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Wait what happened I'm confused??

as far as i can tell louis was papped carrying the fake child outside of his public house. he was wearing the outfit from the IG and fan pic. the baby’s face was not blurred. the pics were first published by OK magazine with an accompanying article that stalker boopsy wrote.

we’re officially in the twilight zone.

Boopsy out there giving louis’ exact flight to stalkers and paps. Classy!

(But also why is he even taking a commercial flight when Niall took private and Louis typically flies private to vegas…)

Backgrid USA

What is Backgrid? That’s the tag on the latest pictures of Freddo and Louis.


We are BACKGRID, a global premier celebrity news agency. We supply the world’s top news outlets with real-time content from the world’s top photographers.


Every photo and video in our archive goes through a rigorous editing and quality control process. The result is content that is visually stunning, editorially appealing and ready to be published.


Powerhouse agencies Xposure, AKM-GSI and FameFlynet U.S.A. joined forces to create BACKGRID, the World’s largest celebrity content agency.

Many of our editing staff are former field photographers with years of experience. We know the shot you are going for. Our editing process helps us maximize the value of your work without ever compromising the integrity of your original vision.


Xposure, AKM-GSI and/or a FameFlynet photographer took the pics

These photo agencies have taken the majority of the babygate pics. Here’s just one example from last Summer: 

lmao they call her briana yungwirth LMAO - bowling pics were fameflynet but starbucks - you guessed it! xposure akm gsi!

Boopsy, aka Lillie Gissen, wrote the captions/article for the pics. She didn’t take them. Just another photographer Louis can probably spot at 100 yards sitting directly outside his front door on a dead end, essentially one-lane street. 

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If "journos" are so concerned about Harry and the other boys' privacy, maybe they should start writing articles about the stalker culture within the one direction fandom.

HONESTLY. you want to talk about invasive and entitled fans? someone do a feature piece on boopsy and jordyn.

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im laughing my ass off because harry was in NYC and boopsy can't do shit about it because of the restraining order and yet she claims is not true and she didn't feel like stalking him when she stalks every single person