boot camp challenge


This voice is why I listen to One Direction.

Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis

The best decision I’ve ever made was to be healthy. Along with health came happiness, appreciation, and a love for myself. Of course, there have been days where I just don’t appreciate myself or my body. But I am human. I’ve learned to notice those thoughts, and turn them into something positive. 

The left photo is the beginning of my ‘journey’. It was the summer of 2011 right before entering college. I began running again and going to Boot Camp Challenge three days a week with my mom and a friend. This made me lose a lot of weight. (I’m too embarrassed to post a before photo, it’s not shocking. I was nowhere near obese, and I was probably only a few pounds overweight. But to me that was everything. And it’s not just about the scale.. I was unhealthy, plan and simple.) The right was taken Saturday evening. This isn’t so much a visual transformation, but even though they are completely different poses- I do see differences. But this is to realize my happiness, and my emotional transformations.

The left is a true smile. Probably something I hadn’t done for a while before that. I just remember how the food and exercise made me feel, and the weight was coming off- so that’s a plus. I remember loving the warm weather but hating the summer because I hated shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, and shopping. I wore jeans for a few summers, never touched shorts. I remember that summer in the picture when I bought shorts, slipped them on- my mom actually started to tear up. We both knew this was a new milestone for me, my life, and my happiness. Now, I love shopping. I don’t struggle to get ready half as much as I used to. It feels good to be FREE. To be able to be confident, happy, and me.

I never knew my own personality, because I was trapped behind anxiety and depression. It’s a scary scary thing to not even know yourself and what you are capable of. My life revolved around my looks and food. Before this I was happy and outgoing. But I lost myself. 

This healthy lifestyle is nothing but positivity. I stopped being controlled by looks. Of course I always want to look healthy! But I started noticing my emotions and how my body feels even more. How I am happy. No diet pill, shake, or “6 week meal plan” can make you truly HAPPY. But a lifestyle full of healthy foods, energy, exercise, and positivity can.