Hello! I am selling commissions because I can’t find a job and I desperately need any money I can get!! Here are some examples of my work. I am willing to draw anything really, specifically people. 

I have a paypal you can pay me through, and you can contact me through tumblr! Even if you don’t want/can’t pay for a commission, I’d appreciate a reblog so that this can get spread around, you never know who might see it! c:

Here is a more extensive look at examples of my art!


I’m going to try and start my own YouTube/Twitch accounts and I really need a good icon! My username will (hopefully) be sixwatt so any logo that has to do with that would be amazing! I’m no good with this kind of stuff so anything would help a ton. 



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❝Strangely, i’m more familiar with endings. I’ve been here for sometime but i’m in need of a new begining- new friends, new persona. Not your typical damsel in distress. Anyways, please spread, I promise i’m worth the while.❞

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I probably don’t have enough followers to do something like this, but I’m going to go out and buy one of those over size greeting cards and send it to Andrea (or Big Machine or 13 Management or wherever). If you would like your URL to be included on the card please reblog this.

I promise to write down every single name that reblogs this.


This is my handsome boyfriend Cody. For some reason, I always look at him like he’s a piece of candy (or God’s gift to Earth) when we take pictures together.

He is the smartest, funniest, most interesting person I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling my best friend.

Two years ago, we were told that Cody had a stage three sarcoma. The survival rate for a stage three sarcoma is 56%. Cody pushed through and beat his cancer after a total of three painstaking surgeries, two weeks in the hospital, weekly doctor’s appointments, numerous PET/CT scans, and an entire month of radiation.

In November, about a year since his last radiation appointment, the sucker came back. It’s grown a great deal since then. The results of his biopsy came back today as positive for cancer.

Cody is my best friend. I would do anything for him. We’ve been together for three years, and in the time it took us to get where we are now, we’ve been through so much unbelievable crap that I’m surprised we made it out in one piece, but we did. I have no doubt we’ll pull through this again.

But we need help. Cody’s medical bills racked up so quickly that we can’t even keep track of them all. They’re being sent to collections almost every single day. Cody is neck-deep in debt, and he isn’t even 23 yet. The medical bills never stop, and they’re not going to get any better with the recent unfortunate news.

If you can spare $5, it would mean the world to us. And I know, money is tight right now for almost everyone. If you can’t afford to donate, please read and share this story. Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social networks you have. Please share this. Spread it like wildfire. Signal boost the crap out of this. It is of great importance.

Cody is the most beautiful, kind soul I’ve ever met. He would give the shirt off his back to someone, please, help me return the favor.

I know this post isn’t funny or aesthetically pleasing. I know a lot of you have themed blogs, and that’s fine. Don’t share it here then. Take it to Facebook and Twitter. Share the link. You can even delete it after a few hours, but please share it.

You can read the full story and donate here. If you can’t afford it, please don’t feel bad. Just spread this. Everywhere you can. Please.


hi, my name is ruby and i am a latina transwoman who is waiting for disability aid for recent central nervous system damage, cognitive difficulties, daily grand mal seizures, and extensive nerve damage/pain.
i am currently posting amateur sets (although my more playful, sfw pics are shown) for free a few times a week, health permitting, on remedyriot as an appreciation for the donations that i have been receiving to help me pay for my medical expenses.
~❤️donations will receive my more adult sets as a little thank you upon request❤️~
please boost this if you can as these donations have been invaluable in getting my lab work done and getting me set up w my new medical specialists… thank you so much for all your support, i wouldnt have gotten as far as i am without your help.
paypal: [rubyinezcorazana@gmail.com]

So I recently found out that I have very bad cysts in my ovary. Although I’m not sure how long that they’ve been there or how severe this will be to my reproductive organs, ultimately, I’m going to have to get them removed one way or another, because they are blocking bloodflow and putting me in an intense amount of pain.

While I’m still being checked by several doctors to figure out the severity of the cysts and how long I can wait to have them removed, this is not going to be easy or cheap. My insurance will cover emergency visits as well as doctor appointments, but ultimately I’m going to have to pay for the surgery most likely, and I would like to start saving up for that with a backup medical fund.

I’m not asking you to donate because I’m poor and have no other options. I have a job, but it is part time and minimum wage, and while I will start saving up for this, I also have to save money for rent, food, other bills, and etc.  I could really use all the help I can get. Please consider donating - even 5 dollars would make a huge difference. If every person who saw this were to donate 5 dollars, it would have a huge impact.  If you can’t donate, please spread and share this.

As of right now my goal is $1000, but I’m not quite sure how much the surgery will cost overall. If you would like to continue donating after the goal is reached (if the goal is reached at all), feel free. I appreciate it so much.

Thank you so much, everyone.

I’m new to Houston so I dont know too many people out here…but proteinpills and I are partnering up to offer you guys amazing deals on packages for photography and make-up. Please share/boost. Thank you!