This month had been unlike any other, Beau raised herself to be strong and she had experienced things no one should ever experience. She knew how to block everyone out and it killed her when someone saw even a glimpse of her weak side. She sat in bed reading one of her favorite books when she heard a knock on the door. “If you’re looking for Samantha she’s not here. If you’re looking for me go away.”


Last night my boyfriend took off his pants and it made this little nest and my cat slept in it all night…. my cat in my boyfriend’s pants… I’m crying

ive never really been into dr/known much about the actual plot of any of the games BUT ive been eyeing rantaro tenkai since the second i saw him a while ago

green hair?? piercings?? im fucking SOLD. also hes “SHSL ???” hes mysterious :o im love him. im callin dibs on this one