Call out post for Hal Jordan

1) Messy bitch who lives for drama; destroyed the universe that one time; keeps calling Bruce “Boose” and then acting like it’s an accident; mean to Guy Gardner; unironically calls himself the greatest Green Lantern 

2) Knows that everyone will forgive him because his hair is fabulous and his booty tight

I can’t understand this hype over Mick’s character. Him being the best male character is really exaggerated.
He has the perfect roots for a typical villian - a person who burned his familly alive as a kid and is portrayed as someone who gets his kicks just by burning stuff or killing, as well as constantly eating and drinking boose.

In s1 of Legends, he joined the team because of Snart and because he believed he is going to steal things and when the situation started to get different from what he expected he wanted to leave and broke up his partnership with Snart (a better written character as an anti hero who wants to redeem himself). That’s when Mick first betrayed the team for his own self. Of course I won’t argue that Rip’s words to him when they were on the time pirates’ ship pushed him to the edge and were really rude but he was almost already made up his mind.

But this was not the situation in s2 at all:
the team accepted him back and gave him a second chance, they all said that they believe that a person can be redeemed, so he became a part of the team again no matter of his betrayal. The whole s2 Mick was trying to find his place but he was not the only one: Sara had to overcome her grief and accept her new responsibilities, Amaya joined the team to find the killer of her team member and get used to the time travel, Rip was abducted and brainwashed and all of these characters had a reason to want to use the spear also.
And the claim that Mick was treated badly by his team is totally exaggerated also, he also objectified all of them and called them names, not to mention that Stein was also calling Sara an assassin and a killer on every possible occasion, so treating Mick like some kind of a victim is not fare.

When the team saw Snart they expressed concern that Mick won’t act rationally but that’s all, they had the same meeting when Sara wanted to kill Darkh in ep5 and told her that they don’t trust her arround him. So obviously this was nothing against Mick, but he was the one who constantly repeated that he doesn’t have friends and that he doesn’t take orders, so again he took turn backwards and acted selfishly this time teaming with the ultimate villains.

I am sorry but this is a total betrayal, Sara obviously trusted him because she took him with her on the last mission and then handed him the spear to hold it. Right after that he looked her in the eyes and told her sorry I wished things could have been different and left with the legion.
I hope this time the legends don’t forgive him so easily because trust is something that you should earn, the team obviously trusted Mick without ground.


 “…don’t say a word, I just need a drink…” 
  Is a familiar figure of a man just had the battered form aftermatch, got home, grab a glass of boose and lay it off :v. This brat just want to get drunk ( very gang like hehe ) 
   Blackwatch McCree ___ Overwatch 


the aes kids crew

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So I´m having a blast looking at the Free! official arts. 

For example this motherfucker here

They have had a party/sleepover last night. Someone brought boose (was it you Nagisa? Or Rin?). Everyone is fine, except Haru, who has a terrible hangover. Rin is very smug about this. 

We´re just casually sitting here hugging Halloween pumpkins?

Makotos face: Why did I get the crotch…?

Hmm I wonder Mako I wonder

Fuck u Nanase we are having some meat for once




What. Rei´s face is my face. What is happening. Where did the saba come from, where is it going. Nobody knows

Fuck of Rin I was having a moment with the bae 

Merrily hugging the shit out of my best friends spirit animal

No but seriously, he´s really into it

Haru has no idea what´s going on

Haru is very deep in thought

I wonder if he´ll let me pay for the water with a blowjob NO WAIT WHAT


Gravity by Papa Roach ft. Maria Brink from In This Moment

I was there on the day truth died
Blood on my hands throw ‘em up in the sky
I was the number one sinner, no rest
My life was a lie, my wish was a death
I fell in love with the ways of the world
Money, the fame, the boose, the girls
But i couldn’t stay faithful, if I’ve tried
I turned in to a devil, you could see it in my eyes
I blacked out, told everything I ever did
I couldn’t take all the lies I was living with
I broke your heart, woke up the next day
My bag its outside, yell her: get the hell away
You’re not a husband, not a father, just a pig
And you cant never change all the things that you did
That’s when I knew it, it wouldn’t last
You never get away, when you’re running from the past

