boost your self esteem

take care of yourself today and every day :)


1. Wake up earlier. Not only does this improve productivity but it also gives you more time to make a good, hearty breakfast.

2. Make your bed. Let’s be real, being welcomed to a tidy bed after a long day at work/school (or a long day in general) is probably the best feeling anyone will ever experience.

3. If you want, spend a little more time on your appearance. Take some time choosing an outfit, applying make up or whatever. Do what helps you boost your confidence and self-esteem.

4. Stay hydrated, folks. Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

5. Stretch everyday or start yoga (or do both, why not?)

6. Create a playlist consisting of songs that make you happy and listen to it. Listen to songs for the mood you want to be in, instead of the mood you are in.

7. Compliment at least one person per day. This could be an acquaintance, co-worker, class mate, stranger, whoever!

8. Use your manners. If someone holds the door for you, lets you go first etc, they did it voluntarily and didn’t have to do it, so a “thank you” wouldn’t hurt.

9. Eat your fruit and vegetables and always choose the healthy version over the junk food.

10. Have a good laugh. Catch up with friends, watch some ‘Parks and Recreation’, go see some stand-up comedy, reminisce about funny moments that have happened to you. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that humour has many benefits.

11. Be optimistic. Always look at the positives. There’s no point on focusing on the negatives because that isn’t going to help anyones mood at all.

12. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything to intense. A run around the block, a walk with your dog or even a 'Just Dance’ session will do the job. 

13.Bring a book/magazine or collect the daily newspaper with you. Spend you spare time reading.

14. Try and learn something new everyday. This can either be an interesting fact you saw online or a new skill someone taught you.

15. Help others when you are able to. Help your classmates with school work or offer to help you struggling neighbour lift those heavy objects.

16. Stop procrastinating. No matter how unmotivated you are to, push yourself and complete what you need to complete. Do what you gotta do. You know you’ll love yourself for doing it.

17. Drink some tea, because that stuff is goooooood (and also beneficial).

18.Make time to do things that help you relax, whether that’s painting, having baths, doing you nails or going for a run.

19. Don’t dwell on your mistakes, but instead grow and learn from them.

20. And lastly, be kind to yourself. If you love who you are, everyone else will

How to Build Emotional Resilience

1. Talk to someone: Sharing how we feel helps to reduce the inner tension (but make sure it is someone who cares about your feelings).

2. Work on improving your self-esteem: Self-esteem is the way you see and feel about yourself … and there are lots of lots of things that undermine our self esteem. For example, experiencing a break up, putting on unwanted weight, doing badly on a test or being excluded by our friends. It’s important that we keep on working on our self-esteem by treating ourselves well and noticing when we succeed (instead of noticing the negatives).

3. Manage your stress levels: If we’re always feelings stressed then it’s hard to cope with life. We tend to over react and have a negative mind set … which drains us of our energy and saps our will to fight. So take a look at your lifestyle and see what you can drop. You may be doing too much, and don’t have time to relax.

4. Make the time and effort to enjoy yourself: Doing things that we enjoy helps to improve the way we feel. So build in little things like having coffee with a friend, or going to a game, or taking time to watch some sports.

5. Choose a healthy life style: Pay attention to your diet and how much you exercise; try to limit alcohol, and don’t deprive yourself of sleep.

6. Develop good relationships: Do your friends make you happy? Do you enjoy their company? Are they kind of people with your best interests at heart? Do they treat you with respect and help to boost your self-esteem? If not, then work on finding new relationships!

FRIENDLY REMINDER: You are allowed to feel proud of yourself for things that might seem silly to other people, like getting better at a video game or putting together a nice outfit for the next morning or finishing a book. You deserve to feel proud for your accomplishment.

How to attract the signs
  • Aries: smile, be direct, make them laugh, be confident, voice your opinions, give them space
  • Taurus: be trustworthy and loyal, slow and steady, learn their likes/dislikes, touch them, invite them out
  • Gemini: flirt, joke around, be exciting, be kind of dominating, keep the conversation going
  • Cancer: Reassure them in times of need, be kind and caring, talk about family, ask for help, be their friend first
  • Leo: flatter them, show affection, give them full attention, compliment them, emotionally support them
  • Virgo: don't be fake, ask for help, run errands together, start conversations, be patient
  • Libra: win over their friends, give them freedom, look good, be funny/dorky, take them somewhere
  • Scorpio: be mysterious, know what you want, tell them about yourself, be honest and loyal
  • Sagittarius: flirt, joke around, have a carefree attitude, be adventurous, give them space, suggest new things
  • Capricorn: be hardworking and ambitious, make them laugh, be friends first, take your time, show respect
  • Aquarius: debate with them, give them freedom, surprise them, become friends first, be yourself
  • Pisces: be romantic, talk about your dreams, boost their self esteem, be sensitive about their needs
Witchy Ways to Care for Yourself

Witchcraft does not, in any way, replace the medication, the therapy, or the doctors that you may need. Get proper care if you have any health problems!

