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So can I ask for some meta on what would have happened if Anakin /hadn't/ been rescued by the Jedi, but was still the Chosen One and a savant with the Force and /Anakin fucking Skywalker/, and what I'm basically saying here is that while the rest of the Galaxy is busy with the Clone Wars there's a massive slave rebellion on Tatooine that's RAPIDLY SPREADING OFF-PLANET.

Somebody on Tatooine is gonna finally do something that makes Ani Skywalker snap and go full Force-user, is what’s gonna happen. Also, I’m apparently doing double headcanons again, WHOOPS~ 

  • Qui-Gon tells him he could be a Jedi but Anakin full-stop refuses to leave his mom and stays on Tatooine. Shit goes down on Naboo without him (God rest ALL THOSE POOR PILOTS’ SOULS, for serious) and Ani feels something weird and sad and tragic in–something inside him, or maybe from something outside him, but it’s very faint and far away and also he has shit to do, he doesn’t have time to dwell on weird feelings (he cries all night, but quiet, so his mother won’t hear, and he uses his morning water ration to wash his face so she won’t be able to tell). Naboo has a war, and Obi-Wan Kenobi is the only Jedi left there to help them fight it. 
  • So Ani Skywalker isn’t getting any Jedi training, but Qui-Gon Jinn told him he could BE a Jedi and then died instead of ever swinging by again to check up on him. Anakin knows he’s dead, in the sense that if someone asked he’d realize that was the answer, but he doesn’t really KNOW it. He knows how fast a Jedi should be, though. He knows how strong. He knows how a Jedi feels in the Force, now. He knows they can move things WITH the Force and he knows what the FORCE feels like when a Jedi moves IT. And he might be the Chosen One or might not, but he is DEFINITELY a twenty-three thousand plus midichlorian-powered adrenaline junkie. He flies in the next podrace, too. And the one after. And the one after that. Everyone knows not to underestimate him again and everyone also rapidly learns that even OVERESTIMATING him is not gonna be enough to do anything. The Force is awake in him now in a way it wasn’t before, and he burns with it like a third goddamn sun
  • And sometimes things move, when he feels too much of something. 
  • Naboo is at war, and the Republic isn’t helping. Isn’t doing anything. Padmé’s people are dying and Padmé is rage and grief and never, ever, ever going to goddamn surrender. The Naboo do not surrender in the face of injustice. The Gungans are damn sure not gonna. And the Trade Federation, well–they continue to be bastards at this far-off little Mid Rim planet no one really cares about. Obi-Wan is stuck alone and without reinforcements and can’t get a single damn message out, and the Council might not be able to send anyone to check up on them for weeks, if not MONTHS. And that’s assuming that whoever they send is even gonna make it through the blockade (spoilers: Mace Windu and Depa Billaba pace outside of that blockade like furious CATS for at LEAST a month before they finally manage to thread the needle). 
  • So that means Amidala is a queen in wartime. Queen of an oppressed people with a hill to die on, who stand united with the Gungans and have a grief-stricken trainee Jedi who just had to light his master’s funeral pyre trapped on their planet with them. Eventually, yes, other Jedi DO get there and pull their asses out of the fire–but that is EVENTUALLY. That’s after Obi-Wan has seen war up close and personal again without a master at his back, has fought side-by-side with a people the Republic have abandoned–AGAIN, for at LEAST the third time in his career. After Queen Amidala’s makeup has been spattered with Trade Federation blood in front of the entire galaxy. After SO MANY Naboo have died. After, after, after. 
  • The situation is a little volatile, to put it mildly. 
  • And far, far away on Tatooine, a strange grief lifts off Ani Skywalker, ten years old now but nearly eleven, young, young, young, with the next Boonta Eve Classic already coming up again. And after that grief comes something RIGHTEOUS, and it makes everything in his and his mother’s whole little hovel that hasn’t been nailed down fucking TREMBLE. He dreams of battle droids and battle armor and a familiar girl with unfamiliar face paint holding a blaster and a man he’s never met with a long braid and a burning lightsaber, and he dreams of sandstorms and flight and blue, blue water. And a golden meadow and a house by a lake, just for a moment. Just for one perfect, perfect heartbeat that he feels like might be breaking his heart. 
  • When Anakin wakes up, he knows where his slave chip is. And his mother’s slave chip. And EVERYONE’S slave chip. And he thinks, almost, that he MIGHT know … just MAYBE, just MIGHT … 
  • Obi-Wan goes back to Coruscant with new scars and old grief and nothing to show for anything. Master Yoda cuts his braid and commends his sacrifice and he barely notices; can barely come back up without an immediate battle to fight anymore. Padmé starts the long, miserable process of restoration without Republic support, because even now they will not admit the Trade Federation’s wrongdoings, and she burns cold, cold, hot inside. It takes a long time. A very, very long time–for both of them. Months, and months, and years. Come home, Padmé thinks to all her people, especially those who never can. I want to go home, Obi-Wan thinks to the Force, because Qui-Gon WAS his home and there is no other place he could hear it. 
  • And then somebody on Tatooine finally does something that makes Ani Skywalker snap. 
Economics of Tatooine

