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What's with you and Latch? You know each other?

My relationship with Latch?

We weren’t always cool with each other in the beginning, being competitors and all.

I had just found out about the League and I decided to give it a spin when we met in the first match of the season. The entire season after that was very competitive and we ended up being enemies when it came right down to it.

I saw him as competition and he saw me as a nuisance. He’d even threaten my life if he caught me in the sewers.

Some time after that season had ended I ran into some pretty bad rap with the cops. They almost had me too, but I managed to escape with barely a sliver of my own life… into the sewers.

Latch eventually found me but he didn’t dismantle me like I feared he would. Instead he fixed me. He said he needed me to fix something with his spine in exchange since he couldn’t do it himself.

I dunno. I think we learned a thing or two about each other that day. Ever since then we had no real reason to stay bitter. In fact, now I feel like I have a brother.

Answer the questions using songs from ONE artist only. Pass it on to other people. Try not to repeat a song title, its a lot harder than you think!
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Artist: Lady Gaga
What is your gender: Boys Boys Boy
Describe yourself: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
How do you feel: So Happy I Could Die
Where do you currently live: The Edge of Glory
If you could go anywhere where would you go: Venus
Your fave form of transport: Just Dance
Your best friend: Judas
You and your best friends: The Fame
Favourite time of day: Dance in the Dark
What is life to you: Do What U Want
Your relationship: Love Game
You fear: Bad Romance

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