Witchy things you can do to provide yourself with peace and spiritual care:

  • Cleanse and clean your space regularly.
  • Ground
  • Meditate
  • Sit down to reflect and think
  • Offer gratitude to any spirits, deities, elements, etc. that you work with.
  • Spend time in nature
  • Get some sleep to let yourself recharge and rest
  • Think positive thoughts as much as possible
  • Create a sigil that has a “healing”  “self care”  “positive thinking” meaning to scatter around you.
  • Create a positive chant to say to yourself when you need some positivity.
  • Create your own tea blend to calm and offer you comfort.
  • Get a plant that you connect with. Whenever you are feeling down care for it, whether you are watering it, fertilizing it, singing to it, or reciting poetry to it. Name it. Provide it with the happiness that you are lacking.  
  • Provide yourself with a playlist or soundtrack to play when you need to calm down and unwind.
  • Create your own daily rituals to help keep you grounded. 
  • Drink a cup of tea.
  • Send thanks and say good morning to the sun when you wake up and wish the moon goodnight before you fall asleep.  
  • Garden
  • Carry rose quartz, citrine, and tigers eye with you to boost your self esteem and self confidence. 
  • Take a moment to BREATH
  • Journal
  • Carry a crystal that you take favor to and feel familiar with.
  • Turn off all the electronics in your room. Lights, cellphone, laptop,ect. Light some candles and write in your grimoire or read a book.
  • Create a self care jar and add herbs and crystals with self-care type correspondences. Leave it somewhere that you can see it. Charge it with good intentions so whenever you look at it, it brings you a small bit of happiness. 
  • Look up at the stars.
  • Talk to the moon.
  • Take a long bath and add lavender to calm yourself. Maybe light some candles as well.
  • Connect and spend time with your tarot deck, familiar, magick tools, etc.
  • Make something magickal whether you cook or craft it. But let it come from the heart.
  • Do some yoga.
  • Exercise
  • Cloud watch

Do not forget to take your prescribed medication, it was prescribed to you for a reason.

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

What house is your Uranus in? Uranus can represent freedom in the house it occupies. It also can show where brilliance could be and how you could use that to help people but there can’t be any expectations. As Uranus can also turn things upside down. Never a dull moment in the house Uranus resides.

🌟"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” 🌟F.N

Uranus in the 1st House~ Behavioral freedom. Do what you want and when you want to do it. You must resist the expectations of people within just about any given situation. This also means that you must have zero expectations when it comes to life itself. Just live and let live. Experiment and see what happens. Your role in life is of the livewire, capable of doing anything and at anytime.

Uranus in the 2nd House~ Financial freedom. Make your own money in the way you want to make it. Do not give into pressures to try and hold down a predictable way of making income. Find experimental, unique ways to earn money and also stay detached from a boring obsession with the material. This attitude will manifest a greater cash flow in your life, boosting your overall pleasure and self-esteem.

Uranus in the 3rd House~ Intellectual freedom. You are truly being pushed to think for yourself and in an unusual manner. Your mind can feel like it’s undergoing an endless brainstorm, filling you with all sorts of exciting ideas. Share these ideas openly with others, even if they think they’re weird, shocking, or unacceptable. Be that independent thinker; the kind of conversationalist who electrifies others.

Uranus in the 4th House~ Private freedom. You are only going to feel safe and supported when your personal space is turned upside down. Home is not home for you unless things are quite eccentric and crazy. But, there is a very comfortable rhythm to this madness and you thrive on it, even if it unnerves your loved ones. Behind closed doors, you are a maverick and often feel like the odd one out in your family.

Uranus in the 5th House~ Creative freedom. When you live in the moment, you completely throw the rule book out the window. Your creative energy is quite rebellious and unconventional. You possess a detached sort of passion that can stand back and coolly observe the drama of life unfold, all while still getting heatedly involved. You’re very hot-and-cold in matters of the heart, needing a lot of loving space.

Uranus in the 6th House~ Constructive freedom. You want to get things done in your own unusual way, experimenting with various routines. There is a method to your madness or a madness to your method, which can confuse others. You may seem to “wing it” even when you’re really calculated or vice versa. You will rebel against others’ advice unless it’s truly practical and has been tested as being so by you.

Uranus in the 7th House~ Relational freedom. In your personal connections with other people, you do not want to be controlled or suffocated. You are looking for a real give-and-take of independence and tolerance in love and friendship. You make for a rather eccentric companion and are attracted to eccentric companions. The approval of others in terms of your friends and lovers means nothing to you.

Uranus in the 8th House~ Profound freedom. When you go deep with someone or with yourself, you do not judge whatever is exposed. This makes you very tolerant when being intimate or introspective. But, you might sometimes thrive on the chaos of the darkness. You may remain detached and nonchalant about your emotional issues. But, you are also brilliantly capable of being your own therapist.

Uranus in the 9th House~ Philosophical freedom. You must develop a moral compass that is not reliant on anyone else’s issues. You can rebel against the convictions of others by insisting on your own. It’s liberating and inspiring for you to not have to follow a typical path in life. You are on your own unpredictable journey, so you must become this explorer who welcomes the weirdness around the corner.

Uranus in the 10th House~ Professional freedom. It is your mission to make a living and a calling out of being a free spirit. You have to pursue the goals in life that you really think are worthwhile, instead of surrendering to society’s expectations, building your reputation as a nonconformist. Career success will be highly unexpected, in its coming and going. Your ideal profession feels like an endless experiment.

Uranus in the 11th House~ Universal freedom. You are not just freeing yourself but freeing everyone around you. By releasing all expectations, you’re not only welcoming the random, unusual elements of life your way but giving others free reign to be individuals. This makes you a full-on individual in all of your quirkiness. Yet, you are an excellent collaborator, with a very progressive, brilliant view of the big picture.

Uranus in the 12th House~ Spiritual freedom. You must detach from conventional expectations of humanity and the Higher Power, understanding how weird we all can be and how unpredictable the Universe is. Your own eccentricities work in mysterious ways, through a genius insight into alternative forms of spirituality, wild and erratic fantasies/dreams, and/or artistic talents that are from another planet.

by: Wayman Stewart

How to attract the MBTI types:

ISTJ: Be trustworthy and loyal, avoid lies at all cost, slow and steady, learn their likes/dislikes, invite them out.

ISFJ: Reassure them in times of need, be kind and caring, talk about family, ask for help, be their friend first, be warm and caring, give them time.