Tatooine first garnered Republican interest when the Czerka, and later the Corellian, Mining Corporations, attempted to extract the ores that could be found there. However, when the metal extracted was proven to be poor due to unexpected and unusual magnetic properties, the planet was abandoned by the corporation. The Republic abandoned the planet too, for all intents and purposes, which left a power-vacuum that the Hutts were eager to fill. The Hutts first used the planet as a transfer point in the Spice Triangle and the drug trade is still a significant source of wealth and influence for many of the locals on Tatooine. Drug wars are common and blaster fire is normal. In Anakin’s time, it was Jabba who was the uncrowned king of the spice trade and the hyperspace routes that were involved. (Just watch Star Wars: The Clone wars movie…)

Other major sources of revenue were the podraces, betting, the slave auctions, and the gladiator fights. Gardulla was, initially, the one who began the podraces and the fights on Tatooine. People came from all throughout the Outer Rim to see races like the Boonta Eve classic. Likewise, she also held fights in the arena near Mos Espa where she would have slaves fight other slaves with various vibro-weapons for the entertainment of the masses. Slave executions were a popular form of entertainment as well. To raise awareness of these events, she would often put slaves, of a species with inferior reflexes, she owned into a pod and bet on the likelihood of their survival. This is how Anakin’ s talents were discovered.

While the above were the most significant economic drives on Tatooine, there were other more legitimate imports and exports that existed on Tatooine, and were actually recognized by the Republic: These were agriculture, (not moisture farming, that was a major thing on Tatooine itself, but not the galaxy at large), and mining. In terms of agriculture, bantha breeding was the largest. Tatooine was one of several planets to breed the animals for the sake of selling their milk, ivory, and leather. Additionally, as krayt dragons would prey upon their livestock, killing those predators was an added bonus. Krayt dragon bone, ivory, skin, and especially pearls were very lucrative. Additionally, farmers would sell their crops, primarily, nuts, legumes, cacti fruit, and various roots. The sweetener egafa was also quite popular. In terms of mining, the sodium rich desert was mined and salt was, after bantha products, the most significant export on Tatooine. The most significant imports on Tatooine were meat, food, water, fuel, alcohol, and machinery.

i think that’s the real tragedy of anakin skywalker - how kind he was.

this is a kid whose first instinct, when leaving his mother behind, is to turn backward, hug her, and tell her he can’t do it. when his best friend (kitster) says goodbye, anakin says, “i won’t forget.” he wants to become a jedi to satisfy a boyish wonder - he doesn’t even consider power or the force at all - and because he wants to free the slaves. he fixed up cooling systems for the old lady jira who ran a shop in the square (and she said there was no kinder boy in the galaxy), he saved the life of a tusken raider and protected him throughout tatooine’s harsh night, and he even - at 5 years old - chased a bunch of banthas into a sand dune to save them from being shot.

he’s told he’s done a great, wonderful job after he wins the boonta eve, and padme and his mom are congratulating him, and you know what the future darth vader does? blushes, looks down, says, “just feeling this good is worth anything.” yes, that’s a direct quote from the TPM novel.

all of this by age 9 - and that’s supposed to be kids’ selfish age, when they’re just starting to learn what sacrifice is.

and then he became a jedi.

