Hearing Voices Part III - Boop
  • Nora: There I stood, atop my mighty castle, the unquestioned Queen of all the land! The enemy approached. They would pay for their treachery. They would pay for their terrible puns. They would pay for the fact that the pie Jaune threw was supposed to hit Yang instead of Weiss!
  • Jaune: Nora! You threw…
  • Nora: THEY WOULD PAY! The enemy captain sent up a war cry, proclaiming that her victory would be delicious. Little did she know that it would be ME who would be dining on the delicious taste of victory!
  • Ruby: But I beat…
  • Nora: YES! MY VICTORY WAS CLOSE AT HAND! And with that the battle was begun. There would be no grapes left unsquished, no sodas left unshaken! It was to be a battle to the death! “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” I cried to my minions…
  • Jaune: (indignant) Minions?
  • Nora: “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” I CRIED TO MY MINIONS! “Tonight we will drink udder satisfaction from the cup of glory!” We launched our first attack, sending an avalanche of watermelons like cannonballs right onto the would-be-usurpers’ heads, leaving them weak and sticky and wishing they had never picked such a woefully mismatched fight! As our front line infantry advanced, baguettes at the ready…
  • Oscar: (in his head) Aren’t you supposed to be telling me more about the Grimm?
  • Ozpin: I can’t get a word in edgewise
  • Ren: (telepathically) Welcome to my world

father tries to connect with his nerdy son pt. 3


…you know what it feels like to get booped off an edge. You just…let it happen and die a little inside is all.