ESTJ: Be hardworking, know what you want, tell them about yourself, be honest and loyal.

ISTP: Flirt, joke around, have a carefree attitude, be adventurous, give them space, suggest new things, be careful of talking about commitment, avoid being clingy.

ENFJ: Make yourself noticed, be ambitious, make them laugh, be friends first, take your time, show respect.

INTJ: Become friends first, be yourself, start conversations, be patient, don’t rely on them to confess their feelings, do it yourself.

ENTP: Debate with them, voice your opinions but not without backing them up, give them freedom, surprise them.

ENFP: Be romantic, be mysterious, talk about your dreams, boost their self esteem, be sensitive about their needs.

INTP: Show off your intellectual side, be direct, make them laugh, be confident, Give them space.

ESTP: Take them out on adventures, do something new every time you meet, don’t talk about commitments early, don’t be afraid of getting phycial.

ESFJ: Win over their freinds, look good, take them somewhere, talk about stability and family.

ISFP: Be funny/doorky, support them, compliment them, give them freedom, acknowledge their creative works.

INFP: Listen to them, read their favorite book, open up yourself, show them that they’re special to you, give them emotional support and feedback, don’t be afraid of being intense.

INFJ: Be deep, try to open them up bit by bit while at the same time respecting their walls, show interest in their interests, listen to them.

ENTJ: Don’t be emotionally clingy, be independent, don’t be fake, run errands together.

ESFP: Flirt, joke around, be exciting and interesting, touch them.

One of the most beautiful parts of life is that everyone is different. Beauty comes in so many different shapes and sizes :))

Jealousy’s A Bitch

Pairing: Klaus x Damon x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1987

Today you’re supposed to meet up with your friend, Bonnie at The Grill. You arrived there before she did, so you decided to sit at the bar. Sadly, after 20 minutes of waiting, she texts you saying:

‘Sorry, Y/N. Something came up with Jeremy. I’ll make it up to you.’

You sighed after the reading the text because you were looking forward to hanging out with Bonnie since you haven’t seen her in weeks. “I’m already here, I might as well have a drink or two.” You thought to yourself.

“I got this round. Get me the usual.” Damon demands to the bartender, sitting at the stool to your right.

“Thanks, Damon.” You smiled at Damon.

“Yup.” He popped his lips. “So what brings you here, being a loner and all?”

“Bonnie bailed on me.” You replied.

“Witches.” Damon rolled his eyes, then picked up his drink to cheers with you. You couldn’t lie though, Damon is very attractive with that crisp jaw line and gorgeous blue eyes, but, as your hybrid friend, Klaus once said, he’s an ‘arse’.

From the corner of your eye, you see Klaus and Kol enter The Grill. He saw you from afar and decided to give you a wave. 

Oh, Niklaus Mikaelson. Something about him intrigued you. You couldn’t lie to yourself that overtime, you grew some sort of feelings for this hybrid of a man. The Mikaelson’s mansion was a place you visited regularly to hang out with one of your best friends, Rebekah. Weirdly, whenever Klaus was home, it made you happy. Sometimes, he even made you nervous. Although he is a “bad boy” to most, he was always kind to you.

Instead of sitting at a table or walking towards the bar, Klaus and Kol went straight to the pool table. It bummed you out a little because you’d rather be hanging out with them instead of Damon. You didn’t want to seem desperate by going up to them, so you just stayed where you were.

20 minutes later…

The past 20 minutes consisted of drinking two more rounds with Damon. By this time, you were already feeling a bit tipsy. Every couple of minutes, your eyes would wander to see what Klaus was up to.

Damon received a call on his phone from Alaric, so he excused himself to the bathroom to take the call. Again, you couldn’t resist so you looked again to see was Klaus was doing. It was perfect timing (sarcastically) because some random girl comes up to him to talk. From your view, she sat up on the edge of the pool table chatting with Klaus, while he stood about 2 feet away, grinning at her. It did make you quite jealous because you wanted to be in her spot right now. Being the human that you are, you wished you had vampire hearing so that you could hear what they were talking about.

Damon returns which gave you the idea to boost your self esteem a little. Yes, it’s wrong to use people, but this is Damon we’re talking about here. No harm done.

“So, where were we?” He sat down in his original spot, smirking while raising a brow. In response, you started twirling a piece of hair with your finger. The alcohol was already getting to the both of you, so everything was somewhat a blur right now. “Oh yeah. That pretty little number you’re wearing is very…tempting.” Damon gave you the elevator look.

“Oh is it?” With your elbow leaning on the counter top, you rested your chin on your hand, slowly inching yourself closer to Damon. Damon notices so he scoots over closer to you, then starts slowly rubbing his hand on your thigh.

One more round later and you found Damon holding your hand to guide you to his car. You failed to walk with balance, but you didn’t care because you were drunk. What you didn’t realize is that Klaus noticed you leave The Grill with Damon, with knowledge of what that is going to lead to.


Luckily for you, you still had your morals. Although it was tempting at first, you didn’t let the alcohol get to your head by sleeping with Damon. So instead, you had a bright idea to have some fun by blasting music while dancing around the living room with Damon. He respected your change of plan and was up for whatever you wanted to do.

Sadly, it wasn’t long until your fun ended because it awoke Stephen which led to him shutting down your two person party. Damon turned off the music, then you both made your way to his bedroom, taking two glasses and a decanter filled with liquor with you.

“No sex alright?” You chuckled, setting the glasses and decanter on the nightstand. After that, you removed a few articles of clothing, leaving your shirt, bra and panties on.

“Fine by me. Go ahead and get your cuddle on.” Damon removed his shirt and pants, then covered the lower half of his body with his blanket.

You sat up on the bed, then reached over to pour yourself a glass of liquor.

