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Actually I’ve been thinking of serpent turts for quite a long time and then I found @hotmilkytea’s amazing “Birth of Serpents” (100% worth reading) and attempted drawing them but failed every time. Anyways, I just love how the consequences of their second mutation are explained, each brother is less or more dangerous and savage, each one is trying to deal with their new appearance and state of mind differently. 

So here’s serpent Leo ‘cause unfortunately I don’t have enough time to draw them all. No snake-hands this time - blame @zivazivc‘s coolest snakarai design. And he looks more like a horned-viper finally :)

“I want off the ride now!”

My first image for @rvbficwars “Big Bang” starts off with a car chase! Please check out @serenitysswirl ‘s fic. It’s an awesome Cops and Robbers AU that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!!

You can read serenitysswirl’s “The Forces of Good” here!

Mission Complete

request: Hi was wondering if I could make a bucky x reader request (with the rest of the avengers in it as well)? Could you please do one where you and Bucky aren’t a thing but have feelings for each other that neither know but the rest of the avengers do and all of you go to a club/restaurant/Tony’s party and there’s belly dancers there (dancing to shakira or whatever) that try and get Wanda, you & Nat to dance and you’re reluctant but do it anyways and have a great time and it ends in fluff? Thank you!

Word Count: 1200+

Triggers: none

A/N this was posted on my phone so sorry about how shitty it looks.

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‘Oh, god no! You are not wearing that to a club’ Natasha yelled at you after barging into your room and seeing you in comfy clothes.

‘Well, I guess I’ll have to stay home in my PJs’ you sung happily, turning your back to her.

‘No you are coming with us!’ She started shuffling through your clothes.

‘I don’t know… Club’s not really my scene’ you said, crawling into bed. But before you could move the covers she grabbed your arm and force you out.

‘Then how did you get that information from that guy who worked at a club’


‘Or get super drunk and make me pick you up from outside a club’


‘Or w-’

‘Because Barnes wasn’t there’ you almost screamed. Even the sound of his name on your lips gave you a mixture of hatred and, most important, lust.

‘There it is’ Nat smirked at you.

‘I’m not going to have my night ruined by watching him get danced on by a dozen girls then go home with at least them when I could spend it with Chandler Bing’

‘Really, you had Joey and you picked Chandler?’ You shrugged off her comment, ‘either way you’re coming to the club. Don’t make me force you’

‘Alright, I’m going. But if I have a bad time I’m blaming you’ you shooed her out of your room so you could get dressed in peace.


‘You clean up nice, doll’ wanda mocked, trying to copy Bucky’s brooklyn accent.

‘As much as an amazing spy you are, voice imitation isn’t really your thing’ you huffed out. ‘Doll’ smirking as you repeated bucky’s nickname for you. ‘Now let’s get this over with’


The boys were already at the club, masses of girls surrounding Tony, Steve and Sam for a picture and dance. You would have assumed he was in the bathroom but you saw no fourth drink. Just the ones the other three men drank from.

‘Great, he’s already picked up some girl’

‘You don’t know that’ Natasha tried consoling you. ‘Anyway, it doesn’t matter because you are going to have fun, with or without him’

‘That’s right’ you said confidently. Then you saw something that made your mood drop and it must have shown in your face.

‘What?’ Wanda asked

‘The door’ you whispered, tilting your head towards the object of your sorrow. Bucky Barnes.

‘Shit’ both wanda and natasha cursed in unison, knowing you’d be in a horrible mood tonight. If the plan doesn’t work, that is.

‘I’m gonna go get a drink’ you sighed and disappeared into the crowd of people.

At that moment the two other girls made their way over to Tony, Steve and Sam.

‘So the plan’s all set?’ Steve whispered.

‘Yup, we just need to get her a little more drun- HEY BUCKY!’

‘Hey, nat…’ bucky said, squinting his eyes suspiciously. ‘I’m gonna go get a drink’

‘Yeah, have fun girl’ nat sassed him, making the brunet even more confused

Once he had left Tony bent down to Natasha’s ear, speaking over the music. ‘What the hell was that?’

‘I don’t know, I’m really nervous’ she whispered back.

‘Did my plan make THE black widow nervous?’ Tony boosed, smiling to himself proudly. It only lasted a second before Nat’s hand found the back of his head.

