harry is truly the level of chill i wanna be. he just dropped a single, did some promo, announced the album release, and now is straight chilling. just going to the gym. wearing tall white socks. drinking water. hashtag goals


Ok I don’t trust Boris and Bendy seems so full of hate and bloodlust as far as we know. I can’t just assume all these guys are innocent angels and poor victims. Especially because cartoons back then weren’t always morally sound. So I hope Boris knows more than he should about Joey Drew’s plan(?). Like he was the first to be brought to life because Drew didn’t want to mess up on Bendy so Boris was the test subject. This is so rushed and sloppy. But I wanted to post something before finals hit me like a six wheeled truck.

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*comes knocking shyly at your fandom door* Darby, do you think you could write more Allira? They are my weakness and you write them so well *boops your nose*.

Emmaaaaaa you are so sweet <3

Of course I will indulge in some more Allira. I’m always looking for reasons to write more femslash and I love these two a lot tbh.

Basing this off a prompt from some list I reblogged forever ago:  “Are these your underwear or mine?”

Allison always said that she saved laundry for days when she and Kira were both home because she enjoyed dong it together, relaxed and easy and usually with lots of teasing and casual touches. The truth though was that Allison despised doing the laundry and having Kira there made it a little more bearable. It also meant half the work.

“Hey Ally?”

Allison jerked from her musings and looked up to where Kira was frowning at a pair of lacy black underwear. She couldn’t help but find the image adorable.

“Are these your underwear or mine?” Kira said.

Looking closer, Allison studied them for a moment and then shrugged. “They’re not mine.”

“I don’t think they’re mine either,” Kira said slowly.

They exchanged a look and laughed.

“Lydia,” they said in sync.

“I still don’t know how she ends up leaving her underwear here all the time,” Allison said with a roll of her eyes. 

“I just hope it’s not because she’s having sex in our apartment.” 

Kira gave a brief face of disgust to the piece of cloth in her hands and then tossed it farther up the bed away from their own things to be dealt with later.

“Lydia actually has manners unlike Scott and Stiles,” Allison said.

“Ugh, don’t remind me.”

Kira shuttered as Allison laughed, folding a pair of her own pajama pants into a neat little pile and setting it aside with the rest. The continued in silence until Kira paused, stopping mid-fold.

“Do you think she’s trying to tell us something?” she said, quiet but considering.

Allison blinked in surprise and then cracked a smile. “No. She’s way more direct than that.”

Kira still looked doubtful even as she resumed her task. Allison bit her lip as she watched her for a long moment. Eventually she hazarded, “Would you mind if she was?”

Kira twitched a little at the question, blush slowly creeping across her cheeks. “I mean, it would be very flattering.” She looked embarrassed by her answer but didn’t try to take it back. “Would you?”

“Well, I wouldn’t really complain.”

They watched each other closely, as if waiting for the other to breakdown first. When neither of them did, they smiled awkwardly at each other and continued on with their task. Allison knew this conversation wasn’t close to finished yet though. Something big had been opened up to them without any effort, and she could never let things rest for very long.

Allison sighed and glared discretely at the basket of yet to be folded clothes. She really really hated laundry.


halò!!!!!! ciamar a tha thu???? tha mi toilichte do choinneachadh!!!!!!

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C-could you give me some..... ummm ... Goodmorning giggles? 🙊🙈

Actually, I was going to ask you to giggle for me!
How cute would it be if you woke up to my neck buried into your neck? I would giggle against your sensitive neck and say “Good morning, my sweet heart! How’s about giving me some good morning giggles.” And I would kiss along your neck and stroke you with my beard until you really started to giggle for me. Then I would hug you close, snuggle you tightly, and boop your nose.
“I love to wake up to your giggles.”