The next couple of hours led to the both of you talking about your life, his vampire life. Still being a little drunk, you even brought up your little crush on Klaus. If you were sober, you wouldn’t have.

“Klaus?” Damon looked at you confused. “That dude’s a murdering maniac.”

You rolled your eyes at Damon. “And you are?” I mean you had a point. Damon isn’t an angel and neither is Stefan. Stefan had his ‘Ripper’ phase.

“Touche.” Damon scowled, then got up to point at the empty glass and decanter on the nightstand for you to hand to him. After he filled ¼ of his glass, he raised his glass to cheers with you. “A toast.”

“For?” You questioned.

“A fun, sex-less night.” He chugged his glass. You let out a laugh as a response before chugging yours. “You know. You’re not too shabby. Tonight was fun.” Damon added on.


After about an hour of non stop chit chatting, you fell asleep in Damon’s bed. The following morning, Damon was still asleep, so you put on the rest of your clothes and your shoes, then headed home to freshen up and make yourself brunch.

The food you cooked left you satisfied, so you spent the next couple of hours watching Netflix. Eventually, you got bored so you texted Rebekah to let her know that you’re stopping by to hang out. 

You got inside your car and still no word from Rebekah, but you oh well, you had your own key copy to The Mikaelson’s mansion, so you headed there anyways.

16 minutes later you arrived, parking your car on the large driveway. Before entering the home, your phone vibrated, so you pulled it out of your purse to see a text from Rebekah:

‘I’m on my way home from the store. I’ll be there soon.’

Entering the home it was silent and the first person you saw was Klaus resting on the couch drawing. He didn’t look up to say hi to you at all. You figured he was just too caught up in his drawing that he wasn’t aware of his surroundings, so you made your presence known saying, “Hi Nik.” 

Nothing. Not a word came out of his mouth. It was obvious by now that he was giving you the cold shoulder, so you tried again to get a peep out of him by walking up closer to him, waving your hand in front of you at your eyes’ view. “Hello?”

“Oh hey.” Niklaus replied sternly. But still, he didn’t look up to make eye contact with you, he just kept his eyes at his drawings.

You put your hands on your hips, looking at him in confusion. “Okay seriously, whats going on. Are you mad at me?” After knowing Klaus for months now, you already knew that whenever he is drawing or painting, he doesn’t act this standoffish, he’s normally more talkative with you.

Klaus took a deep breath in, then stood up, leaving his drawing on the couch. By the looks of it, he looked like he was ready to snap at you, but instead he put his bad temper aside, leaving a sly grin on his face. “Well. I’m not mad, love.” You sighed in relief to his response, then he added, “but I am disappointed in you just a tad.”

You crossed your arms in front of your chest. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh. Well. I don’t know. Maybe going home with Damon doing god knows what.” 

“Wait what?” You glared. “First of all, I didn’t even sleep with Damon. And second of all, why does it matter if I go home with another man?”

Klaus didn’t respond. Instead, he glanced up at the ceiling then looked back at you. It irritated you, so you decided to add on, “And you shouldn’t be the one to talk. You were also having the time of your life with that brunette last night.” You’re right though. How come Klaus is all of a sudden making it his business? You were wondering what he was up to with this.

“I wasn’t, actually. I was just being a nice lad to the girl.” Klaus walked up closer to you. “And I might even hate myself for saying this.”

“Okay, now you’re confusing me.” You tilted your head, putting your hands back at your hips.

“I don’t know how and I don’t know what it is about you, love.” Klaus lowered his voice, making it sound crisp and soothing. Then, he walked up even closer with his face being just inches away from yours. You didn’t know where he was going with this, so you just stood there speechless, giving him the spotlight. “To my surprise and to yours, I’ve grown quite fond of you, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened and butterflies started making their way into your stomach. “You what?” Is he saying what you think he’s saying?

Niklaus wrapped his hands around your upper arms, then continued with his little speech, “If your feelings don’t match mine, that’s alright, love. I know that it’s hard for a fine lady like yourself to have mutual feelings for a monster like me. But I had the need to tell you.” You can see the sadness in his eyes after saying his part. He let go of the weight of his hands around your arms and let it fall, then he quickly looked away then looked back at you once he heard a peep out of your mouth. 

“You know what?” You said, softening your tone of voice to express your feelings.

“What?” Klaus asked.

You rested both of your hands on Klaus’s chest, then made direct eye contact with him. “You don’t understand how long I’ve felt this way. I was too afraid to tell you because I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same. I didn’t want to ruin the friendship we already had.” It felt as if a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, and to your relief, you were overjoyed that Klaus feels the same way about you.

“Well that’s just peachy then, sweetheart.” Klaus smiled, then grabbed both of your hands to slowly kiss at them both, making you blush.

The timing was hilariously perfect because in walks in Rebekah from the front door, struggling with her shopping bags, looking confused as ever seeing you and Klaus standing way too close to each other. You and Klaus just froze. To the both of you, it felt like you guys got caught making out in front of your parents or something. 

Rebekah instantly sensed that something was going on, so she stopped what she was doing and asked, “What are you two doing?” 