I will fly into outer space
I float away, but you’re my gravity
I will die, to love another day
We rise again, and lose our gravity

I’m a broken man, I’m full of sin
I’m sick of all this hell that I’m living in
And I cant escape it, this is how it feels
When you try to numb the pain with a thousand pills
You tore me down, wish that I was dead
Said you wanna sleep alone in another bed
But when I push away, you only pull me closer
Its only over when we both wanna say its over
I gotta change this is not who I am
I wanna start over wanna try this again
You’re everything I need, everything I’m not
So pull the trigger give me one more shot

I will fly into outer space
I float away, but you’re my gravity
I will die, to love another day
We rise again, and lose our gravity

You love me, you hate me, you kiss me, you break me
You lifted me up, just to watch as you broke me
You promised me, look me straight in the eyes
Don’t matter what you say, I don’t know truth from the lies
I helped you up, like I always do
I forgave you for your sins and I carry you through them
What the hell have we thought, we always knew
You will bleed for me, and I will bleed for you

Fly into outer space
I float away, but you’re my gravity
Die, to love another day
We rise again, and lose our gravity

I will fly into outer space
I float away, but you’re my gravity
I will die, to love another day
We rise again, and loose our gravity

I will fly into outer space
I float away, but you’re my gravity
I will die, to love another day
We rise again, and lose our gravity

Baby we can float away

kuh-boose  asked:

What styles/weapons would you suggest for a fighter who is a bit shorter/stocky, and is modified (scifi style) and has to deal with multiple, large, or powerful opponents(aliens and such). She’d need to fight both ranged and up close and personal, and she would need to be able to completely dispatch opponents as well as remove them from a fight without (too) serious injury. (I know, far fetched) And does personality affect what style someone uses(in your opinion)? I'm sorry if this is too vauge.

We get these questions about body type a lot, especially in regards to fighting and what style an author should pick. Ultimately, it’s more of a perspective issue and it’s understandable since the vast majority of Hollywood and Anime have a love affair with the “Five Man Band”. Anime often puts forward unique and individual fighting styles which match a character’s body in order to make them more visually distinct i.e. the big guy usually wields the big honking ass sword and relies on physical strength and the rail thin glasses guy is a tactician who is dexterous and quick, often with flawless technique. The Five Man Band is a very successful technique, at least visually. It works under the same rules for writing which state that you shouldn’t give characters similar sounding/looking names because it because it becomes difficult to distinguish them.

It’s probably the worst decider when it comes to choosing a fighting style for a character. Training itself changes and molds the body. If your female character starts out lithe and lean, learns a combat art which heavily favors the upper body such as boxing or kick boxing, she won’t remain that way for long. She’ll develop musculature in her chest which widens it (her breasts will also, probably, shrink), her legs will become thicker and more stocky, she’ll become more weighted in her upper body, her neck will thicken from the development of her shoulder muscles. Depending on her dedication, she’ll gain some very nice definition in those arms. You can expect a little thickness in the jaw. Depending on the kind of training and how long she’s been doing it, she may possess a scar across one eyebrow and her nose probably won’t be entirely straight.

Training molds you to it. Stop and take a look at professional or Olympic athletes like gymnasts or runners. Look at the U.S. Armed Forces, especially by division, and you’ll see something similar. Even though there are slight differences, there’s also a fairly impressive uniformity of body type. That’s the training. If I had to state a real pet peeve, it’s that this gets routinely ignored for female characters because it often leads to them possessing an “unconventional” body. By unconventional, I mean that they aren’t often within the standards or weight range of what society considers to be feminine or beautiful.

There’s a part to training where the body is sculpted and can significantly change what a person looks like. Professional trainers in Hollywood who cater to actors employ different training regimens to achieve different looks, to create a specific type of body. It’s actually something to keep in mind when looking at any actor: you’re seeing months, if not years, of dieting and specific physical training to achieve a singular result.