‘Shut up’

‘Hey guys! Look who I found!’ You yelled over the music, oblivious to the conversation the others just had. Behind you was Bucky, grinning madly at his friends.

The 7 of you had a great night. The club was now quieter and suddenly there was a change of light. The cool blue tones of the room turned a hot red and the music moved away from a heavy beat.

‘We have a few guest for tonight only!’ The speakers started blasting Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” and a mass of girls wearing hips scarfs and belly tops started dancing.

A few of them pulled girls up from the crowd and got them to dance with them. A few of the girls were really good and others had no rhythm in them at all. You laughed so hard until you saw a hand in front of your face.

You tried to decline the offer to dance but the two girls around you pushed you to. Wanda and Natasha moved so naturally.

After watching them for a bit - plus the alcohol running through your blood - you got into it. Your hips moved so easily, back and forth. One of the girls gave you a hip scarf that made an amazing sound when you moved.


When you finally got home your heels had dug into your feet and you actually moaned when you took them off. The girls let you keep the hip scarf so you hung it up on the wall opposite your bed.

After getting changed into your pjs and sobering up a little your ran your hands over the beads that covered the new fabric on your wall you heard a knock at your door.

Walking over, your bare feet made no noise on the carpeted floor.

‘Bucky? What are you doing here?’ You said, trying not to show how your heart had sped up as soon as you knew it was him.

‘You left your coat at club’ he said holding out said object.

‘Thank you, buck’

‘You were really good tonight… at dancing’ he mumbled, his eye contact not as continuous as usual.

‘Thanks’ you said, a small smile on your face like a schoolgirl.

‘You looked really beautiful tonight’ his words took you by surprise. Honestly, you thought he would be in bed with another girl. Although you’d never actually seen him with another girl. And steve did say he’d changed a lot from when they were kids. Maybe he wasn’t the womaniser you thought he was.

‘Thank you. You looked beautiful toni- handsome. You looked handsome tonight. You still do look handsome now’ you stumbled, a nervous laugh lying over every work. ‘I really fucked that up, didn’t I’

You hadn’t noticed till now but bucky had inched his way towards you and he was now close enough for you to hear him breathing.

‘No, I don’t think you did’ his hand slowly made its way up to your cheek, tilling your head up and making it easier to kiss you.

Kiss you. Bucky was kissing you. And you had no idea what to do with your hand. But after the original shock has settled your arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him tighter. That action deepened the kiss.

When you decided to pull away his eyes were still shut and lips still parted. You moved away from him and into your room.

‘Good night, Bucky’ you said before slowly closing the door and falling face first onto the bed, your stomach in knots.

On the other side of the door bucky was practically skipping down the hall to his blond best friend.


‘She kissed me. Well actually I kissed her but then she kissed me back and I think I need to sit down.’ He rambled on before lying on the nearest surface, that happened to be a couch. ‘Thank you guys so much for everything tonight!’

‘We’re glad you two finally made it’ wanda smiled at him.

In the kitchen Tony and Natasha stood side by side. ‘Mission complete’ Nat confirmed before high fiving the brunet on her right. Both proud of the work they had done that day.


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Surprised Ed didn’t start venting his own issues with Oswald, during his little clown show

Ed: I’m Oswald, I’m gonna make crime legal and stuff

Crowd: boos

Ed: while, I strut around like I think I’m the best thing that’s ever happened in the history of everything 

Crowd: okay

Ed: And then I’m gonna kill your girlfriends , then freeze you in a block of ice . Make fun of you when your riddles are shit , even though it’s totes my fault , because freezing you made your brain weird. And all because, you wouldn’t go out with me, even though if I’d asked you probably would’ve said yes. And eventually we’d settled down and had murder babies

Crowd: What?

Ed: What?

Unfaithful : Part Fourteen

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife













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Warnings : language .


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“Shit!” You huffed once your eyes laid on the hickey that Negan left on your neck. You were standing in front of the mirror in Negan’s bathroom in only your bra and panties, you checked every inch of your body, there was few scratches and bites on your belly, thighs , breasts , back and arms. You only wondered if you had sex with a man or a beast .
Some of them weren’t so obvious but others are clear bruises.
You bit your lower lip when you remembered that Negan made love to you twice and the third time he just ate your pussy, not in your life would you think that a man could give you more than one orgasm, and Negan gave you three in just like two hours. He’d give you more if you let him carry on, but your knees became weak and walking around became a little hard.