Sleeping with Seventeen



> Different order 


In general:

  • is shy but doesn’t let it stop him
  • loves receiving neck and chest kisses
  • loves giving chest and belly kisses
  • doesn’t mean to be rough but it can happen
  • prefers to be dominant but doesn’t mind switching every now and then
  • loves to get reactions out of you
  • prefers making love rather than having a rough fuck because it means more to him
  • can be kinky depending on your mood and his own

Giving oral:

  • loves to eat you out
  • could literally eat you out for hours
  • he loves your moans and hair tugs
  • likes to use his fingers as well
  • doesn’t like 69 becase he prefers to focus on your pleasure and not his own
  • pays a lot of attention to your clit
  • boosts his confidence and self esteem when you orgasm

Receiving oral:

  • would never physically ask for a blow job
  • secretly loves when you suck him off
  • soft whimpers of pleasure
  • unintentionally thrusts into your mouth and feels bad afterwards
  • likes to hold your hair back 
  • likes to be sitting down when getting head
  • doesn’t really like cumming in your mouth or on your face but if that’s what you like he wouldn’t deny you of it


In general:

  • loves to be rough 
  • enjoys your loud noises 
  • pays a lot of attention to your breasts
  • loves when you ride him
  • is a kinky little shit
  • is also kind of loud 
  • always embarrasses himself because of being so loud
  • loves kissing your neck and collarbones

Giving oral:

  • his favorite thing in the world is when you ride his face
  • is all tongue and lips, rarely uses a finger
  • holds you still when tongue fucking you 
  • teases your clit with his tongue until you beg 
  • feels accomplished when you orgasm 
  • oral is highkey his favorite thing if he’s the one giving it

Receiving oral:

  • isn’t shy when asking for head
  • likes to be standing with his hand in your hair
  • doesn’t like when you gag/choke on him it makes him feel bad
  • secretly enjoys cumming in your mouth but if you’re not cool with it, he’ll grab a tissue or something
  • is L O U D when you’re blowing him 
  • moaning, whining, whimpering mess under your touch
  • lets out a high pitched squeal as he releases


In general:

  • SHY 
  • is scared to be rough 
  • gets nervous when you’re loud
  • feels better when you tell him how good it feels
  • likes to kiss your belly 
  • secretly likes when you ride him
  • loud little shithead
  • too scared to be kinky

Giving oral:

  • very gentle 
  • laps gently and pays attention to your clit
  • doesn’t like to use his fingers in case he hurts you
  • loves when you ride his face (RIDING IS HIS FAVORITE NO MATTER WHAT)
  • feels so confident when you orgasm

Receiving Oral:

  • Likes to be sitting much like Mingyu 
  • keeps his head low next to yours
  • lets out a sob as he cums
  • doesn’t care where he cums
  • very grateful during and after the blowjob even if he’s embarrassed himself


In general:

  • Kinky
  • likes to be rough 
  • gets turned on by neck kisses and rough make out sessions
  • loves when you’re loud
  • can be very gentle when he wants to be
  • without a doubt the dominant one don’t even try to fight him about it he will put you in your place.

Giving oral:

  • Evil.
  • teases you endlessly
  • when he goes for it he won’t stop until you’re coming undone under him
  • fingers are his best friend 
  • bites your thighs often
  • is cocky when you orgasm

Receiving oral:

  • quiet
  • loves to watch you suck him off
  • is actually very gentle
  • praises you with quiet mewls in your ear
  • likes to be sitting so he can whisper sweet nothings to you 
  • cherrishes every blowjob he gets
  • appreciates your mouth
  • you’re in control when you blow him
  • will cum where you tell him to without any argument 


in general:

  • switches between wanting to be rough and wanting to be gentle
  • can be submissive when he’s super needy
  • focuses more on your pleasure than his own
  • loves your face and noises
  • loves when you ride him 
  • shower sex is always his favorite

Giving oral:

  • Very generous
  • watches your reactions when he does something
  • tries new things often
  • massages your clit while eating you out or fingers you whilst sucking on your clit
  • very pleased when you orgasm
  • always loves making you weak in the legs

Receiving oral:

  • Once again; very generous
  • keeps his hips still
  • likes to see your face when you blow him so he probably ties your hair back
  • vocal with his pleasure
  • massages your shoulders and neck 
  • likes to be standing, most likely leaning on a wall to keep himself upright 
  • whimpers a soft ‘so good’ when he cums
  • cums wherever you tell him to every time
  • very grateful 
  • thanks you repeatedly 


in general:

  • He lives by rough sex
  • likes to be against you whilst literally fucking you into another world
  • whispers sweet things to you 
  • soft kisses
  • prefers to dominate 
  • will allow you to ride him occasionally 
  • likes when you praise him

Giving oral:

  • he prefers that you ride his face
  • but  he’s gentle when giving oral
  • could be a little bit of a tease
  • it boosts his self esteem when you beg and hold his head in place
  • giggles when you’re weak and shaking on the bed

Receiving oral:

  • Fluffy little boy
  • giggly mess
  • gasps a lot 
  • goes weak in the knees after a minute
  • internally screams when you gag on his cock
  • keeps pushing your hair back 
  • fights the urge to thrust into your mouth
  • lets out a soft 'mhm’ when he’s cumming


in general:

  • submissive
  • begs a lot
  • is shy when you let him dominate 
  • has a few kinks
  • is vocal and loud during sex
  • praises you 
  • touches your body constantly

Giving oral:

  • only time he’s not shy is when his head is between your legs
  • LOVES to eat you out
  • is highkey great at it
  • starts slow but then gets into it and you can’t control yourself
  • uses fingers occasionally 
  • giggles when you beg him for more 
  • blushes deeply when you orgasm  
  • lowkey likes to continue eating you out after you orgasm

Receiving oral:

  • shy as hell 
  • doesn’t ask for it but loves it
  • a whining, needy mess when your lips are wrapped around his cock
  • his head usually falls backwards
  • doesn’t touch you
  • squirms in pleasure
  • lips parted, tongue poked out a little
  • “O-oh my god!” as he’s releasing
  • gets embarrassed for being so shy and needy all the time


in general:

  • Can be shy 
  • is gentle 
  • very vocal
  • likes to know he’s doing a good job
  • enjoys neck kisses. (giving and receiving)

Giving Oral:

