One new release. I told myself I’d take a study break to read ONE new release. And what do I get? DC taking my fave out of limbo and making him relive the worst thing that ever happened to him again. 

Moral of the story: don’t take study breaks, kids.

(Injustice 2 #9)

theladyragnell  asked:

I'm sorry your ship is tragic right now! If I were canon-familiar I would try to cheer you up with fluff. At least since it's comics there's a chance he'll come back?

This is the sweetest ask in the world and - please forgive me - I laughed until I cried when I read it, because I have been crying about Ted Kord’s death for twelve years. In fact, the ship is kind of the least tragic it’s been since 2005.

Very short version:

  • 1987: Ted and Booster meet and become instant BFFs.
  • 2005: DC kills Ted off. Booster spends the next six years crying and trying to remake the universe (he’s a time traveller) in order to bring Ted back.
  • 2011: DC reboots their universe and erases (among many other things) the entire history of this friendship. Booster is still a superhero but Ted’s successor Jaime is the only Blue Beetle and Ted is just glimpsed in a passing cameo.
  • 2016: DC launches their Rebirth initiative and retcons Ted’s history again as an older, retired hero training new hero Jaime (it’s VERY cute). Ted and Booster still don’t know each other (and Booster hasn’t been seen in the main universe since 2015 anyway).

Anyway, this is all very exciting! No one is dead and Ted and Jaime actually get to interact! (In the original continuity, Ted died before Jaime debuted.) There’s still a possibility for Ted and Booster to become ~totally platonic~ best friends!

It me. (It Jaime’s little sister, actually. But also me.)

Anyway, the tragic scans I’ve been posting are all from Injustice 2, which is a tie-in comic to a video game that I’ve been completely ignoring except MY BOYS. So it’s not the “real” Ted and Booster but it’s still gut-wrenching, and also the furthest they’ve pushed that platonic boundary so far? And this is a ship that includes naked hugging, comparisons to jilted lovers, and Booster explicitly saying he’s after Ted’s heart.

But yeah, DC loves to give us tragic alternate versions of these two. See also:

  • They revealed that the original universe Booster Gold, dying from some kind of degenerative time cancer, went back in time to find Ted and speak with him one last time before…dying and ascending to become basically a time elemental? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold gave us not just an episode where Jaime learns of Ted’s tragic death, but another one where Booster goes back in time to hang out with Ted before said tragic death because he misses him so much.
  • Young Justice also has Jaime which means it needs a tragically dead Ted, though there’s no Booster to weep over him there.
  • We don’t know about the DCW yet but they keep namedropping Ted and Booster has to exist because he’s Rip Hunter’s father, so. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Anyway these are (some of) my Boostle feels, sorry, you didn’t ask for any of that, I’M VERY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW.

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