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How to Handle Having TOO MUCH To Do

So let’s say you’re in the same boat I am (this is a running theme, have you noticed?) and you’ve just got, like, SO MUCH STUFF that HAS to get done YESTERDAY or you will DIE (or fail/get fired/mope). Everything needs to be done yesterday, you’re sick, and for whatever reason you are focusing on the least important stuff first. What to do!

Take a deep breath, because this is a boot camp in prioritization.

  • Make a 3 by 4 grid. Make it pretty big. The line above your top row goes like this: Due YESTERDAY - due TOMORROW - due LATER. Along the side, write: Takes 5 min - Takes 30 min - Takes hours - Takes DAYS.
  • Divide ALL your tasks into one of these squares, based on how much work you still have to do. A thank you note for a present you received two weeks ago? That takes 5 minutes and was due YESTERDAY. Put it in that square. A five page paper that’s due tomorrow? That takes an hour/hours, place it appropriately. Tomorrow’s speech you just need to rehearse? Half an hour, due TOMORROW. Do the same for ALL of your tasks
  • Your priority goes like this:
    • 5 minutes due YESTERDAY
    • 5 minutes due TOMORROW
    • Half-hour due YESTERDAY
    • Half-hour due TOMORROW
    • Hours due YESTERDAY
    • Hours due TOMORROW
    • 5 minutes due LATER
    • Half-hour due LATER
    • Hours due LATER
    • DAYS due LATER
  • At this point you just go down the list in each section. If something feels especially urgent, for whatever reason - a certain professor is hounding you, you’re especially worried about that speech, whatever - you can bump that up to the top of the entire list. However, going through the list like this is what I find most efficient.
    • Some people do like to save the 5 minute tasks for kind of a break between longer-running tasks. If that’s what you want to try, go for it! You’re the one studying here.

So that’s how to prioritize. Now, how to actually do shit? That’s where the 20/10 method comes in. It’s simple: do stuff like a stuff-doing FIEND for 20 minutes, then take a ten minute break and do whatever you want. Repeat ad infinitum. It’s how I’ve gotten through my to do list, concussed and everything.

You’ve got this. Get a drink and start - we can do our stuff together!

ebonyheartnet  asked:

Muder dad, I have a not so little brother who likes murder strut (and run after small jet-powered children) in 6" heels, but he will not teach me his secrets. 😢 I am a sad bean, because I fall flat on my face if I try anything that's over 3" that isn't a wedge. How did you learn not to face plant?

practice and nazi science, my friend. i don’t recommend the nazi science route though. bad call. 

when you walk in heels, it’s tempting to put your whole foot down at once like you do with flats–or like you would with wedges. there’s a bit of a gentle roll to it, and if you have a single continuous sole, that’s okay.  but actually with heels you want to hit heel first, then toe–you should hear that two-stage click sound as the front and back of your foot impact separately. also, you want to keep your weight really poised; your spine straight but not stiff, and your weight more on your toe than your heel; your heel is going to be wobblier. think of something pulling upwards from the top of your head and between your shoulderblades.  if you can, do heeled boots–weakness in the ankle is what gets people a lot of the time, and even short boots will be more stable. 

if you want that hip sway, walk on a line like you’re on a balance beam. lions do this–they place their paws all along the same axis. stepping into the same centerline will push your hips side to side as you walk. it is indeed very murder-strut-y. 

when you run in heels, you run on tiptoe–your actual heel pretty much never contacts the ground. same with walking on grass–it’s exhausting, but you literally balance on just the balls of your feet so your stiletto doesn’t puncture the ground.  when you kick in heels, you kick stiletto first–otherwise whats even the point of wearing knife shoes. 

beauty is pain. and pain is heels. 

source: drunken shenanigans. so many drunken shenanigans. tony got science involved, and pepper provided expertise. steve is weirdly good at the can-can in heels, just for the record. 

you can’t know this many badass ladies who fight in heels and not have drunken conversations on how exactly they pull it off. they are a source of wonder and mystery, and the drunkvengers are determined to someday discover the secrets of heelfighting.

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Was Armin ever "weak"? He might've just been suffering from the "Overshadowed by Awesome" trope all that time (his classmates include titan-shifters and an Ackerman/Eastern Sea clan badass! (aka Mikasa)) I mean REALLY look at Armin!!! *drool* Abs...

Strength comes from more than just physical capabilities. Armin’s always been incredibly strong, even if he never thought so himself. 

But if we are talking purely physically, he is small for his age and didn’t have much stamina in the beginning. Compared to Eren and Mikasa and. P much everyone else in physical prowess, the Overshadowed by Awesome trope may def apply lol. 

However all things considered he did survive military boot camp for 3 years and is able to use the 3DMG pretty damn well, something which lbr probably takes a LOT of leg and core strength. There’s a reason he’s as muscular now as he is. Military training is nothing to sneeze at. Armin put in a LOT of work and determination over those 3 years to survive and get to where he is. I’m so proud of my son for that. :’)

…I think in conclusion I’m saying YES Armin was never as weak as he thought. Even in the beginning. Wake up, Eldia.

