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self indulgent boo pic!! boos are the best man…

Walking and Dinosaurs

As today was a walk day, I took Boo out for a four (4) mile walk. We walked to a new area nearby and, OH MY GOD, THERE WERE NEW THINGS TO SMELL!!!

Not only were there new things, there was crap to pickup on the off chance it MIGHT be food!  The entire walk was filled with me saying “What did you just put in your mouth?? Drop it!!”. Walking Boo is like walking a two-year old.

Plus, we walked past a number of business/restaurants/groceries that had their doors open, Boo took that to mean “Boo, you are more than welcome to come inside and meet all the people and taste whatever food we have”

Uh, no. 

On the walk home, I saw this:

It was one of those things I didn’t expect to see and actually took a couple of steps beyond the dinosaur butt before it really registered. 

I know you’re all very jealous of this and now want dinosaurs in your neighborhoods!

Roses & Love & Heroes & Cassie

Request/Summary: Hello! Nice imagines! I loved! Can I request one BuckyXReader? The reader is a Maximoff and can control the four elements, Bucky likes her secretly and is always trying to impress she. One week, Scott brings his daughter, Cassie, to meet the Avengers and the tower. Cassie find Bucky looking at the reader and asked why, Bucky gets embarrassed trying to answer all Cassie’s questions and, finally, confess his love to the reader. (@mimisari234 )

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (ft. Avengers as always)

Warnings: Nada. reader has powers lol

A/N: I added some Avengers bonding in here because who doesn’t love that?

The sound of small footsteps awoke you in the chill morning of the Avengers tower. The little steps were stomping down the hallway of your quarters as you rubbed your eyes. Getting up from your bed, you walked to your closet to change into some sweats and a sweater, and slowly opened your door.

“Boo!” A little voice greeted you from the floor.

“Shit!” You yelled. Looking down, you spotted a little girl, hair tousled around like she just got out of bed too. You saw Scott run up the stairs and chase after the little girl, and you suddenly forgot that he was going to bring his daughter, Cassie to the compound for the weekend.

“You mean ‘darn,’ (Y/L/N).” Scott warned. Closing your door, you walked with Scott and Cassie through the halls and into the tower’s elevator.

“Like you don’t swear, tic tac.” You replied.

“So, this is Cassie, huh?” You smiled at the girl who was now in Scott’s arms. She gave you a soft smile as she played with the strings of her father’s hoodie.

Scott nodded. “This is my girl.” He said. “Oh, and sorry for disturbing your sleep, (Y/N). Forgot to warn you about her.”

“No worries, Lang. I was up already.” You smiled at him.

“Daddy, that’s the earth lady, right?” Cassie asked. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as the elevator doors opened to the common room.

“Earth lady?“

Scott nodded and saw your confused expression. “It was easier to explain who was who, alright?” He said, disappearing into the kitchen to grab breakfast. You followed behind, got your breakfast and joined your fellow teammates to a meal.

“I do much more than control the plants.” You laughed.

“Morning, (Y/N).” Steve greeted, sitting next to you. You smiled at him and greeted everyone else at the table and in the living room.

Soon after, the other souls were present in the compound, filling the rooms with noise on this Friday morning. Sam, Bruce and Bucky came down just now and greeted everyone as well.

“Morning, boys.” You smiled at them, putting your plate in the sink. They nodded at you and sat in the living room. Bucky sat with Scott, Steve and Cassie in the living room as you sat with Natasha at the kitchen island. Everyone conversed in their own conversations, discussing their plans for the weekend.

“Why are you looking at earth lady?” Cassie yelled from the living room. You looked at her and gave her a soft smile. Bucky caught your eyes as his eyes widened. His cheeks were now the shade of dark red as Cassie sat by his side.

“I see a particular soldier has got his eye on you.” Natasha smirked.

You turned in your swirly chair and raised your eyebrows. “In my dreams.” You sighed out. “She was probably talking about Sam. He’s been flirting with me a lot lately but I’m kinda just like ‘oh, okay’.”

“Wilson flirts with everyone, (Y/N).” Natasha laughed. “Stop lying to yourself. Something is going on with you and Barnes and you know it.” She hopped down to the floor and walked up the stairs into her quarters.

She was right. You couldn’t just lie to yourself. You found Bucky barnes attractive. No, attractive is an understatement. Bewitching, enticing, stunning, charming. He was all of the above and you knew it. He had recently cut his hair into the same style he had back in the 40s, which made your heart flutter but had done no help with your crush towards him.

But he wouldn’t like you. Never. Could he? The two of you were just friends. I mean, sure he would tease you and go on missions with you, but you couldn’t see him falling for you. Maybe someone normal who couldn’t destroy everything they’d touch.

But he did have feelings for you. Hidden feelings and you couldn’t see them under his mysterious and witty facade.

Snapping out of your thoughts, you decided to walk over and join the group in the living room.

