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I mentioned yesterday I’d be selling a sketchbook soon that has some unposted fan art; here’s a taste of a couple of many sketches that will be in it. It’ll be on Gumroad for PDF download as Name Your Price. I’m not asking for a fortune, but I’m currently unemployed so any money is good money, even a dollar.

Been rewatching The Mighty Boosh and a few quotes suited Bog so well, my hand slipped.


the plance stylings of chunk

Noelian Fanvid - Hello by Adele

All of Adele’s music belongs to her, as well as the respective owners of the video media used in the video. This is a fan made video purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, there is no profit made from this work.

Pilot Vince and Howard in their bunk bed.

Okay so  bythepoweroftopshop posted a screencap of the pilot showing Howard & Vince’s bunk bed, there was some discussion on who was on top and bottom (I believe peacockbluey and theparanoidbassoonist?) and I was instantly like- oh yeah, I could bring this to life. 
Vince is about the top bunk, he loves the top bunk, the top bunk life is the only life for Vince Noir. 


most fortunate time for rhett to have water instead of scalding hot coffee


Gahh, this took me all day and I was going to save it and post it tomorrow but… I got excited.

So this relates to an older post I did for northernbunnynaboo. We were talking about Howard singing Les Miserables in the shower, but then littleredchucks took it next level and I couldn’t resist bringing those beautiful images to life. Check that out here

PS. the little note on the mirror says ‘Howard, shave your face you hairy yeti! xox Vince’.