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27. The passage of time as it varies by season. - jedicoded

30 multipurpose prompts

           THERE ARE NO Winters on Tatooine, no spring flowers to bloom, or harvest to pray for. Heat is the only standard, the kind that sloughs the flesh from your bones, like pitch or tallow. His mother taught him how to pray for water, but not the kind that comes from clouds, but bailed from deep dregs beneath the earth. They’d pray for shade under twins suns that cast no shadows. Respite from the harrying heat they were forced to work under. But praying to Anakin always felt like speaking to an empty sky, hoping the stars would do something other than burn infinitely on above you. Anakin learned that change is the result of action, not the weather.

               He was eleven years old the first time he saw snow. A simple diplomatic mission on Ando Prime that loaned Anakin more than a few admiring for his victory at the Boonta Eve Classic. One such admirer thought it pertinent to his visit to take him to the top of the Ando Prime Centrum race track, where Anakin first discovered that a ‘snowman’ is not typically something to be built with your barehands. Obi-Wan lectured him relentlessly for running off, but when he’d discovered the reasons behind it, offered to take Anakin sledding for his next birthday. One of many promises between them that was never acted on.

              It was only a month later Anakin experienced his first spring. Such are the wonders of a vastly evolved galaxy, each planet autonomous in its own cycle. Anakin had never seen so much green in one place before.

    ❝ Careful, Anakin. ❞ Master Obi-Wan says as he guides the boy’s fingers from the fragile bud the flower in hand. ❝ Ithorian roses are quite delicate before they blossom. You must handle them with a light touch. ❞ Shafts of sunlight arrow through the mantle of wilderness surrounding them. Rich green leaves shine out from under the pink && blue whirl of flowers, their petals stretched like the tongues of some huge animal towards the blue blue sky. Anakin can feel life all around him, the Force like a subliminal hum in the soil beneath his knees. He cups his palms around the tight bud of another rose, willing the living Force around him into the flower in an exhale of heat && light.

               He doesn’t know when he closed his eyes, but when he opens them again the rose has blossomed in his very hands, shining out with something almost like sentience. Anakin turns to smile proudly at his Master, but stops when he sees his expression. Obi-Wan looks at him like he’s never seen him before. One side of his mouth lifts in an astonished comma.

              Autumn in Coruscant looks the same as any other season. The weather-controlled atmosphere leaves room for little more than comfortably warm days && comfortably cool nights, at least on its very top level. A low haze of fog clings to the domes && skyspires that cast light into the darkness. Arteries of commerce glowing from residential to business districts like neon constellations.

              In some cultures, Autumn is considered a time of death && rebirth. A time when nature disintegrates to give way to the bare arms of trees, stripped of everything beautiful. What might it mean for him then? Palpatine’s words still echo in his mind. The insinuation that Padmé could be seeing Obi-Wan behind his back on one hand seems ludicrous. On the other, the dragon whispers, you have always been a fool.

              Fear stands over him instead of sleep. Exhaustion seems a constant companion these days, he can’t remember the last time he slept through an entire night. This could all be paranoia. But why would Palpatine lie to him? Why would Obi-Wan lie to him?

              Will it always be like this then? His heart lurching against uncertainty? A wounded animal in his chest? He’s not sure what would be worse. This feeling, or the complete absence of it.

I was studying the Jedi rooms in the Clone Wars for ~reasons~ and I could only remember two occasions where we got to see someone’s private quarters: Ahsoka’s in “Assassin” and Anakin’s in “Rise of Clovis.”

Ahsoka’s room is fucking depressing:

It’s literally the size of a closet. Why even bother with the little blocks next to the bed I mean come on. Fuck. That’s no way to live.

Anakin’s room isn’t much better but it does show that being a Jedi Knight vs. a Padawan does have its perks.

Okay nevermind the “isn’t much better” part it’s actually like five times the size. He has TWO windows. And his bed is off the floor. And he has a blanket. Amazing.

You can barely see it but there also seems to be some kind of object to the left of the doorway that reminds me of the holoprojector from Attack of the Clones (the one in the room where the younglings are training, that Obi-Wan uses to look at the map of the galaxy).

