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On Difficult Women and Wanting More – Cliffhanger – Medium
Megan Boone, of ‘The Blacklist,’ speaks out about women in film.
By Lillian Brown

Entering its fifth season this fall, The Blacklist’s promos have always dealt with these issues. Often, Red’s either the only character promoted or the focal point of the image. Even the 30 second TV spot trailers have become problematic. Promos used to be about Liz, Red, and the rest of the team taking down someone on the blacklist, but in Season 3 they became about Liz’s love life (“which man will she choose?” and “what does this [other female character] mean for Liz?”) and Season 4 has become about what she means to Red (“the only way to save Liz, is for Red to…”)

A lot of women are hesitant to call out their shows or networks, for fear of being blacklisted or labeled “difficult.” But now Megan Boone is speaking out. And I sincerely hope she gets to have that conversation with the show, because viewers will follow her throughout what will most likely be a lengthy career, and The Blacklist is worth saving. Wanting more isn’t selfish. We need more.

SAID THE ENTIRE TBL FANBASE (or at least the overwhelming majority)

Me: I’m SOOO EXCITED for 1 hour Blacklist “Special” tonight starting at 9pm!!!

TPTB: You mean 2 hour…

Me:… No… 1 hour.

TPTB:… (Confused silence)


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from that draw the squad meme

Like imagine a person who doesn’t know the smol men come to life walks in and all the tiny people have to freeze but they are really bad at actually pretending to be lifeless so this happens

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Almost everyone in Novac kind of says that Carla was an asshole, trying to steal Boone away and not caring about the town, but you find a note on Boone saying she was pregnant at the time of her death, leading me to believe she might have been anxious over the prospect of childbirth (she's described as small, which might complicate labor) and the only doctor in Novac is shown as being incompetent. I think her real reason for wanting to leave with Boone was to get good medical attention in vegas.

maybe! theres a lot of stuff thats not fleshed out. probably just for fans to interpret it however they want! like you can believe whoever you want, you can even say boone might have been smitten and the novac residents were realistic and she may have actually been a pretty horrible person. we never get to see her so you cant really gauge her personality, all you get are these second hand stories where shes either a bitch or boones fairy tale. kind of like with the dlc characters, like elijah… you hear from veronica but you also get her characters bias and dont really see what hes actually like until you meet him.

i think having these open parts for interpretation is really cool because you get some really vivid and interesting theories, but i have seen people trying to actually use them to excuse either characters actions or bad writing, or even demonize characters which both are… a problem…


October 2015 was a difficult time for the Monarto Zoo family, especially for the chimpanzees. Soona died during childbirth, leaving her infant son, Boon, in Zombi’s care. Tragically, despite the best efforts of chimp and human alike, Boon didn’t make it. Ten days after Boon’s birth, Zombi gave birth herself, to a little boy who was named Enzi. It was a great period of transition for Zuri, who was separated from her mother for the first time during attempts to save Boon’s life, and who had to adjust to no longer by the centre of Zombi’s attention. Zuri came out the other end with a new role as big sister, which she takes very seriously.


❝ I just want this all to stop
                     right now.❞ 



When I was in that airlock and they were threatening to space me, you were the one who gave up the code.

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I may feel bad for saying this, but I really, kind of don't want there to be more movies. I know TVC is underappreciated but I really like that it's a book fandom, book only (apart from 2 movies but w/e) and I just don't want movies to cheapen it or represent the books in a bad light or for it to get overly popular- or the worst scenario- for it to be associated with the vampires of today *shivers*

I know what you mean, Louis would probably agree w/ you for similar (or the same!) reasons why he wants Lestat to stop writing any more books or authorizing his ghostwriter to do so.

[I just don’t want movies to cheapen it or represent the books in a bad light…]

^So I think Josh Boone is going to handle the material very respectfully, looking at the way he tagged up the Stand for that adaptation, he clearly is treating that book like it’s the Bible for that project *u* We’ll see how the Stand fandom (what do they call themselves? now I’m curious) reacts when that adaptation comes out, as my Dad says, “The proof is in the pudding.”

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Cassidy Boon:

If you do not understand Haka (and it is “Haka” not “THE haka,” as there are many) then how dare you say that it suggests domestic violence and rape? How dare you insult an entire culture of which you know nothing?

Haka are used as challenges, yes. They are used as war cries, yes. But, they are also used as greetings and welcomings, too. They have nothing to do with domestic violence, or rape, or dominating women in any way.

Again, how dare you? You disgust me with your wilful ignorance, your intolerance, and your lack of cultural understanding. You used my culture as a target to pretend to be feministic, to pretend to be important and intelligent. As a Maori woman, I am offended at this attack.

Trolling is no excuse. Culture is not a joke.