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Never miss a Monday continues. DEDICATION. DETERMINATION. SACRIFICE. What fuels you at 530am? Leave nothing to chance folks. Only YOU can decide when it’s time to change. I recently had a friend who previously belittled me when I attempted to workout and quit. Now that I’ve been on a nearly 90 day journey, he still belittles me because of my hard work. You know what I say to my haters: I’ve lost 40 pound, 5-7% fat, gained muscle mass AND strength, down ONE PANT AND SHIRT size. People are jealous of how they see others change for the good while they wallow away. Don’t let them get you down. Use their negativity to fuel your motivation train! You are better than them. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Today was shoulder day and only a few more before Phase 1 is complete.
Have a blessed week my friends!

I cannot help but compare Dark Matter to Firefly

One reminds me of Simon
Two reminds me of River and Zoë and also kinda Mal
Three reminds me of Jayne
Five reminds me of Kaylee
Six reminds me of Wash
And I absolutely love it because I’ve been craving something like Firefly for so long

anonymous asked:

Hey sorry for disturbing you but i need to ask you if you know this richard's salary is accurate or not! i thought he said british actors dont make that much money , this doesn't look like a little money from the small film/tv he made in the uk celebritiesmoney(.)com/richard-armitage-net-worth-actor/

I don’t know what Richard’s salary or net worth might be but I do know that this site is complete rubbish - in fact, it’s hilarious how silly it is.  

None of these were movies - they were tv shows.  

In Boon he didn’t even have a name, he was uncredited  “Man in Pub”  - no lines, no name, no cast credit.

In Cleopatra, he was a background character, Epiphanes.

In Doctors he did have a name and some lines … but he was in one episode of a tv series …

In MacBeth he played . Angus and had 4 lines

And, in Sparkhouse he was a supporting character, John Standring on screen for 41 minutes of a total running time of 180 minutes.  This was his biggest role to date but it was hardly one where anyone, even the top billed Sarah Smart, would earn over a million dollars!

The bottom line is, the site is rubbish but even if he was paid a billion gajillion dollars, it still wouldn’t be enough for how much he’s worth :-D

22 Questions We Have After Watching the 2015 MTV VMAs

Plenty of things happened at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards that made sense. Nicki Minaj squashed her “beef” with Taylor Swift by welcoming her to the stage. The host of the VMAs, Miley Cyrus, pointed out how little winning a VMA actually means. Etcetera.

But we still have a few questions. Like…

1. Was that Nicki-Miley moment scripted?

We’re guessing no.

2. And will Miley ever recover from it?

Again, we’re guessing no.

WATCH: Miley Cyrus Passed a Joint Around Backstage at the VMAs

3. Is Nicki Minaj the reason we still have award shows? Because she’s definitely the best part of every award show we’ve had lately.

Remember when she spilled the tea at the BET Awards? Anyway, can we go back in time and change our yearbook quote to, “Now back to this b***h that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press.”

4. SERIOUSLY, why was Justin Bieber crying after his performance?

Did he catch his reflection in a camera and finally see that haircut?

5. And speaking of, what’s going on with that new haircut, Bieber?

Getty Images

It’s very Jon & Kate Plus 8 meets “Can I Speak To The Manager?” Sidebar question: We’re not going to let this haircut become a trend now, are we? Teens? We’re not, right?

6. Who approved that Rebel Wilson bit about “stripper police”?

Not just because it seemingly made light of police brutality, but also because who allowed her to wear a shirt with “F**K” written on it on live TV? Did MTV have a dress rehearsal or anything for this?

7. What do you think these two talk about?

NEWS: Miley Cyrus Throws Shade at Taylor Swift and Her #Squad

8. Bruh?

9. Could we really have guessed that Kanye was going to run for president?

He said, “As you probably could’ve guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president.” But really, could we have guessed that’s where that speech was going?

10. And is Miley really voting for Donald Trump?

But, really?

11. When is Justin Timberlake not crying?

Kanye is so cute, y'all.

— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake)

August 31, 2015

(See also: That episode of Punk’d, where he cried.)

12. How are you going to have an award show with two of the weirdest people ever in attendance (Miley and Jaden Smith) and not make them interact?


— EL FOOSAY (@SheHatesJacoby)

August 31, 2015

Missed opportunity. Why was Jaden Smith even there?

PHOTOS: Check Out the Best and Worst Dressed Stars at the VMAs

13. And why was Iggy Azalea there?

We don’t mean that in the shady way that you all meant it. But the verse she rapped during “Cool for the Summer” seemed like it was from a different song. Why did they not just debut their collaboration from Demi Lovato’s upcoming album?

14. People do know that Selena Gomez is more than just a member of Taylor’s squad, right?

Getty Images

Poor Selena. She just stood there silently with Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid while Taylor did all the interviews. Selena has an album coming out soon!!

15. And what did Hailee Steinfeld ever do to you, Miley?

Nothing says ‘turnt’ like @HaileeSteinfeld :) :) :)

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13)

August 31, 2015

During the show, the VMA host tossed it to the VMA field correspondent (or whatever Hailee Steinfeld’s role was?) by saying, “And nothing says turnt like Hailee Steinfeld.” Well. That just seems petty AF.

16. Did you ever think the VMAs would end with Mariska Hargitay onstage?

Getty Images

17. Why don’t we talk more about how hot Nick Jonas is?

We all know it. We just think we should talk about it more. Like, all the time.

WATCH: Demi on Sexy Album Cover: 'I Have Never Been More Confident’

18. Is this clothes?

Getty Images

19. Did Britney Spears and Nicki coordinate their outfits?

Getty Images

Or did this happen because they didn’t? Hopefully it’s subliminal promo for “Till the World Ends 2.0!” #BuyFemmeFataleOnITunes

20. What is Kanye’s bedtime? Was this show past Kanye’s bedtime?

Or did he just wear himself out because he’s the best crowd dancer ever?

21. Why aren’t there more drag queens at award shows?

Getty Images

There should be drag queens in every performance at every award show, TBH.

22. Finally, does Miley Cyrus smoke weed?

We had no idea.

Now, check out the biggest surprises of the VMAs, including Miley’s nip slip:

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You wanna know about my thumb, dear boy?

Intrigue you, does it boy? My thumb? Let me tell you about it…

I come from a long line of hitchhikers, all with bleeding massive thumbs. You see the thumb is a tremendous boon to the hitchhiker. Helps with work, you know what I mean? Only problem was, when I was a child, my thumb was tiny. Not just tiny, like a single sugar puff, disgusting! Even my own mother would reel back in horror, like an anaconda! “Oh what is it?! Get it out of here! It’s tiny! It’s horrible, it’s revolting! Take your tiny thumb, and get out of here, and never talk to my daughter again!” She’d say. I had to leave the family unit, in search of a miracle.

I wandered the streets, looking for the answer. And people told me of a magic shaman, part man part hornet. So I went looking for him. I went everywhere. I combed the universe in search of the stripy insect shaman. Turns out he was in a local primary school, in the bin, reeling about with the apple cores, like they do. And I stood there, with my thumb out. And he stung it, and he stung it. He grabbed onto it, it was like he was making love to it with his sting. In and out, in and out! More and more! Oh, the pus! The pain! The black voodoo! The wet jigsaw puzzle! I didn’t know what was happening! Oh, for days I was in a trance.

But when I came to, there it was, like a fleshy maraca. A thumb of gigantic proportions! “A miracle!” I said. “A miracle! You’re a true wizard! How can I ever repay you?!”
And he said to me, “500 euros.”
“500 euros?! You won’t see penny one from me, you slag!”
And as I raised my thumb up to smash his tiny skull in, I could see it in his little insect face, I could see him thinking, ‘oh I created that monster! I created that thumb! And now it’s killing me! My own beast and creation, killing me dead!’ The sweet irony.

I think he was saying that, although it was a long time ago, and in hindsight, he could’ve just been shitting himself