Wyverns, witches and rock ‘n’ roll!


Michael Jackson reading The Maxfield Parrish Poster Book with his sister LaToya at their home Hayvenhurst in Encino, California, 1983.  

Photos by Todd Gray

3/21 - New release and a free ebook!

The Lifeline Signal releases today! RoAnna Sylver’s newest to the Chameleon Moon series is sure to bring us more queer and disabled characters while spreading an surprisingly believable message that it’s all going to be okay. 

Now Parole’s only hope lies in the hands of three teenagers reunited by their long-lost friend Gabriel - in their dreams. Growing up outside Parole, Shiloh Cole always had to keep xir energetic powers a secret, except from xir parents, Parole’s strategist-hero Garrett, and Tartarus expert Maureen. When Parole collapsed, all contact was lost. Now, connected by Gabriel and their colliding pasts, xie joins collapse survivor Annie and the enigmatic, charismatic Chance on a desperate cross-country race, carrying a disc of xir mother’s vital plans, whose encrypted contents may be Parole’s salvation. First they’ll board the FireRunner, a ship full of familiar faces that now sails through Tartarus’ poison storms. Together, they’ll survive Tartarus’ hazards, send a lifeline to lost Parole - and uncover the mystery connecting every one of them.

[Available Here] 

Also my debut novel Hello World featuring a bi ace hacktivist is having another one day free ebook event! We might end up reading it for Ace Book Club later this year so you want can’t afford it normally please pick it up now.

When a technology company can buy your personal freedom Scott is a hacker ready to prove that a single voice can be a powerful weapon.

Scott’s skills as a surveillance expert are useful when he’s breaking down firewalls. But hacktivism isn’t enough; he’s going after the holy grail—UltSyn’s Human Information Drives, human assets implanted with cerebral microchips. After digging deeper into restricted databases, he discovers that those who enlist with UltSyn get far more than they bargained for. Plunged into a world of human trafficking and corporate espionage, Scott is determined to find his sister, no matter the cost. But when the information reveals the people closest to him have been working for UltSyn all along, he has to find her—before UltSyn finds him.

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Constantly slapped, constantly measured against perfection, a woman stops seeing straight; the goddess hammers away at perception. In the course of a week, I might see half a dozen ordinary naked female bodies in the locker room at my gym, usually the same half dozen, and literally hundreds of goddess bodies on TV, billboards, and in ads; over time -weeks turned into months, years, decades-reality starts to erode, the ideal bodies start to look normal, the normal bodies ungainly and aesthetically off, the gap between the beautiful and the ordinary grows wider and more distinct. This is why the simple act of walking past a mirror or catching your reflection in a store window can so easily set off the alarm of comparison and critique: flash, a bulge here; flash, a flaw there; flash, imperfect hair, imperfect skin, imperfect stomach, imperfect legs; flash, not Elle Macpherson. This too is why the goddess has such a simultaneously ego-battering and seductive effect: a mere glance at the cover of Shape, and the phenomenon of self-scrutiny can kick in as reflexively as breathing. Hair: Elle’s is so shiny. Skin: Mine is awful compared to hers. Burn 1,000 extra calories a week: How?
—  Appetites : Why Women Want (2003)  by Caroline Knapp