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Ghost Intern

“Actually, feel free to be a lot less specific. Like just going ‘booooooo’ is literally all that’s required of you. And remember, when you file your report, we’re using the green cover sheets now. Blue was last month.”

If you think George doesn’t run around the house scaring people with a white sheet over his head as a ghost then you’re wrong

-George sneaking up behind Lockwood while he’s reading his magazines and Lockwood spills his tea everywhere

-George running around Lucy encircling/waving his arms until he falls when Lucy sticks out her foot (Lucy is laughing but helps George back up– she just loves George)

-Holly is the one telling George not to cut eye holes in the new sheets

EXO’s Reaction to Getting Their Chance of Kissing You Taken Away

Booooooo, I did not know how to properly title this one. It’s a long reaction to try to fit into a short, but sweet, title. ^^”

Baekhyun: would honestly probably get himself kicked out of the area shortly after the filming for this scene began, because he’d be so friggin’ salty about the change of scene. He’d be making all kinds of faces in plain sight of you, likely prompting you to lose your composure and ruin the scene for the umpteenth time.

Chanyeol: would be so bothered by this, but he wouldn’t want you to pick up on that. When you had your back to him, the feeling of upset would be clearly written on his face, but when he noticed you looking his way, he’d try to force a smile for your sake and silently support you.

Chen: isn’t really going to allow something like this to affect him. He knows it’s purely professional for you, so there’d be no reason for him to let it bug him. He’d just smile sweetly as he watches your performance in awe, admiring your acting skills and cheering you on. “Yah, Y/N! You have no idea how amazing that was, you did that scene so perfectly!”

D.O: is going to be struck speechless when his scene gets taken away from you. Sure, he would’ve been nervous to do the scene himself, but that didn’t mean he wanted it to be changed. Outwardly, he wouldn’t allow his disappointment to show too much, but on the inside he’d be totally cringing at the sight of the other actor getting the chance to lock lips with you.

Kai: would probably have no problem complaining to you about the entire thing. You’d likely already be super close with Kai, so he’d let his whining fly freely, making a super unimpressed face and trying to joke around about the whole situation. “Tsk, why did they pull my chances with you away? They’re messing with fate here, Y/N!”

Kris: wouldn’t be the type to let something like this get in his way. He wouldn’t care so much about the scene itself, but he sure as hell wouldn’t let your lips be tainted by the other guy before he had his chance with you. He’d get to you before filming started and make sure his lips made contact with yours. “I know that was unexpected, but I couldn’t help myself.”

Lay: is the type who would get totally lost in his own thoughts while watching you act the scene out. Like, in reality, he’d hate watching you kiss another guy, even if it was for the sake of acting, but in his mind, he’d find a way to put himself in the picture, imagining what your lips would feel like.

Luhan: will actually be pretty badly affected by something like this. He’d get super grumpy when he was forced to watch the scene unfold, and while it wouldn’t be intentional, he’d probably be quite irritated with you for a couple days after. Like, he’d pout, and give you the silent treatment for several days before realizing he had to apologize, since he knew it wasn’t your fault.

Sehun: would begin pouting for daaaays! He’d be so upset that he had to stand by while you and the other male actor kissed, but it’d be like a car crash for him: He wouldn’t really want to watch, but he wouldn’t be able to tear his glare away, nor would he be able to stop the sass spilling from his lips after you finished filming. “Eww, I almost feel bad that you had to kiss him, Y/N. He looks like a terrible kisser, so sloppy.”

Suho: would be so disappointed when the chance to finally kiss you slipped out of his fingers. But, he’s a professional, so he’d grudgingly force himself to suck it up and keep his mouth closed. “I can’t believe they’re making me sit here and watch Y/N get kissed by that guy. How am I supposed to react if she asks what I thought about her scene?”

Tao: Can you say “diva”? This kid would be so grumpy when he’d heard about the change in script, and everybody around him would easily pick up on that. He’d probably try everything he could to either get the scene changed back, or just wipe out the kiss entirely, ‘cause it’d seriously kill him to see your lips locked with another man’s.

Xiumin: is the type of guy who definitely knows that the best way to get to your heart is likely to be as supportive as possible, even in crappy situations like this. So, even though he’d be dying on the inside, Xiumin would wholeheartedly support and cheer you on from the sidelines. “Wow, Y/N, I’m always so blown away by your acting skills, that was perfect.”


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GILRS PUUUHLEEEAAAZZZEEEE! Y'all are bunch of fabulous admins that I appreciate and love. Do NOT feel bad about yourself! LIFE IS A CRAZY TORNADO OF SHIT FLYING AROUND CONSTANTLY!! Life is busy, and gets real busy! I love you guys and appreciate every post. Y'all slay me and bless my feed 🖤

Thanks Booooooo! I just like wish I could do more. Damn college -Admin Cat

Every Muse album accurately described

Showbiz: ANGST PURE ANGST (feat soft guitar) parts 1-12

Origin Of Symmetry: Technology is advancing wayyyy too fast and I’m a big fan of guitar riffs and piano parts 1-11


Black Holes And Revelations: The Government is bad and they’re all Zetas in disguise parts 1-9 (feat. Hoo Ha Space Cowboy Fun Time Dance Party Boogaloo)

The Resistance: “Did someone say Glitter and Revolutions?” Feat. Bach and Beethoven parts 1-11

The 2nd Law: Space! Space! Space! Dubby Wubby Wee Wee Wee Booooooo! Machines! parts 1-13

Drones: Remember that time we said the government was bad, yeah they’re really bad okay really bad THERES THE DRONES here they come there they go parts 1-12

Bummer. I called for a cab from my hotel to take us to a bar and they were taking over 45 minutes and I ended up just canceling it because bars here close at 1am and why even bother at this point. Booooooo.

Jung Hoseok

We did it~~~~ We talked about it for a while but we decided to make an ask blog! To talk to all of you~~~ A couple of them weren’t very excited, but there are 7 of us so there will be enough going on so you wont notice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Now I can talk to all of you, excited~~~ If you don’t know me, booooooo ㅠㅠ I play with the stars, I’m a nightwalker ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We can talk about the moon together!!! Ah right, you guys can ask us questions, we can tell you guys about things, ask us to do things ㅋㅋㅋㅋ whatever you want! Maybe Seokjinnie or Jiminnie will put some recipes on here, or Jungkookie can put some of his pictures. I don’t think Yoongi will ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll ask him for you though. I’ll be here later you guys, bye bye~~~~

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Congrats on turning 16 today Zina! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you! Google translate Italian now! Buon compleanno! Buon compleanno! Buon compleanno cara Zina! Buon compleanno! I wish you a wonderful day filled with wonderful things and lots of love ♥♥

Just so y'all know, I’m not 16 😂 thank you booooooo ❤❤❤

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It's 9pm and I'm missing Daddy because we haven't spoken for like 36 hours but he's sleeping and booooooo~~~

I get so bored n sad without daddy but I hate ta bug him while he’s sleeping

~send me the time and what you’re thinking about~

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Ahhhh you always make me feel happy to be in my own skin for some reason idk why lol but seeing u confident and telling others to be confident makes me confident lol thx booooooo

Awh yaaaasss bby you should be happy and confident and feel so good about yourself all the time!!!! I love you you’re beautiful and fab and I love you.