1975-2001 R.I.P.

1. Intro
2. Aaliyah ft Treach - A girl like you
3. Boot camp clik ft Aaliyah - Night riders / 9th wonder rmx
4. Aaliyah - Are you ready
5. Junior M.I.F.I.A. ft Aaliyah - I need you tonight
6. Aaliyah - Down with the clique
7. Aaliyah - Throw your hands up
8. Aaliyah - Everything’s gonna be alright
9. Missy Elliott ft Aaliyah & Da Brat - Stickin’ chickens
10. Aaliyah - If your girl only knew
11. Aaliyah - If your girl only knew rmx
12. Aaliyah ft DMX - Back in one piece
13. Nas ft Aaliyah - You wont see me tonight
14. Aaliyah - Extra smooth
15. Aaliyah - Try Again
16. Aaliyah - Rock the boat
17. Aaliyah - Giving you more
18. Aaliyah - Hot like fire
19. Aaliyah - Hot like fire rmx
20. Aaliyah - More than a woman
21. Aaliyah - Back and forth
22. Aaliyah - I’m so into you
23. Aaliyah ft Slick Rick - Got to give it up
24. Aaliyah - U got nerve
25. Timbaland ft Aaliyah & Missy Elliott - John blaze
26. Aaliyah - Beats 4 da streets
27. Timbaland & Magoo ft Aaliyah & Missy - Man undercover
28. Missy Elliott ft Aaliyah - Best friend
29. Ginuwine ft Aaliyah - Final warning
30. Timbaland & Magoo ft Missy Elliott & Aaliyah - Up jumps the boogie
31. Aaliyah - Are you that somebody
32. Aaliyah - We need a resolution
33. Aaliyah - Don’t know what to tell ya
34. Aaliyah - Read between the lines
35. Aaliyah - Are you feelin’ me
36. Aaliyah - Those were the days
37. Aaliyah - At your best rmx
38. Aaliyah ft Ginuwine - One in a million rmx
39. Aaliyah - Loose rap
40. Aaliyah - It’s whatever
41. Aaliyah ft Missy Elliott & Tweet - Where could he be
42. Aaliyah - Erica Kane
43. Aaliyah - Heartbroken
44. Aaliyah - Came to give love
45. Aaliyah - At your best
46. Aaliyah - Choosey lover
47. Aaliyah - Never comin’ back
48. Playa ft Aaliyah - One man woman
49. Aaliyah ft Rashad - Death of a playa’
50. Aaliyah - I don’t wanna
51. Aaliyah - Never no more
52. Aaliyah - One in a million
53. Aaliyah - 4 page letter
54. Aaliyah - I miss you
56. Aaliyah - My funny valentine
57. Aaliyah - Outro

Recorded LIVE in Los Angeles, CA 1.16.15
Mixed by DJ Ivy + Monte Christo

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socialmoni submitted: 

 Height: 170cm 

Weight: I never weighed myself enough to know, but I have lost over 20 kilos. 

The before photo was taken in 2012. I began my weight loss journey in 2014, but have been on and off until 2016, where i fully committed to becoming healthy. 

Diet & exercise strategy: I cut most carbs out of my diet, and only eat wheat bread once-twice a week. I have a lot of tuna salads, chicken and veggies, overnight oats, avocado protein shakes, 2-3 fruits a day. 

My workout was boot camp 3-4 times a week for 6 months, however, I get i lose focus easily, so now I go to the gym and do classes/weights. 

Tbh, my mentality is what helps me keep fit. I envision my end goal and that is what keeps me motivated. I used to hate exercising, and had the mindset of ‘I HAVE to go’ now its ‘I can’t wait to go,’ (and i really can’t). 
I follow blogs that encourage positive self-love, and I have a health board on pinterest that inspires new regimens and keeping healthy. 

It’s all about the environment you surround yourself in, the thoughts you have, and accepting it isn’t going to happen over night, but enjoying the journey anyway. 

Instagram: moniaaisabel 

Happy to answer questions :) 

Get Motivated with more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT

i met with this recruiter for the marines after school for a good hour and we went over several things like why i’d like to join, what boot camp entails (it’s 3 months, so, like, whoa– and i really didn’t feel like asking if we’d have time for social media at least at nighttime– i’d imagine we wouldn’t so everyone is focused LMAO), and so much more. some things i personally brought up that i hope to get out of joining were i would like to be finally self-sustaining, accomplish something worthwhile in my life, gain leadership skills, et cetera. i am beyond nervous, but i feel like if i go through with it, it will be very much worth it though!! i’m so, so torn right now between “3 months is a small sacrifice for what will last me a lifetime” and “i’m kinda sorta comfortable where i am, so i don’t want to do anything drastic,” but we will see!!