I like the workbench. And I wonder where he got the model spaceship. Did he make it? He probably made it. On that workbench over there.

What is in the boxes? Or are they just empty boxes he snagged in order to make himself some furniture? This room is so Anakin, from the Boonta Eve Classic poster to the fact that he made himself a sofa out of crates he probably dug out of the garbage.

And what is that thing you see over Obi-Wan’s shoulder? It looks like a sculpture, just something decorative, or is it a lamp? Either way, I’ll bet Anakin made it out of garbage.

I 100% believe that almost all other Jedi rooms probably look as depressing and bare as Ahsoka’s but Anakin is infamous for his habit of stealing garbage to furnish his space. His room probably looks more lived in than most others’ despite the fact that he only stays there when Padme’s mad at him or busy.

I vaguely recall that in I think it was the Revenge of the Sith novel, Yoda’s quarters are described as having carved wood furniture and plants. But in the movies and in TCW whenever someone goes to talk to him it’s in this room:

But I get the feeling that’s just a sitting room to talk to people rather than where he sleeps.

I wish we had gotten to see Obi-Wan’s room at some point.

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Prompt: Star Wars, Anakin/Obi-Wan/Padme. Dragon, Phoenix, and Unicorn.

Messing with ages, among other things. Because Reasons. This was not meant to become a full-fledged named AU. I did a lot of world-building with @lferion, who is awesome, and now have vague ideas through to the Clone Wars.

For this set of prompts.

The First Steps

AU: We Are Defiance
Word Count: 4124
Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, Qui-Gon Jinn, Artoo, Obi-Wan Kenobi; background Watto, Jar-Jar Binks, Sabé, Panaka

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The air shimmers around her like heat rising off the sands, swirling and glittering red and gold in the corner of his eye, the phantom impression of wings and crest and tail that are gone when he looks directly at her. It’s like nothing he’s seen around offworlders before. He certainly doesn’t even see it around the man who Watto sends on his way without the parts they came for.

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So one question I've always had is why keep Luke's name as Skywalker - like, wouldn't that be dangerous? Except with all these TG/Tatooine/linguistics headcanons I've seen recently, the name Skywalker probably kept Luke safe on Tatooine, safer than the name Lars would have, probably, because his father was a hero among slaves and those that remembered him would do anything to protect Anakin Skywalker's son.

I THINK ABOUT THIS A LOT??? but alright I think it’s mostly just that a) Tatooine is Tatooine, and not only would it be the last place Vader would ever want to step foot in again, it’d also be the last place the Emperor would look, because I feel like Sheev’s got a bad habit of underestimating those that he thinks are lesser than him? ie, Padme in TPM, or even Anakin throughout the saga, or the entirety of the planet Tatooine. 

So, first reason: Obi-Wan and Yoda seriously just didn’t think it would make a difference, because Tatooine was the last place anyone would look (and I have a sad feeling that Obi-Wan just really wanted to cling to any last bit of the boy he once knew as he could, to forget and yet not forget - that the name, Skywalker, would sort of serve as a reminder to him that he couldn’t screw up this time, and that’s one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever thought make me stop *slaps myself*). But really think about it?? Anakin would never think - never even pause to consider - that Obi-Wan would contact his mother’s husband’s son, nor would he presume that he’d even entertain Tatooine (he’s been there what, one time in the whole trilogy? and he stayed on the ship the whole time) as a place to hide? Like??? I feel like Anakin’s just tired to forcefully (heh) shove the damn place out of his mind at this point. It’ll come up later, but only because he’s forced (heheh) to deal with it by Palps, not because he actively thinks of it.

Second, on a more headcanon-y level, I’m sure that the name Skywalker was fairly well known in the town of Mos Espa, though maybe not, like, “widely known”, rather, Luke’d meet random people on the street who’d say “oh! Skywalker, you say! I knew a Skywalker, I did. Won the pod race down in the Boonta Eve track when he was no more’n a mite, they say.” or stuff like that. I mean, he’d likely have a lot of allies, if not people who’d be willing to defend him out of the deeply ingrained sense of community present in Tatooine slave culture (just look at TG - Shmi treated Amee and Wald and Kit as her own kids? She baked them pies. Okay. OKay.) Besides which, Tatooine being one of the Rimmest worlds to ever Outer Rim, they’d probably also have a deeply ingrained dislike and active disgust of the Imps, mostly because it’s so diversely packed with aliens and not exactly law abiding citizens, and so dislike and mistrust of the Empire was probably inherent. So. You’d never rat out one of your own to the Imps, even on pain of death.