  • knows what he’s doing
  • confident
  • doesn’t usually use his fingers
  • sticks to using his tongue

Receiving Oral:

  • Shy because he’s loud
  • vocal
  • tells you how good you make him feel
  • thanks you constantly
  • likes to touch your hair and face
  • makes the most beautiful sound you will ever hear in your life when he cums


In general:

  • doesn’t tend to hold back
  • can change from gentle to rough in .02 seconds
  • likes when you leave marks on his body (chest, back, neck, shoulders)
  • loves to touch you 
  • tends to be quiet in bed
  • isn’t loud but lets you know he feels good
  • makes sure you feel as great as he does

Giving oral:

  • gets nervous when he eats you out
  • has a lot of confidence when you pull his face closer 
  • loves to hear you calling out his name 
  • massages your thighs 
  • adds fingers in the mix
  • likes to try new things and feels bad when you disapprove

Receiving oral:

  • He whines and squirms when you suck him off
  • you have to hold his hips still because he moves too much
  • lets you know you’re pleasing him
  • lets out a very loud cry when he’s releasing 


In general:

  • Very loving and caring
  • puts your pleasure first 
  • gentle kisses
  • soft touches
  • moans softly into your shoulder
  • gets lost in pleasing you and just forget about everyone else

Giving oral:

  • marks your thighs with love bites
  • is gentle but very skilled 
  • uses fingers often
  • long, slow laps
  • litters your hips with kisses
  • cute giggles and grins 
  • gains a lot of self esteem when you tell him it feels good

Receiving oral:

  • little noisey 
  • lets you know how much he loves and appreciates you
  • plays with your hair
  • rubs your cheeks 
  • squeezes his eyes shut
  • rocks his hips a little bit 
  • always grabs a handful of your hair before he releases


In general:

  • likes to be rough 
  • enjoys when you ride him 
  • morning sex is his favorite, makes him feel energized 
  • is loving no matter how rough he is with you
  • makes sure you’re not hurting and he’s pleasing you
  • always makes sure you know how much he loves you
  • massages your breasts 
  • likes when you hold onto him

Giving oral:

  • tries his best to make you feel good
  • sometimes gets discouraged, embarrassed and shy
  • prefers that you ride his face so he KNOWS you’re getting pleasure in some form
  • likes to be told that he’s doing good or else he feels like you’re uninterested and not getting pleasure
  • uses his fingers to help 
  • mumbles a soft 'i tried’ when you orgasm

Receiving oral:

  • will ask for it but not that often
  • usually only ASKS for it when he’s stressed or upset
  • thrusts into your mouth gently
  • is quiet 
  • tangles his hands in your hair
  • whines softly
  • massages your throat afterwards 


in general:
  • gentle and graceful
  • lots of kisses
  • giggles and soft moans 
  • likes to touch your body 
  • can be both submissive and dominant 
  • when you ride him, he likes to massage your hips and breasts 
  • he loves when you wrap your legs around his waist 
  • enjoys quiet, gentle sex but won’t hesitate to be rough if that’s what you’re in the mood for. 

Giving oral:
  • has fun 
  • makes sure you’re enjoying it
  • grins when you tell him how great you feel
  • likes to massage soft circles in your clit 
  • enjoys eating you out, could do it forever if he thought you could handle it
  • would giggle thinking about how much pleasure you were in 
  • would be proud of himself for making you fall apart with pleasure

Receiving oral:
  • plays with your hair
  • compliments you
  • lets out soft low moans in approval
  • wouldn’t move his hips 
  • serious lip biting 
  • loads of 'so good’s and 'yes’s before he came undone
  • would thank you and kiss your cheek after the event


In general:
  • likes to touch you 
  • doesn’t matter what position, he has to be touching you at all times
  • kisses your shoulders and neck the most 
  • lets out high pitched whines in approval when pleased
  • very giggly 
  • whispers soft nothings to you as you make love

Giving oral:

  • goes to town 
  • fingers are important
  • likes to have your thighs wrapped around his head whether you’re riding his face or he’s got you on your back
  • asks what you like 
  • makes sure you’re comfortable and happy 
  • mumbles cute 'I love you so much’s in your thighs

Receiving oral:

  • squirms
  • giggles
  • blushy 
  • absolutely has to be touching you at all times
  • rubs your cheeks
  • plays with your hair
  • holds the back of your neck and whines as he cums
  • gives you gentle kisses to your face 
  • “thanks so much" 


Prompt: Could you do a soulmate fic with Kirk??? Soulmate au anon here! Ummm, I think the one where matched pairs share the same image somewhere on their bodies? What the image is, I leave that up to your brilliant mind to decide :)

Warnings: nah man beside a little suggestive talk you good

Pairing: Jim/reader

A/N: I like soulmate AUs  I like the idea of it being embarrassing places. I like this. I’m definitely up for soulmate AUs when I open up request. Especially embarrassing ones.

Word Count: 1347

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NCT 127 (minus Mark & Haechan) reaction to you calling them daddy


Anon: Do you do smut reactions? Can you do one with Nct U and 127 (Not including Mark and Haechan) react to you calling them daddy? It’s okay if you don’t want to do it. Btw I really love your blog. You’re amazing! :)

I literally cringed so hard whilst writing this because this whole daddy rage for me is a bit weird so it felt weird to write these lmao 

But anyway , I hope you like this! I can add Ten or Hansol or Kun if you want me too! Please enjoy and send in feedback if you do! Bisous, Flo xx

(its not that graphic tbh)

You can find TenKunSol’s (Ten, Kun, Hansol) reaction here:

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A Self-Love Witch?

