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Christmas Shirt for TOTS in Character and Solids Patterns by @sims4nexus

                    Day 2 of the  “12 Days of Christmas CC Event “

Photo 1: Hat  Antlers    Flower Accessory    Accessory Turtleneck

                Uggs   Fringe Boots   Skirt 1   Skirt 2 

Photo 2: Tutu  Tights 1  (will be available soon)  Tights 2 

                Socks   Beret   Sparkly Shoes  Shiny Boots

Photo 3: Antlers   Shorts  Watermelon Seed Tights   Socks  Neck Muff/Scarf

Photo 4: Antlers  ACC Turtleneck

All Shoes, Tights and Socks that are not listed above can be found HERE

****Nexie ***,yes she’s named for Sims4Nexus, Sim Tot available  Here 

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“It’s NOT okay! You keep saying that but YOU don’t know what you’re doing! Now we’re going to suffocate or starve at the bottom of the ocean and only my parents will notice because no one else cares about me!“

y’all i can’t believe i only JUST realized blake’s height chart includes her heels. so the height difference between her and yang is actually more than i thought originally and i don’t know what to do with this information 

Season 4 Fics Masterlist ( 2 )

Alive by pidgy_writes (1/1 | 2,834 | Teen And Up)

After the battle for Naxzela - back aboard the Castle of Lions - Keith has slipped into his quarters unnoticed, determined to clear his head before facing their new situation with Lotor. Still shaken up by his own recent decisions, Lance’s arrival at his door forces them both to face their own difficult feelings…

//death mention //injury mention

LDR by seven league boots (1/1 | 5,164 | Mature)

Lance and Keith navigate the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Kolivan ends up learning what makes them tick.

it was in every word somehow (and i was in return so allowed) by vivahate (1/1 | 1,698 | General)

His mind is still reeling from the recent events, and his body is still reacting to the shock of it all, to the sheer relief of having Keith back with them, safe and sound. Lance swallows hard, because it’s too hard to think of - everything he could’ve lost not so long ago, and he closes his eyes as he carefully turns to press a kiss into Keith’s hair.

The small hitch of breath he’s greeted with makes his resolve all the bolder. He is never letting this boy go ever again.

Born With Fire and Gold in our Eyes by Luddleston (1/1 | 2,574 | General)

Predictably, the first thing Lance does when Keith steps onto the Castle of Lions with the rest of the Blades, is yell at him.

meaningful by modern_mage (1/1 | 1,614 | General)

Lance learns from Matt that Keith nearly sacrificed himself to save everyone… Lance reacts as one might expect.

when you’re with me by ShatterinSeconds (1/1 | 1,006 | Teen And Up)

“Lance, I think I want to go with the Blade.”

Bigger Than The Individual by we_are_the_crystal_gays (1/1 | 1,043 | Teen And Up)

Lance finds out what almost happened before Lotor showed up. To put it simply, he isn’t happy.

- Karri

Shutting Down and Rebooting the Chakras

To begin with, let me say this isn’t literally shutting down your chakras. Shutting them down would mean dying.

However, each of our chakras run on a kind of affirmation or feeling. For example, people with type A personalities in high-powered jobs tend to have an overactive solar plexus chakra. They are full of energy and purpose but they derive it all from the job. That energy and purpose is dependent on job performance. This is why when people lose their jobs or experience unexpected career shifts, they find themselves in this terrible powerless place.

Their chakras were running on these shallow affirmations and aspirations. Because of that, their flow of energy was subject to the whim of samsara.

Booting down the chakras, therefore, means dropping your samsaric affirmations. After that, you boot up using dharmic affirmations. The difference between a samsaric affirmation and a dharmic affirmation is that a samsaric affirmation is subject to impermanence whereas a dharmic affirmation is not.

An example would be love. Some people depend on having a boyfriend or girlfriend in order to feel loving and loved. This means your heart chakra opens with this person and closes with their absence. This is why breakups can be so hard; love suddenly just vanishes. That is a samsaric affirmation of the heart.

A dharmic affirmation of the heart is to Love. The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether or not someone loves you. Because you don’t feel the love. If you are full of confusion, ignorance, and hate, no matter how much love is poured your way, it cannot touch you.

But if you are loving, if you love just to love, and open your heart to the present moment despite whatever it may contain, then that love depends on nothing. It fluctuates on nothing. Endless and powerful and rooted, this love will endure lifetimes.