“Where should I take her? New York is a lot bigger than San Francisco and I can’t explore this city in two days.” Scott said. He had Cassie for the weekend before he returned her back to her mother in the bay area. Everyone thought about it and gave him multiple destinations and places to go.

“Take her to Coney.” Bucky spoke. “She’ll love it as much as Steve did.” He smirked.

“C’mon, man.” Steve laughed.

“Yeah that sounds nice.” You smiled at Bucky. “Or you could take her on a helicopter ride. That way, you’ll be able to see the whole city in a day.” You suggested.

Scott’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped. “That’s brilliant!” He said. “Thanks, earth lady.” He said.

“So, everyone here has special powers, right daddy?” Cassie asked. Scott nodded. “That’s so cool.” She jumped.

“I have the best ‘powers’ after all, Cassie.” Wanda said as she walked down the stairs. Cassie smiled at your sister as she took a seat next to you.

“Earth lady and floating lady!” Cassie shouted. “I’ve seen your powers, Wanda. They’re so cool. Can I see yours, (Y/N)?” She pleaded.

Your eyes widened. No one has ever told you to show off their powers before. You usually used them for fun or in battle. Shrugging your shoulders, you turned your hand to the fireplace. “Watch this, hun.” You smiled. You held your arm out to the fireplace, and with a few movements of your fingers, fire erupted on the logs. Cassie stood in awe.

“Your powers are stunning and all, (Y/N),” Bucky spoke. “But is that all you can do?” He questioned. Raising your eyebrows at his challenge, you bent down to Cassie’s height.

“Don’t listen to him.” You laughed. “Here. Hold out your hands like this.” You adjusted her tiny hands and held them in yours, making Cassie cup her hands. You focused and held your hands just above hers so that everyone can see. You saw Scott take out his phone to capture the moment, and when he gave you the signal, a black rose grew in Cassie’s hands. She gasped and held the rose by its stem.

“Keep going doll.” Bucky smiled at you. You felt yourself blush. Gaining confidence, you began with your little magic trick.

“Alright. Hold the flower by the bottom of the stem. Be careful, though.” You said, adjusting her fingers once more. You stood back and sat on the table just in front of her.

“This is so Instagram worthy.” Scott said.

You held your hands out and when you gained your strength, you conjured fire. The fire lit the rose petals on fire and everyone gasped. As Cassie’s eyes widened and laughed, you took that as a signal to conjure wind, blowing out the flames. Before the petals withered away and onto the floor, you froze the flower, making just the petals get coated by frost.

The little girl gasped and showed Scott. He smiled and put his phone away. You sat back with Wanda as she shook her head and gave you a light smack. “Whatever.”

“That is awesome!” Cassie said. “Bucky, I can see why you love earth lady!” The words slipped from her mouth and when she realized, she covered her mouth.

“What was that?” You laughed. Was that nonsense or did she say that Bucky liked you.

Scott cleared his throat, exchanging glances at Bucky and you. “Let’s get ready, peanut.” He said, scooping Cassie in his arms and running to the elevator. Bucky stood from his seat and left the room, leaving everyone in confusion.

“Did she just-“ Steve said.

“She sure did.” Sam wiggled his eyebrows at you.

You leaned back in your seat, smiling like an idiot at what she just said.

“You better say something, earth lady.” Wanda poked you and smiled. You ran your fingers through your hair.

“Right. Right, right. Okay.” You said, running to the elevator.

“You go, (Y/N).” Tony smirked.

It has been two hours since then. You had been stuck in your room, showering then laying on your bed to figure out what to say to Bucky. Here you are now, walking downstairs and to Bucky’s side of the tower. You prayed that he was still there, and if he was, you hoped that he would engage in the conversation.

“Bucky?” You called, knocking on his door. “It’s me. Open up.” You stepped back, pacing back and forth when he didn’t reply. Sighing, you figured it wasn’t worth it. As you were about to walk away, his door opened and revealed Bucky standing there in a black sweater and jeans.

“Hey.” You greeted him with a smile, pushing a strand of hair away in nervousness. “Can I come in?”

Bucky nodded and stepped out of the way for you to come in. You did so and sat in his living room. You heard him close the door. He stood in front of you while you were sat on his couch. “You know you can sit, right?” You laughed. “it’s your place after all.”

“Yes. Right, sorry.” He stammered and sat next to you.

The two of you sat there in awkward silence. The sound of the soft winds that were running through the towers were the only sounds to be heard, aside from the others that were downstairs and talking.

“So…” You said, breaking the silence.

“So.” Bucky mimicked, playing with the metal plates of his arm.

“Look, Bucky. What Cassie said earlier probably wasn’t true, but if it was, I totally respect that you don’t wanna talk and I just came up here to see if you were o-“

“(Y/N).” Bucky said.

“kay - but you know, I kinda do wanna talk about it because we’ve known each other for a while now and i-

“(Y/N)!” Bucky spoke louder now, interrupting you again. You stopped blabbering on.