You have no doubt heard of many kinds of witches, from kitchen witches to Nordic witches and everything in between. It’s easy to think that there’s a set variety of witches, and that only certain types exist. Throughout the entirety of history, Witchcraft and just paganism in general have focused greatly on tradition and the ingrained laws of humanity. I mean, without the tradition of hundreds of years behind us, where would we be? However, things are changing.

In recent years, the world has begun to flip upside down. For a lot of people, this is scary and even downright terrifying. For others, it signifies freedom and the expression of feelings. The thousand-year-old lines of our society are being blurred. New footprints are being tread every single day. What we think is immovable and irreplaceable may not always be. 

This is where Witchcraft comes into play. Our practice especially has been laid down for us meticulously over years and years of trial and error so that we don’t have to deal with it. We have a specific array of materials to work with, a limit to what type of witch we can be (secular, blood, kitchen, cottage, etc), what an altar can be (even a mint tin is on the brink of a much wider variation), and so on. I myself am a supporter of modern change and the efforts that people are going through to make the world a better place.

We have already seen quite a bit of change in the Witchcraft community. We have already begun taking strides to modernize and revisualize our concepts. So I am here to say that there is no limit to the type of witch you can be. Already people have started popularizing tech witches and online grimoires. Now I am creating a new type of witch. The self-love witch. I am super excited to announce that I have decided to be one.

Before anybody assumes that a self-love witch is full of themselves and thinks they’re better than everybody else, I want to dismantle this idea. A self-love witch is like any normal love witch, except they focus on confidence, motivation, satisfaction, happiness, and other types of magic. I would love it if some of you would try out being a self-love witch with me. It is a wonderful craft to boost self-esteem and to just enjoy your own company. Many of the magical endeavors a self-love witch takes on are for the purpose of being happy and showering the world around you with confidence. 

If you guys want to see more “unconventional Witchcraft” posts, let me know. I hope all of you enjoyed this post and got something out of it. In the meantime, have fun and happy bewitching!

No matter what you did, or who you were in your past, it helped shape you into the person you are today. Embrace that shit; you’re beautiful inside and out. 

Too sensitive

There’s this idea and once you start to think about it it’s kind of funny because it’s so absurd. The idea that some other person can do or be “too much” of something or “too little” of something and I am the all-knowing person who knows just the right amount.

So, for example, I can say, “you talk too much” because I know what the exact right amount of talk a person should do is. You talk too much / too little / too loud / too calm / too fast / too slow. You’re too emotional, too cold, too insensitive, too sensitive.
Seriously, is there anyone here who has never said or heard “you’re too sensitive” or “I’m too sensitive”? 

Let’s check the “talking too much” example first.

So, I guess we all can agree that me saying I know the exact right amount of talk a person should do is kind of absurd. Nevertheless, there are of course situations in which another person talks more that I want to hear.
That’s it. More than I want to hear at that given moment. Not because they do too much or too little of something but because I do or don’t want to hear more at that moment. Maybe another day, they might talk only a little and it is already “too much” for me. Maybe they might talk a lot more and it will still not be “too much” for me. It has nothing to do with the other person having the “correct amount” but with me only being able to take a certain amount at a given moment.
So, instead of saying “You talk too much” what if I say “I’m not able anymore at the moment to connect with what you are saying. I’m getting tired. Please stop and let us continue the conversation some other time.” 

Back to the “too sensitive” example.
I guess you’ve understood the concept now. When someone says “you’re too sensitive” it’s not that you are too sensitive. It’s just that you’re more sensitive than what the other person can manage right at that moment.
Yes, if you have grown up in an abusive family, the situations in which you’re being more sensitive than what the other person can manage right at that moment may happen more often than for persons who have grown up with non-abusive parents. It still doesn’t mean that you’re too sensitive. You’re just the natural amount of sensitive given your past experiences.
You are just being more sensitive to harsh words than the average person with a healthy self-esteem and you don’t have that self-esteem because your parent hasn’t supported you in building that up so you have to do it now yourself. You’re just being more sensitive to a lack of love or support or safety than the average person because your parent didn’t fill your inner tank with those needs when you were a child so you have to do it now yourself.
You can never be “too sensitive”. You might be more sensitive than the average person around you and in some cases it might be good, in others it might be useful to be only “as sensitive as the others” - something you should not reach by putting yourself down and “hardening up” but by connecting with the reasons beneath the sensitivity through therapy or self-help - but… anyway, who’s to say that the other persons are the “right amount” of sensitive? Particularly in a society where there’s a lack of empathy and feelings and needs are seen as weak? 

Let’s end with two of my favourite quotes:

“Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry…”
– Alvin Price, 101 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem 

“It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.”
― L.R. Knost, Two Thousand Kisses a Day: Gentle Parenting Through the Ages and Stages

More: Preparing the children for a tough world

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm an INFP and my ultimate goal in life is to find love. I consider this unattainable. I am tired of having my happiness depending on someone else's opinion on me but everything I do points to that same thing; being lovable. I feel like there must be something else in life besides that and I have no clue what that might be. Self-achievement? Helping someone? > so I can be admired and loved, that's my pattern. What is the flaw in my thinking process? I am deeply unhappy because of this.

The flaw in your thinking process is simple in theory. Your mindset is too limited, much like a child in terms of having a weak sense of self. Children do not have the intellectual capacity or life experience to know themselves well, so they must resort to using the external world to define the self until they figure out how to do otherwise. Unfortunately, it is easy to get trapped in this mindset even into adulthood depending on your course of development. Such an approach to life reduces you to desperate attempts to be “something” instead of “nothing”. In Fi doms this can manifest as Te grip behavior where you unconsciously seek out “rewards” from the world that allow you to temporarily feel good about yourself even when those things are not good for your long term development, i.e., you fail to honor your true type potential. Instead of doing the hard work of becoming the kind of person you can love and be proud of, a person with true integrity, it is easier to use others or how much love/admiration you can accumulate to prop yourself up. But this also means that you have no control over your life as you keep chasing after those external “rewards”, living or dying by them without any anchor inside to stabilize yourself.

