if it isnt the kids, its always the wife in horror movies who sees the paranormal stuff first and her husband never believes her and he always thinks she’s crazy

why is it always this way
they always have her saying “im not crazy im not crazy” and everybody side-eyes her all suspicious…like wow, typical hysterical woman with her emotions and hypersensitivity how original 

Spoiler Roundup for Season Five of Lost Girl
  • Bo finally makes a choice….  pizza for dinner.
  • Never naked Tamsin and always naked Bo.
  • All your faves die… oh wait that was last season.
  • Lauren and Tamsin finally make eye contact and have a staring contest.
  • Penis jokes.
  • Dyson being broody and shirtless every episode.
  • Lauren accidentally impregnated Evony with her science vagina last season and the two are taking Lamaze classes. It’s the fifth group they’ve tried, Evony keeps melting the teachers.
  • Kenzi: “Surprise, Bitch. I bet you thought you saw the last of me.”
  • “EPIC!”
  • Bo has a sex marathon for charity.
  • While on a case Dyson annoying Lauren. Lauren rolling her eyes. Tamsin calling both of them idiots under her breath and Bo oblivious to the whole thing.

“one size fits all” graduation cap aka “one size fits all except if youre black and have big natural hair or if you have twists or braids or locs or if you have anything that isn’t flat haha sucks to be you huh”