“I like you. A lot.” He admitted. Your heart fluttered and did flips inside your chest when he said that. You couldn’t help but smile at him. “But if you don’t feel the same, then that’s fine.”

“Bucky.” You sighed out. “Thank god we have mutual feelings because I like you too. For the longest time.” You said. He smiled at you and brought his hands out to cup your head in his hands.

“Me too, doll. I was just too scared to tell you because I wouldn’t think you deserved me.” He said.

You smiled as your hands rested at his chest. You stared at each other for a few seconds, contemplating the moment. “Well, are you gonna kiss me or should I go?” You teased.

He broke out in laughter and finally leaned in. Bucky made sure that the kiss was nice and slow so that the two of you could savor the moment. Slowly pulling away, you couldn’t help but laugh.

“What?” He asked.

“It’s just, who would ever think that the reason why we’re together is because of a little girl.” You laughed. He laughed with you, realizing that Scott’s daughter was the hero of the day.

“I’m not little!” a voice spoke out from Bucky’s closet door.

You both looked at each other, eyes widened. The two of you looked at the door to his closet, and Cassie ran out. You put your hand over your heart, flustered about what just happened.

“Cassie, have you been here the whole time?” Bucky asked, picking her up.

“Yup!” She smiled. She leaned in to whisper, rather loudly, in Bucky’s ear. “Did you tell her yet?”

Bucky nodded. “I sure did.” He smiled.

The door swung open just as you got up from your seat.

“Barnes, have you seen Cassie? We’re playing-“ Scott began. The three of you looked at the man who was clearly out of breath.

“Hide and seek.”

Unexpectedly Early

characters: you, jeonghan 

genre: fluff I think 

 character count: 1924

You were sitting on the couch watching TV, waiting for Jeonghan to come home from practice.
The whole room was dark, the only source of light was from the television.

After a bit, you felt your eyelids get heavy, and as you right about to drift off to sleep, you hear someone playing with your door handle. Startled, you checked the time and realized that it was only 11 PM, an hour earlier than when Jeonghan was supposed to come home. You knew that he usually wasn’t early, so you grabbed an umbrella from the closet as you started creeping by the door, sliding against the wall while tiptoeing.

On the outside, Jeonghan was having trouble trying to open the door. As he finally got his key in right, he thought it might be a funny idea to scare you. He put his long bangs in front of his face and opened the door.

“Boo!” Jeonghan yelled as you screamed and dropped to the floor, the umbrella falling to the ground. Seeing as how Jeonghan decided to scare you like that, you decided it’d be fun to scare him back, just so he knew how it felt. He laughed at you and stood there, waiting for you to stand up and give him a hug like you usually do. But after waiting for a minute and not seeing you move, he started getting a bit worried. He kneeled to the ground and shook you.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He said, shaking you and tapping you. Right as he was about to get his phone out and call for help, you bounced up and screamed.


Jeonghan jumped, screaming and almost dropped his phone, but thankfully you caught it right as it was about to hit the floor. You doubled over in laughter and he pretended to be mad at you, before laughing with you. You stood up and gave him a big hug.

“How was practice?” you asked him, placing a kiss on his cheek. He wandered off to the kitchen to get some water, turning the light on.

“Good! We finished early.”

“Ah, so I realized..” He laughed at your response and came back to you, wrapping you in a warm hug, before attacking you by tickling your sides.


So, it happened.

I’ve scarred my child for life. He had a good run–made it to 13.

Backstory: The husband is always scaring me because apparently my startle response is endlessly amusing to him. Lol 🙄 Conner always wants to do it, as well, but he’s about as sneaky as a herd of stampeding buffalo, so he’s never been successful.

Anyway, I came home from the gym today and went to take a shower. When I got out of the shower, I was still super hot, so I peeked out the bathroom door and saw no one upstairs and thought I heard the husband and Conner talking downstairs. So, I walked naked from my bathroom to my bedroom (like five steps). I opened the door to my room (which is always super dark because of the curtains), and Conner, hidden behind my door, shouted, “Boo!” I jumped, screamed…and flipped the light switch as a reflex…

Conner was like, “Ha, got yo–aghhhhh!!!! Why are you naked!?!?!?!” His face, you guys!!! 😳😫😱

I mean, yes, I’m sure it was a shock, but I couldn’t spare him. I just died laughing and was like, “Well, I mean, sure, you made me jump, but who really got who in this situation?” Of course, this was shouted to him as he fled red-faced from the room.

I bet he’ll never venture unannounced into my room again. 😂😂😂 I’m sure it’s absolutely awful that I’m not more humiliated/horrified/whatever. And, I mean, I do feel bad for the kid, but…sometimes those life lessons’ll getcha.

Crap situations are better if you can learn to laugh them off anyway. I told Conner that. To which he responded, “You’re a monster and I hate you.” 😂😂😂 He’s his mother’s son.


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my favorite place on earth to write/study is Atticus in Spokane, Washington. it’s named after my favorite character in all of literature and their coffee is 👌