The kind of training a character engages in won’t change their height or the length of their arms, but it will have a significant influence on what they look like. What that is depends on the training involved.

So, what are the deciding factors?

What are they doing? What are they fighting? What is their job? What is their background? Who is training them?

The problem with “short/stocky woman” faces “multiple larger/more powerful opponents” is that’s the life of every short woman ever and they will need to learn to deal with it regardless of the martial style they pick. Martial arts are designed around the idea that the opponent will be a human being, and everything from the approach to the psychology is geared toward that. You don’t go box a bear and expect it to work the same way, because a bear and a human come with different considerations, different dangers. Now, people did box with bears. Bear boxing was a real side show performance, but bear boxing and regular boxing are different. Why? One of them is a bear. Also, the bears were historically abused and mistreated by having their teeth and claws removed in order to make it possible. Or, the boxer would have died.

My point is that the enemy one faces is the deciding factor in how one fights. You don’t go hand to hand with a Xenomorph. You don’t go hand to hand with a tentacle monster. You can go hand to hand with a Klingon, but it will be unpleasant.

The problem is that there is no one size fits all solution, not in real life and not in a future where everything is much, much more complicated.

Combat is a form of problem solving. To figure out what you’re solving, you have to figure out what the problem is. Then, you justify the solution. Martial training is used to support a setting, but to have one you need an enemy and aliens come in all shapes and sizes. And, the more variety there is, the more new and inventive ways one must come up with to counter the threat.

Subduing an opponent is all well and good, provided the character has a means to support that approach. This could be through tools such as handcuffs or weapons like a taser or a futuristic form of stun gun. The question is looking at the right group for the solution you want. In this case, if you want a character who uses a form of professional combat that predominantly focuses on non-lethal takedowns and subdual, you’re looking at police, their martial techniques and their H2H. When you’re looking for professional groups with a combat focus that orient on using violence as a non-lethal means to solving problems that’s law enforcement. It’s their job, they develop down that route. Other combat professionals don’t have the luxury. A great example of a fictional militarized police force is the Peacekeepers from Farscape.

Martial arts that come off of bloodsport are the runner up with varying degrees of success. The reason is that unless we’re talking about a death match, bloodsport is primarily entertainment and the goal of the fight is to entertain so it shies away from quick kills or more pragmatic combat. It becomes a war of attrition. However, these are martial arts with a primary focus on dueling and fighting single opponents. If there’s one lesson to take from Gina Carano’s Haywire, it’s that putting the wrong kind of combat on a character is debilitating. Carano is a fantastic martial artist, but MMA is far too slow and discordant for a spy thriller.

Making combat work will require a decent amount of worldbuilding from you for each alien type, plus hammering out technology and how that affects combat. (Ray guns, stun guns, cybernetics, etc.) Martial combat is a form of both individual and cultural expression, showing their values and priorities, how they respond to threats. To know how a character fights, you need to understand the culture they belong to and how they navigate it. This goes far beyond a character’s moral makeup or their pragmatism, the values their culture ascribes to and the threats they faced are the deciding factors in how a combat style developed… which shapes a huge portion of their lives and who they are.

Start to think about creating a toolbox for this character, much in the same way you would if you were writing a paranormal story. Different strategies for different types of enemies. Depending on setting rules, you don’t use the same approach to dealing with zombies that you do with werewolves and the same is true of vampires.

Dealing with a genetically modified human will require a different approach, just like dealing with a psychic will require a different combat approach.

Dealing with different alien species will require navigating their culture as much as their combat. After all, their culture defines how and why they fight. Every alien is an individual with their own reactions and responses to the social mores they follow. And, depending on the advantages the character in question possesses, they might not even be able to go into hand to hand so they’ll need a tool to deal with that.

A character’s personality may lead them toward the job type, institution, or training they sign up for, but the training itself will have the greater affect on their personality. Whether they are an actual participant in the system or hold the job is up to you, but if you want a character fight like a professional combatant then they need a professional’s training. Which means a teacher who is a professional of some kind.

