am I supposed to be impressed by these shrimpy ass plants??? why they look like they’ve been through the motions??? why do these weed plants look like they’ve raised a nuclear family and are struggling to collect pension??? Take a fuckin botany class. Go to the hydroponics store. Don’t post pictures of yourself on a dating website holding reggie ass yields in WASHINGTON STATE, LAND OF WEED and expect girls to be blowing up your inbox for your fuckin salad fingers. GET OUT  

Rides the same bus AU

He’s on the bus again today. Same spot, on the back row, last seat on the right. He’s a small thing, always dressed nice, khaki slacks and a button up plaid blue shirt, blonde hair slick. A book is almost always in his lap, either open or closed. Today, it’s closed.

Bucky makes his way down the center, nose wrinkling at the smell of a sweaty workman near the front. He situates his backpack over his left shoulder and uses his right hand to secure his headphones over his head.

Sheppard’s Blue on black croons through the speakers as he settles in the seat two down from the gorgeous blonde. He sets his pack between his feet and prepares himself for the forty five minute ride home. 

He glances out the corner of his eye, searching the book in his lap or something to give a name away. The book is missing it’s cover with only a red skinned board as it’s frame. He sighs inwardly, pulling his ipod from the pocket of his leather jacket and skims through his list of classic rock.

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Skin update

I’m trying this lemon and egg white face mask because I have extremely oily skin and whiteheads in every pore on my chin.

My eyebrows are frozen in surprise. I can’t move them.