ATTENTION POC: I don’t know if everyone knows about this (maybe I’m late as hell [as usual lol]) but there’s a makeup company called black|Up Cosmetics who makes products (like lippies, foundation skincare, brushes; the whole nine) specifically for ethnic skin (like, non-white, not trying to be rude but….). Currently my only issue is that they don’t take PayPal and their products are on the pricier side

These are my peers: young people who make new values, and live them in contradiction to everything that says they shouldn’t be able to. Every time I want to fall over and crawl through the desert of my exhaustion, one of them picks me up, dusts me off, and inspires me to keep on keepin’ on. The smartest people I know: also the bravest. Being an adult in 2013 has few obvious external waypoints–it’s instead marked by an attitude, a persistence  a resourcefulness, and above all, the courage to live in uncertainty. It’s a pretty great time to be alive.

– ernie piper

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Herbivore Fursona Survey

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Dogsoul noticed quite a bit of vocal and physical bullying from people with carnivore fursonas toward people with herbivore fursonas and created a survey to see exactly how common these rude acts are. If your fursona is of a traditionally herbivore species (deer, horse, goat, rabbit, etc) then you can help give some insight on exactly how common this problem is

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I literally want to say ily but I don't want to come off creepy but like I don't like you in a attraction way sort of thing like you're cool and appreciate your existence. okay bye

thank u and tbh ily for sayin it. im cute and smart and funny and thank u for boostin me ego

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helicopters are the best

The redhead gave a devilish smirk at the question, his lips curving around the usual cigarette that was perched in the corner of his mouth.  

“Yeah,” the Turk drawled out, his words slow and lazy as he plucked the smoldering tobacco from its resting place to ash it.  “Whirly Birds are pretty damn cool, I gotta admit but…” The mans smirk turned mischievous and a notion of danger flared up behind his glowing aquamarine eyes, sparking them to life.  “…nothin’ beats da thrill a boostin’ a car, yo.  Maybe its jus’ nostalgia talkin’, but there’s somethin’ ‘bout da fast speeds, da risk a gettin’ caught, da adrenaline pumpin’ through yur veins, knowin’ that one false move, one small twitch, could end it all.  I mean… yeah sure, same applies fur pilotin’ a helicopter too, but it’s a different sorta risk an’ freedom, ya know?”  

The redhead shrugged, leaning back in his bar booth, making himself comfortable once more as he took a long, drawn out drag from his cigarette before going to place it back between his teeth, the filter already mangled.   “Like I said… pro’lly jus’ nostalgia, yo.”