“You ok in there baby?” Negan asked as he leaned closer to the door making sure you’re fine.

“Uh.. yeah, I’m coming out!”
You pushed the door opened, Negan smirked and grabbed you by your thighs hoisting you up , and put you on the table.
He caught your lips in a hot kiss, then backed up a little so he can look into your eyes.
“Please stay tonight!”
“I can’t Negan, I really wanna leave this place in one peice and walking, you know! ” Both of you laughed.
“Ugh Negan, you left too many marks on my body, what am I gonna say to Jack??”
Negan pulled away from you , glaring at you in annoyance.
“What the fuck do you mean what you’re gonna fucking tell him? I left those marks because your fucking body is mine, YOU’RE mine! I don’t give a shit what Jack would think of that! Besides, you’re not intending to fucking show him , are you?” He scowled at you.
“No! The hickey on my neck and the bruises on… you know what I’ll just cover them with the concealer, don’t worry! ” you muttered.

You pushed yourself off the table and grabbed your dress and shoes then you put them on.
“I gotta go Negan! I want you to stay in the shadows !” You said in a serious tone.
“Just please trust me!!! If you want food or boose or whatever just call for a cab, don’t use your car or your credit card, I don’t want anyone to know you’re here, and I’ll come to visit you everyday, till Lucille gets better and then we’ll just leave or something! Ok?” Your voice remained firm.
“Wow! Baby, did you work for the FBI before, stay in the shadow, don’t use your credit card, are you fucking kidding me? ” Negan chuckled as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“I’m serious Negan! I spotted your car, that’s how I found you! We don’t wanna risk someone seeing us together! ”
You narrowed your eyes at him, all he gave you was a nod and a smile ,you headed towards the door then you turned to him.
“ take care of yourself Negan! I’ll see you tomorrow! ”
You opened the door and just when you stepped outside the room into the corridor , you heard his husky voice calling your name
You snapped your head to the left , eyes fixated on him ,waiting for what he has to tell you.
He fondly stared at you for a while , beaming at you as his dimples and pearly teeth showed.
“What?” You asked as you grinned.

“I love you! Don’t fucking forget that!”

you froze in your spot for a while , you didn’t know how much, but it seemed that you lost sense of time. You thought your ears deceived you, but no he just admitted he loves you!
Your lips twitched but you couldn’t even form a smile on your lips , you were lost for words.
Negan stood up and walked your direction, he softly pulled your chin up using two fingers and placed a kiss on your lips, then he spanked you.
“Keep going Babygirl , go home!! or I’ll fucking take you back inside and screw your brains out all night long and so help God, no fucking power can take you away from me!”

You smiled at him then you got out of there, oh how much you wanted to tell him that you love him too and stay with him , but you just couldn’t. Things were too complicated but you knew that with time you’ll figure everything out, and you’ll set things straight.


Every single day , you went to see Negan in his room in the Plaza Inn. More than two weeks passed, and Negan played by the strategy you made for him and it worked well for both of you.
In the mornings, you make sure that Lucille got her meds, breakfast and everything that she would possibly need.
You made excuses to her that you’re going to see Jack or take a walk or go shopping, and you did the same thing to Jack . You only prayed they won’t meet.
You avoided Jack a lot, sometimes when he wants to kiss you on the mouth, you just give him your cheek instead. And he talks about intimacy, you just talk about how you want to take your relationship slowly, making hints about how your ex traumatized you and Jack would understand even though he reassured you that he’s not a jerk. Of course, he wasn’t aware that was just an excuse because for an emotionally ‘traumatized’ abused girl, you were doing perfectly fine with Negan.

Other times, when he calls you while Negan is licking your pussy, you pick up panting and you tell him that you’re jogging in the woods. All this didn’t seem to work the way it was supposed to! You thought Jack would get sick and tired of you and he’ll eventually tell you that this relationship isn’t going to work. In the contrary though, it made him want you more and yearning for you.
He left you voice messages , telling you how much he misses seeing you all the time, while you were riding Negan like a horse.
You felt sorry for Jack, though. But you knew that once you leave Virginia with Negan, he’ll get over you.

