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Hey how would Tailgate, Roddy, Drift, and Swerve react to having an s/o that's in the elite fighters and known for being stoic, cruel and intimidating but in reality they're a sweetheart and a big softie?


  • Ohhhh Primus his s/o is so tough and heroic. But it’s hard to remain that way around Tailgate, with his energized personality and lovable persona. 
  • He always takes a chance to get on their good side so he can see them be sweet and comforting. Anything to get them to open up a little more. That sweetspark is in there somewhere!
  • Eventually it comes down to his s/o is always quiet, stoic, straight-faced until Tailgate comes sprinting at them full-speed. They drop down and burst into laughter, catching him. It’s a game they do now - that’s their greeting. 
  • Don’t mess with Tailgate. His s/o will fuck you up. Fuck. You. Up.
  • Nobody who’s new to the crew believes it when Tailgate is sitting on his s/o’s shoulders, and they’re laughing as they charge across the halls like their s/o isn’t an honored and somewhat feared fighter. How? How did that minibot ever turn that tough fighter into such a…mushy person??
  • SERVO-HOLDING. It’s their go-to form of affection. Sure Tailgate has to really reach up for his s/o to reach his servo but both of them don’t mind. 
  • Any time Tailgate’s present, his s/o never loses a smile. 
  • “Don’t mess with my s/o! They’ll kick your aft right off!” 
  • Who said that? We’ll never know.


  • It was unlikely - or so everyone thought. But Roddy’s charismatic charm - and reckless behavior - was somehow alluring. Who knows? Even his s/o doesn’t know. 
  • Must be the flames.
  • (It’s absolutely the flames.)
  • They flirt. Openly. Not touching or holding or anything, just making innuendos at each other until Magnus is about to explode. Everyone rolls their optics because by Primus, Rodimus, you’re the captain. Control yourself. You have a reputation.
  • Rodimus likes to think it’s his destiny to be paired up with someone so epic. I mean, they’re both epic, with them TOGETHER? That’s DOUBLE EPIC! 
  • Not everyone thinks so.
  • They have this in-game that’s absolutely horrible but hilarious. They try to catch each other off-guard by waiting for opportune moments to kick objects - usually pede warmers and anything that fits on their pedes - at each other, while crying “HI-YAH!” No harm is meant and any collateral damage is…well. With any game comes risks. This game of “kung-shu” is their way of having fun. 
  • His s/o’s perfect time to strike with kung-shu is when Roddy’s in his office reading or carving. 
  • Roddy’s perfect time is when his s/o’s in their bunk. Even when recharging.
  • There’s lots of chasing. 
  • Everything’s fun and games until you accidentally hit Magnus. 
  • Run for your life, Roddy!
  • Both get into all sorts of mischief. His s/o loves pranks, but because they’re always quiet and closed off, everyone always suspects Rodimus even when he was totally innocent. Rip Roddy.
  • When no one’s around, that’s when his s/o breaks out the cutesy comments. They get into compliment-competitions. Who can make the other stutter and blush? If you blush you lose. It’s usually balanced, who blushes first. 
  • Comforting shoulder-touches. 
  • They can tell when the other’s upset. Even though others swear his s/o’s face NEVER changes expression except for the shape of their mouth, Rodimus can tell. He can always tell. 
  • He’s also the only one who can get them to break their composure.
  • Everyone else tries and fails. Only he can do it.
  • His s/o is his rock. The only thing that can slow him down, or give him someone who won’t be too harsh. He can rely on them when he’s feeling particularly bad.
  • They bring out the comforting, gentle side of him no one else really believes exists. 
  • His s/o loves to jokingly stroke his ego. He eats it right up. Unbelievable. Totally hopeless.


  • While at first Drift tried the kind, warm-sparked approach, he didn’t think it’d work. He almost gave up on it when after a particularly bad battle, he noticed his future s/o was being very compassionate for those in the medbay. They seemed so soft, so sweet, so positive…A complete one-eighty from the quiet reserved fighter he was used to seeing.
  • Operation: Open Up! now commenses. 
  • He spends time with them, knowing others won’t try to (not thinking they’ll succeed anyway). Eventually, they bond over past mistakes and changes of heart. 
  • His s/o decides to be converted, and Drift is overjoyed. 
  • They don’t touch very much openly, but spending time in each other’s aura is just as soothing. In fact, his s/o is super talkative whenever Drift speaks to them, but anyone else it’s hard to get a word out.
  • When Drift shows up, his s/o relaxes and instantly turns into this gentle giant, all warm smiles and welcoming behavior. When his s/o shows up, Drift’s smile shines three times as bright and you might as well have put the mech in a trance. 
  • While Drift still holds some remorse over his past actions, his s/o is always there to remind him - no matter the blood on their hands, both of them can start again. The war’s over - time to start anew. With each other. 
  • His s/o becomes his new reason to keep doing good. He had a reason before - but now, with them, his passion is strengthened tenfold. 
  • Don’t bother trying to fight them. When they’re together they’re unstoppable. And good luck separating them ‘cause it won’t happen. Not on their lives.


