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A Yangarang idea I had like 6 months ago but only in these week I got the time to actually do it ;;
I’ll definitely do a redraw in the future but for now I’ll go with this version


SheaMoisture apologized for their “whitewashed” ad — but didn’t mention black women once

  • SheaMoisture needs some of their own conditioner for this dry apology.
  • The family-owned business, founded by a black family that fled Liberia for the United States, has been around since 1912 and sells hair and skincare products that are popular among black women.
  • But you couldn’t quite tell that in an ad the company released on Monday, which featured white and fair-skinned women using the product.
  • The ad was an apparent attempt to make the company’s products attractive to white consumers. Users of SheaMoisture roundly rebuked the ad, calling the company out for not featuring a single dark-skinned black woman, or a woman with tightly curled hair in the ad.
  • The company issued an apology for the ad late on Monday, but didn’t once mention the black women consumers who’ve made them a household name — and highly profitable to boot. Read more (4/25/1710 AM)

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Looking at the boots

So at this point a few people in our party have gone ahead to confront a guy and the rest of us are staying behind. After a while, our cleric named Thwack (I forget his race but it’s one of the rarer ones it’s some sort of bird race and it can’t speak it can only mimic sounds or words it has heard) wants to join the confrontation/discussion.
Cleric: I go over and stare at his boots.

Me: I check to see if his boots match the footprints we’ve seen.
DM: Okay… wait a minute. Thwack, you’ve been staring at his boots this whole time, roll me a perception check.
Thwack: 6.
DM: They are very nice boots.

*later, with another character*
Thwack: I look at his boots. *rolls perception* 4.
DM: Those are boots.

1. “Spectres” Tommy discovers the fates of his houses previous occupants when he suddenly wakes up covered in scratches.

2. “Power” One continuous 22 minute long shot of Chuckie staring blankly at you, the only music is the final note of the theme song being held for the entirety of the episode. 15 minutes in, blood begins to run down tommys head. There is no title card, or credits.

3. “In Flight” stock footage of Wasps flying to a mournful piano song interspersed with footage of a dead wasp being splattered by a large boot.

4. “Chuckie Finster” When a horde of ravenous locusts invades the Finster household, Chuckie does not survive. Chuckies family and friends spend the episode mourning him and talking about the good times they’ve had with him

5. “Chuckie Finster Overdrive” Several weeks after the gang accepts Chuckies loss, several alternate versions of Chuckie with sepArate personalities appear around the Pickles household

6. “Forever And Ever” Tommy receives a vision from Chuckie one night, telling him that he has become god, and that Tommy may serve with him at the price of Phil and Lil’s lives. Tommy spends the episode contemplating the choice. Infinite power? Or the Life of your friends?

7. “Boogie-Woogie Blues” Chuckie wants to start disco dancing, but no adults will let him! Tommy and the gang try to convince the adults the benefits of disco. Episode ends in a dance party.

8. “Dil” Dils entire birth, from his POV.

9. “No Half Measures” Reality is questioned when DiDi begins watching “Breaking Bad”, a show that would not premiere for almost two decades.

10. “Oddysey” When serving in Iraq, Stu is kept as a prisoner of war, and has to anything he can to escape. Even things that are of a questionable morality.

11.”Nature” The Pickles household learns to adapt to a new world when mutated, man-eating plants begin to overrun earth.

12. “Oddysey Pt. 2″  Stu gets in to a mess of crime, drugs, and sex when he is forced to lay low for a while in Iraq.

13. “Playing God Has Consequences” When Tommy and the gang see the corpse of a small infant on the side of a road, they attempt to reanimate him, with horrific results.

14. “Revelation” Stu reads part of The Book Of Revelation in an almost pitch-black dark cave.

15. “Limits” Friendships are tested when Lil goes missing for months.

16. “Emotion” Drew crying against a black screen for 22 minutes, there is no color but black and white and there is no music but a sad violin composition.

17. “Fire” The Pickles household becomes on edge when random fire begin to appear around the house, their worries heighten when Tommy begins staring into them, enamored.

18. “Saigon” A POV view of Tommy’s time fighting in the battle of Saigon during the Vietnam war.

stampnicole Sometimes the best place for a microphone battery pack is in your boot, which means a 4-foot cable is run up your leg and torso all the way to the mic head that’s taped to your sternum. And it feels reeeal personal when that cable gets pulled out.

I took this video about 40 minutes after #CarmillaS3 wrapped. At this point Elise had been crying- first as an actor and then as a human- for minimum 4 hours, and the cast and crew were hyper, exhausted, weepy, and loopy.

As Sean pulled the cable out of Elise’s clothing she giggled like a loon and hopped around like a pixie for a good 15 seconds before I managed to capture this little moment on video.
This is everything I like about Elise in 4 goofy seconds- here’s someone who possesses both the discipline to work herself to the point of near-collapse and yet also has the warmth to be funny and open with everyone around her despite exhaustion.

Happy birthday, Elise- you’re a good one. xo

Lookbook #4 - Back to Black

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[ x ] Jumpsuit by @alecseycool

[ x ] Shoes by @simpliciaty-cc

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[ x ] Dress by @simpliciaty-cc

  • #3

[ x ] Bodysuit by @alecseycool

[ x ] Jacket by @savage-sims

[ x ] Boots by @simpliciaty-cc

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[ x ] Dress by @hallowsims1

[ x ] Shoes by @giaxglam


[ x ] Jumpsuit by @alecseycool

[ x ] Shoes by @giaxglamshop