Video Diary #3: Potluck with Media People

Ugly Duckling Series--- Perfect Match: episode two

Ugly Duclking Series— Perfect Match: episode two

Our first episode was quirky and comical, barely undercutting the sting and stigma of rejection. This show isn’t perfect but even with all it’s cute moments, it still manages to bring home some major points of acceptance, understanding and friendship, while also highlighting the limitations of people. Juu is at her new school just beginning to enjoy her new life, but within a few hours she’s…

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San Francisco, 2013


I started shooting with Boonsri last year out of curiosity, wanting to work on a sustained portrait series. It took a few sessions for us to get comfortable with each other, but I’ve been pretty happy with the results so far.


Video Diary #2: Singing in New York and Finding Cheap Makeup