Until one day, Jack called and he said that he booked in a restaurant, he wanted to have lunch with you and talk about something important. You tried to make other excuses, but he insisted you cancel all your plans. You found yourself complying, you didn’t want Lucille to suspect something especially that you got the call in front of her. So as a result, you told him you’ll meet him on lunch.


You opened you wardrobe to choose an outfit for your lunch with Jack.
“What’s so damn important he wants to talk about? Ugh shit!!!” You huffed in annoyance as you looked at the enormous pile of clothes on your bed.
“Great! I don’t have anything to wear!!!”

You suddenly heard your phone ringing, it was Negan calling you from the hotel, you sighed in frustration and you picked up.

“Hey baby! ” came Negan’s smug voice through the phone, making your little heart melt .

“Hi!” You said in a resentful tone
“What’s wrong baby? Are you ok?” .

“Uh ..Negan, I can’t come today !”
“What? Why fucking not?!” He loudly growled making you held the phone away from you ear for a second.
“Negan, it isn’t up to me! Ok? Jack wants to see me on lunch , he said he wanted to talk to me! Do you think he had enough and he wants to break up with me?!”
Negan kept quiet for a moment then he asked.
“What’s the restaurant called?”
“Um it’s called uh…um.. Terro… terr..”
“Terrapin? ”
“Yeah that’s the one! ”
“That’s a fancy ass restaurant, I don’t fucking think he’ll take you to a luxurious restaurant to fucking break up with you?”

You could hear Negan angrily talking under his breath, then he shouted.
“I fucking told you to break up with him!!! I can’t fucking believe I listened to your stupid plan , letting you fucking seeing him while I’m fucking you!”

His words hit you like a brick , that was unnecessary rudeness, it’s not like you had a choice. The two of you created this mess and you had to be careful in each step you make. You felt really angry with Negan, so you hang up on him.
He called again but you turned your phone off.

You settled on a gray sundress and a pair of wedges. While you were doing your make up and hair , you heard the door bell.
Lucille answered the door and you could hear her greeting Jack and letting him in.
You took a final look at the mirror and run your fingers in your hair then you rushed downstairs.
“ Hi Jack!”
Jack snapped his head at your direction, watching you coming downstairs, he took in your appearance, even though you didn’t make a huge effort but Jack seemed happy with the results, you could see his eyes twinkling.
“Hi y/n! You ready? ”
“Yeah!” You uttered then you turned to Lucille who waved her hand smiling.
“Go ahead sweetie, have fun ! I’ll be just fine on my own !!!”
You nodded then you headed outside towards the car followed by Jack.
In your way to the restaurant, both of you exchanged few words, but you noticed he was nervous.
You felt your stomach flipping , you were worried he knew about your affair with Negan, somehow and he’s taking you there maybe to confront you. Then you scratched that idea from your mind, how is it even possible? You shook your head and huffed in irritation, you just hoped it’s just a usual date or something! But he did say he wants to talk! And you never hated anything in the English language more than ’ I want to talk ’.
Jack pulled in the parking lot of the restaurant, then he led you inside.
You scanned every corner of the restaurant, Negan was right , it was a fancy place. But you didn’t want to be there, you just hoped that whatever Jack has to say , he’d just spit it out and let you leave as soon as possible , you were so eager to see Negan even though he was an asshole to you today, but that was out of jealousy and you kinda liked it.
You held in a laughter, when you realized that you’re the kind of girls who’d rather be in some filthy low rated hotel with the guy she loves more than being in a luxurious restaurant with a guy you have no feelings for.

The waiter led both of you to your table, it was near a huge window with a view.
Jack pulled the chair for you to sit then he seated in front , facing you.
After a while the waiter took your orders and went about his business.
You could see his lips twitching as he clasped his fingers together and turned his face to the window, he wasn’t admiring the view though. You could tell something is off.
You placed your hand on his.
“Jack! Are you ok?”
He took your hand then placed it between his palms, his features became serious a tell of the sudden.
“I’m a straight to the point kinda guy y/n, I don’t lie , I don’t deceive and definitely don’t cheat!”
You felt like your heart stopped beating, you gulped at the lump that instantly formed in your throat. Your vision went blurry.
How could he know?
“Jack.. !” You muttered you couldn’t form a coherent sentence.
“Please, let me finish! All this time we’ve been dating, did I ever disappoint you?”
Your breath accelerated and you could feel the chairs and tables inside the restaurant were spinning around you.
You just shook your head as a no.
“ And let me tell you something, me neither! I’m so not disappointed with you at all!” He added.
You looked at him in confusion, so he does know then??
“You’re a nice decent girl, so sweet and caring , I feel like I know you for ages, you’re not material or superficial ! You are everything that I ever wanted in a girl! I don’t wanna seem like a show off but I’m good myself, like I said I don’t lie or decieve, that’s why you have my word I’ll make you the happiest girl ever!”
You looked down at your hand that Jack was holding, your lips trembled and a tear escaped your eye. Here he is praising, apparently not knowing what a lying and deceiving one you are.

