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Pray for Espírito Santo, pray for Brazil.

Espírito Santo, a state in Brazil, is in complete chaos, a sort of chaos that is being compared to the film The Purge, where for 12 hours there were no laws and no rules. Except here, it’s been two days already.

The National Media is suppressing it all, the only way people IN Brazil are aware of what has been happening is through Twitter, because the media is ignoring it all.

The Military police went on strike for better payment, thugs are literally ruling the streets and running riots. There is murder, rape and looting. Just this morning, more than 16 people have been murdered.

In two days, more than 50 people have died, stores are being robbed in daylight, buses are being set on fire and dead bodies are left lying in the streets, according to the Daily Mail, which is one of the only medias spreading what’s going on. Only international media is talking about it and giving it attention. Brazil’s media is literally suppressing it completely, we woke up with news about the sunset in Rio and what’s been going on in Big Brother Brazil, there are countless news about Carnaval, but nothing about Espírito Santo.

And this is just a little bit of what’s happening. People are running down the streets with guns in their hands, people can’t get out of their houses, people are dying, ES is being ran by thugs and no one is talking about it. No one mentions it. PLEASE, spread this somehow, tell people what’s been going on, demand attention. 

If this was happening in France or in the UK, people would be all over it, celebs would have “pray for brazil/es” all over their social media profiles, but when it happens in Latin America people ignore it.

There is a tag on twitter called “#ESpedesocorro”, ES asks for help, where Brazilian people have been sharing videos and images of what’s been going on, because our media is not, and begging for prayers and help. You can watch some videos here: [x], [x], [x], [x], [x].

There’s nothing on TV about this, just NOW, after three days our president Michel Temer is sending the federal troops. But they are doing everything very silently, and the government has not decreed state of siege and emergency, even though it should have. They sent nothing more than 200 federals and 1 helicopter to see what’s going on. Which is a joke.

“The governor of Vitoria in eastern Brazil called Monday for federal troops to come to the rescue after police went on strike, leaving the city at the mercy of criminals.The acting governor of Espirito Santo state, Cesar Colnago, asked President Michel Temer ‘to send the National Force and the army to safeguard the security of citizens,’ a statement on the governor’s website said.Police, aided by relatives and sympathizers blockading police stations, have been protesting against unpaid salaries since early Saturday. With no patrols on the streets over the weekend, assaults and other crime have multiplied, Brazilian media reported.“ According to the Daily Mail. 

All we ask, is for you to try to spread this, show people how our media is hiding serious events, how there’s murders and rape, how we need help and no one even mentions it. 

Please, pray for us, talk about us, demand the media’s attention. People in Espírito Santo need help. 

Under the cut there’s graphic content, images of what’s been going on. You can decide if you want to look or not, just know we never had a chance to choose.

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Shout out to native mlm whose tribes aren’t accepting of their sexuality ✨

Shout out to native mlm who constantly have to deal with being told “you don’t look native!” ✨

Shout out to native mlm who do look native and are discriminated for it on top of being mlm ✨

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My native boys out there never get any love so shout out to Native mlm!!! Feel free to add more!

Help some gays get away from a homophobic abuser!

So basically at the very end of December we were manipulated into moving out of an apartment that we loved and into my partner’s mom’s place. Since we’ve been here she’s lashed out at us for every tiny fucking thing. I wash a dish with the wrong sponge, she gets angry. I move cleaning solution to the wrong side of the cabinet, she gets angry. She won’t allow me to set up a desk so my desktop computer is next to the bed, where I’m forced to stay all the time because I’m self employed. She’s called me a fat lazy slob because I’m self employed and have to work from my computer, and because I work until 4AM and sleep until noon. I never even leave the room anymore to avoid her completely, forcing myself to not eat and sneak to the bathroom when she’s not around. She’s straight up said she hates me, and wants me and our cat gone and my partner to stay under her control. This all has been extremely emotionally exhausting and has taken a major toll on our mental health as well as my job and our finances since we JUST moved.

