I make a lot more political/ social justice posts on facebook than here since more of my people need the information there than on tumblr. feel free to add me, but I swear to Jesus if I get weird messages/ creepy vibes, I will block your ass so fast. but if you’re a friendly soul, I welcome you. (▰˘◡˘▰)

In case you still don’t know, the word “phobia” has a completely different meaning in sociological context compared to psychological context! Homophobia is not a fear of gay people, fatphobia is not a fear of fat people. It’s hatred, it’s prejudice. It’s synonymous to animus. Can we all just accept that and move along already? You’re not being a smartass by “noticing” that “phobia means fear”. You’re being ignorant.

fuck y'all I’m not surprise how little attention us Latinx and Hispanics are getting. We are humans too, we’re not immigrants, job stealers, chulos, ghetto, or illegal aliens. We do not want to be fetishized by you people. We don’t want to be prejudiced by you. We don’t want to face racism. We don’t want to be stereotyped. We want to be see as humans. Don’t stay quiet for us. Please