booster oh my god

Beaucephalis - Dragon Booster

Oh my god, it’s finally done. I’m pretty sure it’s been close to a year since I started this. It’s been mad complicated and things seemed to get in the way - not to mention breaks in focus and drive! But I finally did it, thanks to patient spurring from the commissioner. I’ve got another one lined up right behind it - but it seems the other color scheme will be easier to do.

@patrickat replied to your photoset: “Justice League Action – Booster Gold plushes made for Jim Krieg…”

OH MY GOD you got a shoutout with a pic.

Not quite as big a deal as you might think as my standard ask when shipping a plush to anyone is that they email or tweet me once they have it in hand so I know it arrived safely, and if they’re willing to, snap a photo of or with the plush.

It’s mostly about peace of mind for me since I spend so many hours making them, but I also really like to see smiling faces with the finished work.

BUT STILL It is super kind of them to indulge that request.