boop crew

fake ah michael and gavin where they both start getting big around the same time, so from the start, they’re at each others throats just because they’re competing (well. michael is at gavin’s throat. gavin’s just happy to be here).

and gavin has this much of an edge over michael in regards to infamy and customers because gavin is just that much more over the top, and no one wants to hire the curly haired kid with the big mouth when they can hire the british guy who dresses like he’s straight out of american eagle magazine and manages to flirt all of his customers into paying more than they agreed upon. michael does the job, but gavin’s an experience. 

they both have diehard clients who swear up and down that they’re the best, that there’s no way they’ll ever go to someone else. they both are the talk of the town, and there are rumors abound that they’re putting out hits on each other, or working together, or had a really bad breakup, or that they’re courting each other in the tongue of destruction. they both get drafted in by geoff, and they’re both really fucking annoyed that they work together marvelously when they’re not pissing each other off, and they’re both very off put when they end up liking each other.