February 1

But professor, isn’t that antithetical to everything you’ve said about Native American literature up until now? The student kept his arm raised, eagerly, as he asked the question.

Beep beep. WHIRRRRR. Boop. Whirr beep.

I don’t understand, chimed another student, what about the Catholic Church? Or Greek Orthodox, for that matter? Don’t their contributions count for anything?

Whirrrr BEEEP beep BEEEEEEP. Whirr beep boop. Whirr beep.

Agitated, a young man in the back of the classroom stood up, shouting: But that’s not fair! We all know time is just a socially constructed medium anyways!

WHIRRRR BEEEEEP. WHIRR BEEP. Boop. Whirrrr whirrr beeep. Beep beep beep. Boop beeeeeeep. Whirr. Whirr beep.

Slowly at first, then in a rolling cascade the students began to rise and clap. A smattering turned into a thunderous roar of approval, joy, and relief. No one noticed the two students who remained seated in a darkened corner, whispering to each other: Wait, did you understand a word of what Professor BB-8 just said? No. Oh, okay, good.