One consequence of this mindset is that you see everything in the world only in terms of “objects” and whether they can satisfy your cravings and desires. Your vision of the world only extends as far as whatever impacts you most directly. However, an important aspect of personal growth is forming a robust theory of mind whereby you understand with greater and greater depth and nuance that other people are also “persons”, separate from you and possessing their own experiences, hopes, needs, and desires that are just as important to them as yours are to you - this is often the first step to seeing that there is more to life than your own imaginings and desires. It is an easy concept to understand intellectually but surprisingly difficult to apply in real-life. E.g. If the main reason you want to find love is to be loved, then you don’t possess the right moral intention for seeking love, because you are essentially using others to stroke your ego or boost your self-esteem. If you really saw other people as persons in their own right, you would know that this approach to love is misguided because it denies the full existence and autonomy of the other person only to focus on their “usefulness” to you - can this be a truly well-balanced and satisfying relationship? People are ends in themselves, not just a means to an end, so until you can appreciate them as such, your conception of love remains shallow and unrealistic, dark and self-centered, and rightfully unattainable. The fact that you are deeply unhappy about this means that you realize it is necessary to change your thinking, which is a good sign since many people just ignore such warnings and continue on as they always have.

No one can tell you what to do with your life, rather, change and momentum come organically when you learn how to live with more integrity and tap into your potential to become a better person. You have to care about being better and take action to do it. The general challenge for introverts is to understand the world more objectively instead of compulsively filtering everything through the lens of subjective experience. Exercise your Ne, gather and visualize more possibilities for yourself, for your life, for the world instead of defaulting to what you’ve always done/known. You live in a world full of possibility but it is also a world where many people experience suffering, turmoil, chaos, or unrest - can your vision of the world grow and gradually extend beyond you to include that which is within your power to influence but doesn’t directly relate back to you? What would your life look like then? Imagine how people’s perception of you might change if you stopped being like a hungry vampire desperate to feed off them. Imagine that love is not a “goal” or something to “obtain” or “possess” or “hoard” like a scarce commodity but rather something that you can create any time you want. Imagine how more and more opportunities to feel love would naturally arise if you had the capacity to do everything with loving care and to give love and attention to the things in the world that really need it, to care for something other than yourself because that thing is truly worthy of care apart from whatever “reward” you may get. When you realize your own latent power to positively shape the world around you, you can then establish a real and reliable foundation of self-esteem instead of desperately seeking it from fleeting, unhealthy, or unreliable sources.

Got7 Reaction: S/O Nervous To Sing Infront of Audience


hi! could you make got7 reaction to you being nervous to sing in front of an audience please? thank you ! 💓



I feel like Mark would be more logical and rational about the whole thing as well as give you the freedom to choose. He’d show you the pros and cons to each side and talk things through with you, but try to persuade you more into going on stage, cracking a few jokes every now and again. He’d use his quiet, soft spoken, and sweet nature in order to convince you into doing it and not be as scared. I mean, he will be in the audience to support you~

Originally posted by jypnior


I feel like Jaebum would probably use his leadership skills in order to convince you without you realizing that’s what he was doing. I see him using personal experiences of his performances after he had gotten used to it and constantly re-assuring you that you’ll do great. He (Unlike Jackson and BamBam) would catch himself, not letting you know that he heard you sing before your performance.

Originally posted by nyeong-ing


I feel like Jackson and BamBam would be very similar in this situation except Jackson would bargain with you. He’d probably crack a lot of jokes to make you feel better, maybe even give you the short version of the “Imagine Them In Their Underwear” speech. Although, just like Bambam, he may let it slip that he heard you singing your piece before the performance by accidentally playing it for you to prove that you’ll do great, causing you to playfully punch him. Let’s be honest he’d probably be your biggest fanboy though and have a lot of random secret videos on his phone of you singing.

Originally posted by got7ish


This Little Shit. He’d probably use the fact that he’s heard you sing against you. He’d talk about how you were going to be famous one day and maybe even convince the boys to Fanboy whenever you were around to boost your self esteem. The more nervous you were, the higher the hopes he told you he had for you. Now, the way I’m explaining it makes it sound like he’d make it worse but he’d actually explain them in ways that would hella boost your confidence.

Originally posted by umma-jy


I feel like Youngjae would do more to physically prepare you rather than just talk you through it. He remembers when he was nervous going out on stage and would explain. He would also host mock performances for you so that you would be more comfortable going out on stage. (He’s such a sweetie oml). I highly doubt you’d be nervous for your performance if he was your S/O~

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark


As I stated in Jackson’s part, I feel like these two would be very similar. I feel like BamBam would light-heartedly tease you and try and make you laugh to ease your nerves. He’d be the second biggest fanboy compared to Jackson and would be right in the front row of your performance to support you. He’d probably gush about how good you were and give you the extended version of the “Imagine Them In Their Underwear” speech causing you to most definitely laugh.

Originally posted by se-tae


He would be a lot like mark and Youngjae I feel. He’d really wanna prepare you, but if you backed out at any moment he wouldn’t stop you. He’s still young and new to performing so he’d quite understand where you were coming from. He’d talk you through and weigh the pros and cons to each side, as well as come up with a system that would help you prepare as well as improve your performance. I feel like he would also suggest you both start doing duets as well because he loves the sound of your voice and loves to sing along with you.

Originally posted by just-keyboard-smash


I’ve had this request forever oml

I’m glad I finally had a few ideas for it though~~ I hope it came out alright haha

-Admin Min-Y

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