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Hey guys!!

So yep! I’m moving out of my parents house and it’s about time! I’ve been dying to do this for years, but I never could save up the money nor could I as an 18 year old with a part time job afford to do. But me and two friends have decided that we are sick of our abusive parents and that we need to get out, and quick.

All three of us have jobs, but they are all part time jobs being that we all have classes, which means we only make about $200 every two weeks. And while that’s enough to rent a place we fall a little short on the down payment plus pet deposit ( one dog and a snake ). So I’m here to ask out of the kindness of your hearts to commission me.

I can do anything from sketches to paintings to digital art. Prices vary depending on the complexity of what your wanting and the character.

But I do understand that not everyone can afford to commission me so if you can’t please please reblog this. 

and if you can and are wanting to commission me please contact me through Tumblrs messenger or through asks.


Water colour paintings

Digital paintings

please please please reblog this post for me 


let me ask you something,

do you think you would float around in a dream too?

do you think i’m nervous because this is my first love?

I think you are the answer to all of my questions.

[ a surprise present for lovely rina, renders by the kind & talented jaymee ] / ©


A slightly better looking gameplay footage (just closer to the screen).

I’m loving the visuals!


Just boosted my colour with Maria Nila’s colour refresh hair treatment, so you can have a few selfies. You can’t really see it but my hair is very bright irl and it’s sort of gone pinkish where I had blonde before. I managed to have dinner today (go me) after having a really bad couple of days intake/recovery wise. Got work tomorrow which I really don’t want to go to but oh well that’s life. Think I’ll have a green tea then head for bed 👍🏼


Good Morning from Scotland 

The Bothy by Neil Barr
Via Flickr:
The little Ptarmigan Bothy above Kenmore at sunrise. No colour filters (don’t own any - sorry, had to add that), but will admit the supposedly neutral grad boosted the colour in the sky a little and I’ve left it like that.


Hello team Twin!
Do you want a setlist from the lovely Twin Atlantic… And OH MY… Do you want it signed by Mr Sam Mctrusty??!?

Well of course you do!!

How do you enter this free give away?

Follow me.
Reblog this post.
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Reblog again- why not?
I will post world wide- I will pay for the postage so it’s 100% free.

Please note if you win you will have to be comfortable to private mail me your address. (Don’t worry I won’t turn up at your door singing ‘yes I was drunk’ hand delivering the setlist in my best drunk singing voice)
The setlist is a little rumpled but that’s just how I got it, honest.

I’ll keep this up for a month and then choose my winner from a hat.

Happy TA giveaway guys!!!


Trailers are fascinating things, and when they’re early enough they have a habit of revealing certain creative choices and material that are nowhere to be found in the final cut. 

The example above compares the same scene as presented in the first trailer from December 2013 and the final film from February 2015. Both screencaps have been colour boosted to bring out the colours and details, which are - in some respects -strikingly different. The most noticeable differences are:

1. The strands of shimmering DNA seemingly suspended in the pillars. Similar swirly shapes are still embedded in the pillars in the final render, but they’re less overtly reminiscent of DNA and are easier to miss.

2. The red/purple aesthetic, which is strikingly different to the golden glow of the room in the final film.

I actually prefer the colour palette in the top screencap here, mainly because it’s more distinctive and creates a trippier vibe. I also love the conceit of Balem’s domain literally being propped up by DNA - it’s perfect and absolutely in-keeping with his character.


Finally a pretty page! Final commission page!

PRICES (if the handwriting is hard to read)

Sketch- 5$
Line- 10$
Flat colour- 15$   (Full 17$)

Sketch- 15$
Line- 20$
Flat 25$    (Full 27$)


I do everything BUT;
Porn, furries, animals, nature.
         If you can’t commission, please reblog! spread the word! Or, if you’re feeling generous, a donation would help me very much. 

Thank you.


a.k.a the times when the guys sell the cons with arse slaps and the girls get back at them.

Selfie Submissions Please!!

Hey guys I’m starting a new illustration series focusing specifically on women of colour and I’d really like to use the amazing women of tumblr as my muses. I usually draw inspiration from fashion editorials but it suddenly dawned on me how ridiculous it is that I don’t draw women that look like me!
If you’d like to be part of the series please either like this post or reblog with a link to your selfies or instagram.
You can view some of my illustrations on my instagram @dorcascreates to get an idea of my drawing style.
Even if you don’t want to be involved please reblog so that this post can circulate. I’m aiming to complete as many illustrations as possible hopefully over 100 so any support/submission is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks :)

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