booooooo ;

If you think George doesn’t run around the house scaring people with a white sheet over his head as a ghost then you’re wrong

-George sneaking up behind Lockwood while he’s reading his magazines and Lockwood spills his tea everywhere

-George running around Lucy encircling/waving his arms until he falls when Lucy sticks out her foot (Lucy is laughing but helps George back up– she just loves George)

-Holly is the one telling George not to cut eye holes in the new sheets

I just re-read the first four chapters of Before I Sleep and got all emotional over my own writing. ;-; booooo

if I’m going to get weepy over just the early stuff, there’s no way I can handle chapters 6 and 7 right now so I’m gonna go do the housework mom told me to.  VACUUM TIIIIIME


so, basically, i got an extra copy of chris’ book signed when i met him at the signing at mrs. nelson’s bookshop, because i had promised someone that i would get one for them. oddly enough, she ended up getting her own signed copy, so that means i sort of got stuck with an extra signed copy of TLOS that i wasn’t planning on having. so, i thought it would be a nice idea to have a giveaway and give it to one of my lovely followers (i mean, there’s nearly 12,000 of you - it’s about time i gave something back). SO, LET’S BREAK DOWN THIS THING.

what the winner will get (there will only be one GRAND PRIZE WINNER):

  1. copy of “the land of stories” signed by the lovely man himself, mister chris colfer
  2. their choice of either a “the land of stories” cup or a “struck by lightning” one (OR MAYBE A TOTALLY NEW DESIGN IF THEY WANT, I DON’T KNOW)
  3. possibly some other goodies and stuff, because everyone loves goodies!

what two runner’s up will get:

  1. their choice of a cup design

THE RULES (because every contest needs them)

  1. you can only reblog this twice, so don’t try to go all crazy and reblog it fifty million times, because you’ll just hurt my dash and make me cry
  2. you don’t HAVE to be following me to win, but since this is mostly for my followers, it would be sort of odd for you not to, but i ain’t gonna judge! i mean, if you wanna follow me, that’s cool, but try not to do it just because of the contest!
  3. i’ll ship anywhere in the world! yes, anywhere. you can live in the middle of antarctica and i’ll still ship it to you, even if i have to send it via penguin. 
  4. make sure that you have your ask box open or your submit box. i will need some way to get into contact with you if you win, and that’s the easiest way! 
  5. the contest ends AUGUST 15TH AT 3:00 PM EST, which is a week from today, so that should be plenty of time!



Rose Quartz progress!

Top image is the layer that all the chiffon will be sewn to, ombre dyed. Bottom left is the giant pile of disorganized chiffon; these are a bunch of circles that have been given a rolled hem and slashed down the middle, so that the slashed open radius will be sewn in a horizontal line on the skirt, creating a draped ‘petal’ effect. (It’ll make more sense once I get pictures of that process.) Bottom right is the bodice, finished except for the star cutout (and, of course, being sewn to the skirt).

Next up is finishing that skirt, sewing it together, and tackling wigs and the shield. It’s coming along pretty well. (Now, if only Pearl were coming along as nicely, lol. But I can work on that any time because it’s not a joint effort between nachttour and I the same way her Rose is. Though, we’re gonna have to have a prop-making day where you can help engineer my spear!)