The final reason is probably just “Because Reasons”, ‘cause Skywalker needed to be his name. It just did. You couldn’t have had Luke Lars running around, because Luke’s a Skywalker, and that’s the whole point.

But if you were to give reasons, it’d probably be those first two.

Travel Attire for Padmé Amidala
Alberta Ferretti, Fall 2016

What If… Anakin Skywalker hadn’t been accepted by the Jedi order. While staying on Naboo while deciding what to do next, Anakin finds his answer while working on a damaged Naboo starfighter, the improvements he made on the starfighter draw the attention the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps as well as one of their partners the Nubian Design Collective. And Anakin instantly realizes he might have found a way to fulfill his promise to his mother after all, one that doesn’t require him becoming a Jedi at all.

Eight years later at the age of eighteen, Anakin Skywalker is the owner, CEO and head designer/mechanic of Wind Runner Enterprises, a billion credit conglomerate with ties to various planets and companies. Moreover Anakin has decided it’s time to fulfill his dreams and free all slaves on Tatooine by essentially buying the planet from the Hutts. A year later, Tatooine joins the Republic with the planet’s Senatorial Delegation led by Senator Shmi Skywalker Lars, Representative Kitser Chanichani Banai and Senatorial Aides Beru Whitsun and Melee…

“Ani will be overjoyed when he finds out you came.”

“You didn’t tell him?” Padmé watched the race on her holo tablet, gripped the device even tighter as she watched Anakin perform a daring maneuver that allowed him pass another racer.

“Kitser thought it would be nice surprise.” Owen replied as he studied his future stepsister in law. “ Is this your first pod race.”

Padmé shook her head, “No, I saw my first race eight years ago on Tatooine.” she winced as one of the racer crashed, creating a large explosion. “Anakin participated in the Boonta Eve Classic for me.”

Owen couldn’t stop the bark of laughter that left his mouth. “Ah the infamous race, were Anakin unknowingly won his freedom. Shmi told us all about when we freed her.” he paused before adding, when saw Padme tighten thr grip her tablet again, as his step brother preformed some kind of record breaking stunt. “He’ll do fine, Anakin was born to fly… well anything. Trust mr podracing is not a exception to the rule.“

“Sometimes I wish his hobbies were little less dangerous.”

“This is Ando Prime, not Tatooine before it freed. And it’s not as lawless.”

“While it isn’t as grand as Vinta Harvest Classic, which is probably the safest race as cheating is almost impossible.” Owen explained, showing he was a much pod racing fan as his step brother. “While the Ando Overland is second only to the Boonta Eve Classic, it’s one of the most important courses of the Galactic Republic.”

She knew that, Anakin had explained the how and why the Ando Overland was second only to the Boonta Eve Classic. But unlike the Vinta Harvest Classic, the podracing course on Ando Prime did remind Padmé of the time Anakin raced for her. And that made watching it easier even as Anakin was nearing the finish line having left his fellow racers in the dust. Literally.

Just fyi the prequels had a significant amount of real scenery. Naboo in TPM was in Venice. Practical sets were used for the Boonta Eve Classic. The interior of the Theed palace is real. The scene in AOTC where Anakin and Padme are going to see Queen Jamillia is like 90% real. The lake retreat is real, it’s Villa Balbianello in Lake Como. The meadow picnic scenery is like 90% real. The scenes in Mos Espa and the Lars Homestead were like also 90% real. Parts of the Mustafar scene were shot using miniature sets and real footage from Mount Etna. So if you’re going to shit on the prequels so aggressively, at least get your facts straight. 

@peskylilcritter @meabhair I’m aware we don’t really know each other but I thought you’d like to see a continuation of @suzukiblu‘s upbringing swap!AU. I dunno who else would be interested. I just vaguely recall who liked the last part I wrote.

Anyway, here’s part 2! For those interested that haven’t read part one, here it is.

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