“Y/n! I.. love you !” You looked at him puzzeled, you weren’t with him for even two straight months, and now he’s saying he loves you? You could respond to that! What’s there to say? Jack let go of your hand and took a little box out of his pocket and he immediately opened it. You gasped and covered your mouth, shocked! It was a ring, a huge ass rock on top of it.
“Y/n you don’t have to answer right now, take your time! I know that we know each other for more than month but I feel that we’re made for each other!!! Take the ring with you, if you put it on one day, I’ll know that’s a yes , please, just keep it with you y/n!”

You held the open box in your hand, looking at the ring, your palms were getting sweating.
You were so nervous not knowing what to say or do . Should you say no and give him his ring back then just run away or should you take it and pretend you’re gonna think about it ?

“Wow! That’s a huge fucking rock!!!”
You thought you were imagining Negan ’s voice in your head, but you weren’t. You snapped you head to your left and you saw him standing there, next to your table , smirking.

“Negan? ” Jack’s eyes widened at first then he laughed as he got off his seat and hugged him.
“Man!!! You’re back ! Thought you left town!” Jack tapped at Negan’s shoulder while the latter gave him a fake smile. “Lucille was…!” Before Jack could complete his sentence, Negan interrupted him.

“Uh.. just fucking don’t ! Please! ”

Jack only nodded , after all Negan and Lucille’s relation is none of his business. Your heart clenched and you feared the worse, you were so sure that Negan came here to cause you a trouble for hanging up on him like that.
“Mind if I joined cuz??”
“Not at all Negan, please take a seat!”
Negan glimpsed at you as he took a seat next to you while Jack got back to his.
“So Negan, how did you know we’re here! ?”
“I was passing by and I saw your car outside! ”
“Oh! Ok. Where did you disappear all this time?” “I really really appreciate that we don’t talk about me, let’s just fucking talk about you two!!! That’s a big fucking rock on that ring! Did I interrupt a proposal? ”
You could tell that Negan was really pissed, you could see it in his darkened eyes but he managed to hide his anger with his big grin , he fooled Jack but definitely not you.
“Uh .. I proposed already, you didn’t interrupt anything, I just think that it’s up to her now !”

“Oh!” Negan smirked then he turned to you giving you a rough squeeze on your thigh under the table.
“I hope she says yes so we can fucking celebrate ! ”
Jack didn’t comment, he just smiled .
You cleared you throat and you just couldn’t look in his eyes, you just wanted to get out of there, it was too much for you to handle.
You used going to the ladies room to freshen up as an excuse. Negan already knew that you were nervous, and it reminded you both of the day you made our in the club’s facilities.
Once you were out of sight, you sighed in despair , your chest was heaving. You just hated to be in such situation, you never expected that Jack would propose, you two never had sex or any kind of intimacy, all you had is few talks and kisses. They never meant anything to you, Jack at first was a way for you to get back at Negan then he just became the perfect cover to SEE Negan, or better yet to fuck Negan. Either ways you used poor Jack and you hated yourself for that. The guy is too sweet and perfect, he’s better than you but it seems he fell for you, he admitted it!!!!!
You also didn’t expect Negan to show up, you regretted giving him the restaurant’s name, and because you’re too jinxed, he caught you in the middle of a proposal.
You placed the ring in your purse, then you slid down the wall wondering what to do next, especially if Negan decided to lay all the cards on the table.

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How about some tuckington for the angst war: "Please, don't go."

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Please Don’t Go

The stupid part is, Tucker’s angry at the helmet. He couldn’t leave it behind, Goddammit, he just couldn’t. Abandoning it felt like abandoning some small part of Washington. And the thought makes Tucker’s stomach churn.

Warnings: minor blood, violence, swearing

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