boop gotcha nose

Eh heck why not

Based on Mark’s ‘I GOTTA LIVE’ video

Idk I was bored

You never thought you would see the day where you actually missed a giant.

It had started when Ethan found you after a mouse had taken over your home last winter. You had been nearly freezing to death when he saw you curled up at the base of a tree. At first, you were scared to death of him, especially because he just carried you off back to his house. He had explained being a Youtuber and eventually you met his friends.

Now Ethan had handed you off to Mark, as his autograph session at PAX was beginning soon. For your safety, you weren’t allowed to be with Ethan in case someone tried to take you, or he did another backflip.

“I’ll see you soon, (name).” He ruffled your hair with one finger and vanished through the curtain.

You looked up at Mark. You had barely left Ethan’s hands or shoulders since your flight from LA. While you trusted Mark, you still felt overwhelmed by everything going on. PAX was big and loud and there was too much happening everywhere. It was a sensory overload.

You heard screaming, grimaced, and covered your ears.

“Hey…” Mark said awkwardly. One of his fingers touched your back. “Are you okay?”

You shook your head. Ethan must have said something, because the crowd screamed again. You covered your ears a second time.

Mark frowned. “No? That’s okay. I guess all of that noise is hard on your ears, isn’t it?” He glanced around a bit, then sank down to the floor on his stomach.

“Mark, what are you doing?” You asked.

He was army-crawling behind a stack of crates. “Don’t you know, (name)? I’m a spy, and it’s my mission to keep you happy.” He sat up and peered out over the top of the crates dramatically, before turning to you and leaning his back on them. “The coast is clear. Over.”

You a small laugh. Somehow, being closer to the ground helped a little. He began talking to you, and you leaned back against his fingers. You felt better.

Eventually, you saw Tyler and Amy sneaking up on you. From your angle, they looked extremely tall. Amy snickered and held one finger to her lips.

Of course, Mark saw you look away and proceeded to check behind him. “Hey! What are you two doing here?” Mark asked. He looked back down at you.

“Dunno. The enforcers thought you were livestreaming.” Amy chuckled.

“Or you finally lost it.” Tyler added.

You giggled.

“Well I am clearly doing neither of those things, so no one needs to ban me yet!” Mark shot back. “It’s just, (name) is feeling a little overwhelmed and I’m trying to calm them down!”

“Oh. Are they okay?” Amy asked. She leaned down. “Are you okay?”

You nodded. “Yeah, just-” Another wave of cheers came from the crowd. Mark cuddled you to his chest, using himself to block some of the noise. “-it’s loud.” You finished, as Mark held you out again.

Tyler nodded, kneeling down. You used to be terrified of the stone-faced giant, but you now trusted him as much as Mark. “You’ll be okay. Ethan’s gonna be back in the next hour or so, okay?”

You booped his nose. “Gotcha, big dude.”

Amy and Tyler left after that, leaving you and Mark alone again. “What to do now… Oh!”

Mark lowered himself onto his stomach again and began army-crawling toward the curtains that separated you and Ethan. “Let’s go see how the Blueberry is doing!”

You sat back against his palm and hung onto his thumb. This would certainly be… interesting.