The affirmations:

Shutting Down:

7: I am not uniting with a higher power.

6: I am not having special or unique thoughts.

5: I am not expressing my ego’s reactions.

4: I am not seeking love from anything else.

3: I am not executing my agenda.

2: I am not led by lust.

1: I am not consuming to justify my existence.

Booting Up:

1: I am here because the earth wants me here.

2: I am purposeful divine art.

3: I am what determines the world I live in.

4: I am love.

5: I am always a sincere expression of the moment.

6: I am honest with reality and observe without judgment.

7: I am Being.

Each number corresponds to a chakra. You start at the highest chakra, the crown, and work your way down. Then you start at the bottom and work your way up. Do this while sitting with back straight or lying down. Combine it with visuals of each chakra.

When done right, this is a solid wake up call to remember that we draw the energy of our existence from the cosmos itself and nowhere else.


100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 18

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86.      Ring of The Cold One

Ring, Legendary, Requires Attunement by a Sorcerer

A ring of flawless polished gold, with a sizeable Sapphire set in the center. When a creature attunes themselves to this ring it fuses to their skin, making it impossible to take off – a creature can only become unattuned to this ring with a “Wish” spell. When the creature wearing this ring drops below 25% HP – they transform into “The Cold One”, an ancient agent of chaos the evil of whom has been held back for centuries by the might of the Lawful Gods of the forgotten realms. This transformation turns their skin pale white – and their hair a shining silver granting the creature +4 to their Charisma. A freezing aura surrounds the creature – dealing 4d6 cold damage to all creatures within 10 feet at the beginning of their turns. Additionally, granting the creature a base AC of 10+DEX+CHA The creature also gains the ability to add their Charisma modifier to any melee, ranged, ranged spell, melee spell attack and damage or Save DC. (If modifier is already included in the attack, add modifier again). Every round when “The Cold One” starts their turn, a spell slot of the lowest available level is used up – when the creature uses up all available spell slots they become unconscious – the spirit leaving their body. The creature is stricken with 5 stacks of exhaustion, with no memories of what they did when they turned. “The Cold One” cannot take over them again for another 7 days.

87.      Sundering Gloves

Wondrous Item (Gloves), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

Gloves made of scaled flexible metal, the palms and fingers are lined with intricate spiking, that interlock like shark’s teeth when the fist is closed. When this creature grapples another creature, the spikes dig into them, limiting mobility and causing minor discomfort. The target takes a -2 penalty to AC while being grappled, and any roll to attempt to break the grapple also takes a -2 penalty.

88.      The Trapper

Weapon (Bola), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

Two small ball weights connected by a length of rope. A creature can spend an action winding up the bola – if the creature is interrupted they must make a Concentration saving throw similar to how you would for a concentration spell. After winding up for an action, the creature can then use their next action to throw the bola. The bola travels through the air with magical energy, seeking to wrap around the ankles of any creature the thrower can see – moving at 120 feet per turn. When the bola reaches its target, the creature must pass a DC18 dexterity saving throw. On a fail the creature is knocked prone and the bola begins dragging the target in the direction of the attuned player. The creature is dragged 60 feet per turn, at the beginning of the targets turn, they can attempt to make the saving throw again to untie the bola from their ankles.

89.      Instigator Boots

Wondrous Item (Boots), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

Steel-toed boots of rough worn brown leather. The creature attuned to these boots gains 1d4+1 charges after finishing a long rest. Always the first to start a fight, the creature may expend a single charge (before rolling initiative) to add 1d8 to their initiative roll.

90.      Hawk-Beak Sickle

Weapon (Sickle), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

A slightly oversized sickle that deals 1d6 magical damage, it’s blade is hooked to a vicious curved point resembling the beak of a hawk - it also gains a +1 bonus to all attack and damage rolls. After completing a long rest the sickle gains 1d6+1 charges. The player attuned to this sickle may expend 1 charge to do one of the following

  • The sickles pole extends 5ft, granting it reach for 1 minute.
  • The player may attempt to knock an enemy prone by hooking one of their legs – gaining a +2 to their athletics check.
  • The player can attempt to lock it’s target in a grapple with the blade of the sickle, making a grapple attempt as normal – if the grapple is successful, the targeted creature has disadvantage on any attempts to break the grapple and takes 1d6 slashing damage after every failed attempt to break the grapple.