replica of the Long Branch Saloon, a very amusing “gravestone” from the former Boot Hill Cemetery, and a variety of interior scenes. 

One of the more amusing things I learned today was that in the beginning, Dodge City only had 13 religious people (out of like 1000 residents), which wasn’t enough to form different denominations so they all just combined together in one congregation. 

On May 26, 1878, a Presbyterian minister came to town and managed to garner enough followers to form a church. The Dodge City Times from that day states that:

“The ‘Wicked City of Dodge’ can at last boast of a Christian organization– a Presbyterian Church. It was organized last Sunday week. We would have mentioned the matter then, but we thought it best to break the news gently to the outside world.”