The good news is we now have a place to go hopefully by the end of this month, but we need financial help to do so. We’re going to have to rent a truck to move our bed and it’d be super great to have extra help since this whole situation has prevented me from working and has cost us tons in gas money since my partner is now driving an hour to work until we move again. 

If you’re able to help, my partner’s paypal is and any amount at all would be a help, even just $1 adds up. Also reblogs help! 


*uses all the voltron* NEW COMMISSION POST! Because my style is stupidly erratic and I wanted to let you all see what you’ll be getting if you commission me :D! 

If you’re interested please send me an email and I’ll get back to you asap!

RULES: (in bold to reiterate)

Payment - Paypal only, non negotiable. Preferably up front. (Because of new paypal rules and stuff I’ll be sending invoices for payments!)

SFW - Only safe for work content, everything else is ok!

Contact - Please send me an email at if you’re interested! If you send me a tumblr message or smthing else I’ll direct you to my email! It’s just easier to keep things together that way for me!

Prices - Depending on difficulty I reserve the right to alter prices accordingly. I’ll work with you to figure out a good price we’re both happy with!

Thankyou SO much for taking the time to read this! :Dc Commissions are basically my only income source and I really love doing them and would like to continue doing them :’>

Closed (10/10)

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               ☛  NEW ICON PAGE!  ☚

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                        anti shiro/paladins so please do not use my icons

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                                             THANK YOU! ENJOY  ❤

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call for submissions

looking for anyone and everyone who is able to draw your favorite ghost pokemon for a zine.

this zine will be used for a fundraiser for my partner’s facial feminization surgery and all of your entries will be accepted because she really likes ghost pokemon.

you will be credited unless you wish to remain anonymous.

all entries should be square aspect ratio, 300 dpi, no bigger than 10 x 10 in.

all skill levels accepted, even if you’ve never drawn before. especially if you don’t draw.

duplicates are ok, draw any ghost pokemon you feel like

the final product will be a pdf, released sooner if a certain donation goal has been met, otherwise released for free, to the public, sometime in february 2017

entry cut-off is mid december

i reserve the right to reject any entries i deem unfit or unsafe

please e-mail with subject “ghost pkmn zine”, your entry attached and the name you wish to be credited under in the filename, or with any questions you may have. you can also direct questions to my tumblr ask box.


ok so my direct deposit got fucked up today (2/10) I was supposed to get paid for a sick day & it’s not reflected in my check so tbh right now I’m MAJORLY fucked up, I literally at this point have enough for my weekly metrocard that I need since I have to go to work, and my therapy co pay that I also can’t pass up, I really wouldn’t be asking unless I really needed it, if anybody could square cash me the money (it’s preferred b/c I definetly need cash ASAP) that would be greatly appreciated honestly


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hii y’all i’m planning on buying this cos i’m trash for for bts and taekook yess april cotton no 97 is the one tae gifted jungkook:)) i love fragrance, and these three particular fragrances (no 97, 49 & 45) are pretty much best sellers in korea right now,, the brand w.dressroom was the #1 sales product in 2014, 2015 at olive young, and it has been endorsed by many celebrities including our babies it’s practically a hot issue in sns all year round and despite its high end quality, the price is pretty affordable♡♡

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It’s about that time again

So I need a lotta money before the 13th bc that’s my best friend’s bachelorette party and I CANNOT show up broke

I use Paypal. Prices are nonnegotiable. Email me at to discuss what you want. When I send you the invoice, please pay it immediately (do not let it sit in your PayPal and forget about it!! I will not get started on your piece until paid, and I need it paid by the 10th at the LATEST). I do ~not~ do refunds, but I will do small changes if it’s possible ✌



THR is hosting their first ever ranked list of female fictional characters.
we need to get Lexa and Clarke on that list.
please vote for them

step 1 required to fill your industry occupation. your gender and age are not required.
step 2: vote for your favorite character(s) from the list, then insert lexa and clarke’s names at the bottom, for example:

(INSERT BOTH NAMES BUT SEPERATE THEM WITH A SEMICOLON [;] , as shown above. you can only vote once from each device, so make it count.)

step 3: click on finish survey and you’re done.

let’s do it for our girls, they truly deserve it.

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