  • It started with small talk over engex. Then it became long-winded 2 AM conversations about old feelings and hushed opinions. Then it turned to actively seeking time with each other. Then it changed to Swerve giving them something to smile about, and them giving Swerve something to look forward to each day. 
  • While their relationship isn’t exactly conventional, the two do enjoy giving each other affection using smooth-talk and spending time together. If you find one of the two, you’ll find the other close by. 
  • They don’t part. If one goes on a mission the other goes. 
  • While to others, Swerve seems like a bother to his s/o, in secret his s/o adores just listening to Swerve and being in his presence. He always lightens up the room (and mood) which is a welcome change to their normally monotone, closed off vibes. 
  • Over time, his s/o becomes more comfortable opening up around others, loosening thanks to his energy slowly working them out of their shell. 
  • No one sees it, but his s/o loves being sweet and tender, and Swerve loves it. He adores it, adores THEM. A tough looking person like his s/o, being all cute for him? Oh he could indulge for cycles. 
  • They don’t say anything, but Swerve secretly stops making his s/o pay for drinks. They don’t drink much to begin with - his s/o comes for his company now, not to drink. 
  • Don’t bother trying to trash-talk either one of them if their s/o is in their presence. Swerve will give you the scorching of a lifetime and his s/o has the Death Glare + Deathly Voice of Doom down to an artisanship. 
  • While his s/o tries not to, they do get a bit protective over him from time to time. Swerve gets extremely worried over any little cut or bruise his s/o receives. Nope, don’t bother telling them they’re used to it. He’s not gonna listen. HIS s/o? Suffering? That’s worse than anything else in the world!
Bears of Boop, Bears of BETA!

Ticking off a milestone never felt so good. The buggy little creation that Bears of Boop was 2 weeks ago is no more. 

I mean, sure, there’s still HEAPS of bugs but let’s not talk about those right now. 


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you and lazyshib both draw such cute art. very fuzzy and hugable!!!!!!! :)

thank you so much!!!  i can’t speak for @lazyshib but that sort of encouragement means so much to me.  i only recently started drawing, and i worry a lot that my stuff is ‘not good enough’ to share.  But then i get things like this ask, or someone sends me a positive message, or people say really nice things in tags (i read every single one!), or they just like my stuff, and it all really encourages me to keep trying to improve and to post my stuff.  you all really are the best!!

Not Meant To Be - Chapter One

Summary:  Soulmates were always a concept that interested Dan. Not enough to study it, but enough to have many late night Wikipedia adventures. Soulmates have matching tattoos. They represent something about your soulmate, and can change. Some people are born without soulmates, some soulmates are platonic, and some people have multiple soulmates. It’s all very irregular and complicated, and even though years of study has gone into it, no one really knows how it works. | In other words, Dan finds his soulmate, and it’s not Phil.

Genre: angst and fluff

Word Count: 4748

TW: Dan had a panic attack

Read on AO3

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Boop Boop.

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Prototype Progress

Working on the personal project for the Prototyping Module. “Bears of Boop” is an action PvP, arena-based party game. You build up speed and using the relative force send the other player flying off the map.

Here is Capsule-Thing demonstrating the key-door mechanic that was ultimately scrapped to keep a fast game flow. But also the basis of the speed mechanic is working.

Did I mention that you play as a bear holding an oversized fit-ball. Stay tuned for more.

Petty Wap. Petty LaBelle. Petty LePew. Petty Andretti. Petty Murphy. Petty Winslow. Petty Crocker. Petty White. Petty Van Halen. Petty Monster. Petty Mayonnaise. Tom Petty. Petty Levert. Petty Officer. Petty Pendergrass. Petty Riley. Petty Boop. Pettyton The Bear. Petty Melt. Petty Cash. Petty Guerrero. Petty Kruger. Petty vs. Jason.