30 Day Blacklist Challenge

Day #25 : What was your favorite episode on the Blacklist ?

2x14 - T. Earl King VI 

This episode was so, so great.

The blacklister of the week was well done. The Kings, especially the father, were creepy as hell. I loved the intrigue.

But it was, first and foremost, a goldmine for any Lizzington shipper. The auction, Liz desperate to save Red, Red whispering “Lizzie” just before he dies (or in that case just before the moment h thinks he’s going to die), the very emotional last scene in the car between the two of them. The feels are almost too much just talking about it.

James Spader and Megan Boone were both amazing (also they were both gorgeous). Their acting was on point, I was brought to tears several times during the episode.

Yeah definitely my favorite. It is however followed closely by Anslo Garrick 1 & 2 as well as Luther Braxton 1 & 2. Berlin 1 & 2 were also great.

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