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Emergency donations

So my girlfriends car keeps breaking down. It’s both of our only way to get around. We have no other vehicles and live in an area where you need to have a car in order to get anything done. We don’t know how much the repair is going to cost (because nowhere is open) but considering that the engine is just completely stopping in the middle of driving, we figure that we should prepare and probably start asking for donations asap, as we do not have any money to get it fixed. Her paypal is

I will update when I know the actual price of the repair. Thanks everyone.

In fear of my family finding my gofundme I decided in sticking to the traditional method of asking for help through here and using paypal. 
My mental health is deteriorating, I’m struggling with eating, sleeping, socializing. Due to my injury I got at work, my job hasn’t let me back to work and it’s causing me to struggle with my bills. My family is absolutely no help, they control my every move and spend all day emotionally abusing me(telling me I am worthless, a waste, threatens to throw me out when I try to argue, etc) and I can admit to attempting to kill myself recently due to everything piling up. I need to pay off my bills and get out of my house before I ruin myself even more. I’ve tried surveys online, I applied for a loan, I keep trying to get back to work despite the pain my shoulder and neck is in constantly. Nothing is working. I’ve honestly never felt lower tbh. 
My paypal is
Anything you guys can do to help would be great, even if it’s just spreading the word. 



im falling short on money to pay for rent in canada. im not allowed to work in there atm, so rely entirely on my savings + art to pay for my necessities. my family does not support my choice to go to canada, so i’m paying for everything. i need to make about $500 more for me to stay secure my first month (meaning not having to switch between hostel + sleeping in car)

so!! ill be doing commissions + specials + etc etc to help me stay afloat!!

these headshot types are $8 each! 
if you want to make it NSFW, it’s $16 each!

please PM me if interested!!