In the end, it’s really a question of what you want and the kind of story you want to tell.


References, Resources, and Recommendations:

Farscape - We recommended this one just recently, but really. Farscape.There’s a bevy of aliens here, with characters having to make use of minimal resources in order to survive.

Babylon 5 - We usually recommend this for politics, but I recommend it for it’s worldbuilding. Everything from accounting for different alien physiology to the handling of telepaths among different races, to various martial styles based on alien cultures, to hilarious misunderstandings based on translator errors, this series has a a lot to love for any writer looking to craft science fiction.

Stargate SG1 - This may seem like an oddball recommendation, but a lot of science fiction settings have all their cultures progressing at the same rate. Stargate is all over the map and it’s an interesting look at the different ways cultures develop when dealing with or faced by advanced technology. Campy as it is, you might find some neat ideas hidden in this one.

Psycho-Pass - We rarely recommend anime, but Psycho-Pass is a wonderfully well-developed dystopic future that’s a love letter to many older cyberpunk settings from Ghost in Shell to Blade Runner to the cult classic Johnny Mnemonic. It references 1984, Gulliver’s Travels, and a surprising amount of literature in its first season. It’s for mature viewers only and is fairly disturbing. But the reason why I’m recommending it to you is that it does an excellent job with the idea of a computer deciding who lives and who dies, of guns that won’t fire unless a person is above a certain number and that will kill only if they reach another threshold beyond that. It’s cops attempting to hunt down killers in a society where their very emotions and ability to do their job are their own enemy. (I’d actually watch this one after Law & Order and Southland.)

Law & Order - Law & Order isn’t just important for understanding cops, it’s actually very important to understanding people and why people commit violence.

Southland - I recommend Southland because it’s set in Los Angeles and, much like New York, there are a lot of different racial tensions that the cops need to navigate on multiple levels. It’s very informative for teaching you about how to look at and think about an environment, even one that we don’t initially perceive as hostile.

Trinity - This was a science fiction roleplaying game from White Wolf. The setting itself does a good job of bridging between real world politics, and a near future spacefaring civilization with exposure to alien civilizations.

We don’t usually add supplements for games to the list, but the Trinity Technology Manual is an exception. This goes into a lot more detail on the specific hardware in the setting, and if you’re wanting to think outside the box for dealing with enemies, this might give you some additional ideas. Just, be aware, you’ll need to have read the core book to fully understand a lot of the stuff being thrown around.

Shadowrun - As with Trinity this is another sci-fi roleplaying game. The setup is a little different, instead of traditional sci-fi, this is urban fantasy cyberpunk. You (probably) don’t need to worry about magic in your setting, but even ignoring that, this is still a setting where characters will routinely go toe to toe with things that are larger than themselves and inhumanly resilient. So it might be worth a look.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - this game is really good for dealing with and getting you to think about the different ways of dealing with transhuman enemies. Also, the tensions brought in by transhumanism itself.

Crysis 2 - Really good if you want to write a character who has been heavily modified, doing the impossible, being put through inhuman amounts of physical abuse, and treated as interchangeable by the people around them.

Alien and Aliens - How to deal with an enemy you cannot face in single combat.

Predator and Predator 2 - Stupid, yes, but relevant. These movies are all about dealing with aliens that are predatory and as intelligent as the humans with goals of their own. Predators have some great limitations and weaknesses, but they’re not human ones and aren’t what we expect.


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Character Development: Discovering Flaws

 asked: Hi! I have a character that I love, but can’t seem to find substantial flaws for that will fit her. (I based her off of Maggie from Million Dollar Baby w/Clint Eastwood). You’ve probably heard this before, but what I can do to discover her flaws?

If you can get a copy, The Negative Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Flaws by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi is a handy guide to character flaws.

Otherwise, you might try some character development exercises (I’ve listed some in my post Alternatives to Character Worksheets) to get a more in-depth look at your character. Very often, exploring your character’s actions in various circumstances can highlight their strengths and weaknesses. :)

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