boong uh bbang


he spoke english a lot too. but he said the weather in korea is cold (lik Antarctica) and if you’re cold you should wear a scarf or turtleneck to keep your neck warm. Also if you’re cold and shrinking in to keep warm your body wont circulate well so keep your neck warm with a scarf or turtleneck and keep your body straight!

 He then said he had fishcake for dinner (because he said eating fishcake on cold days is the best). He asked ARMY if they like fishbread (he explained that there are cream and pizza versions but red bean is his favourite) “do you eat it from the head” “it’s from the tail right? the tail is crispy”  “and I really like when the black heart comes out” he said (in English) that if ARMY go to korea they mus try fish bread and said its called boong-uh-bbang (붕어빵) in korean and told ARMYs in english they must eat it from the tail. 

Namjoon asked fans to check out the new iphone emojis. The 🤢 nauseated   emoji is his favourite! he said he was doing something but before he left he said “I love you guys” and “if it’s cold warm your neck” in korean and english!

trans; @hobuing