boosh colours

did a lil’ rendering of noel fielding while watching old episodes of the mighty boosh.

all the best men shave twice a day x



 this show is great and awesome and so clever! so i took the time to draw this Screencap from “ The liar” season 1 episode 32 of wander over yonder. 

now the the reason i decided to redraw this is simply beacause i love the way sylvia is looking at wander who just gave up on something, and how she convinces him that they can make it out alive, you just need a little “ can do-di tood” 

also the i love drawing clouds so i took a chance to draw some fiery volcano clouds in the background. i also enjoyed working on it beacause of how read it is, i’ve done so many blue/purple things latley so i thought “ red, orange, hot colours” and boosh. hope you like!